How to Avoid Distraction at the Workplace to Stay Productive?

How to Avoid Distraction at the Workplace to Stay Productive?
How to avoid distractions at the workplace?

When building a startup, entrepreneurs need to stay focussed on business-related activities. Market research, resource constraints, startup budget, competition in the market - there are a lot of things jumbled in their mind to work upon. Building a great team and keeping them attentive to their work is the key to the growth of a startup. The extreme agitation of the mind needs to be avoided to pay proper attention to business goals. The workplace should be distraction-free to enhance productivity.

Entrepreneurs should filter out the things which distract them from focussing on their real business goals. The leadership skills of founders plays important role in it. They need to build a good team and divide the work effectively so that the business goal can be achieved efficiently. They need to keep the employees engaged so that they don't get attracted to irrelevant things that hamper the business growth. The team should also be equally dedicated to the startup's growth and avoid any types of distraction at workplace.

Here are the thoughts of entrepreneurs on how to avoid workplace distraction in a startup.

Vicky Jain - Founder, uKnowva

Staying focused in a busy workplace can be tricky even for experienced employees. There are plenty of things to take care of - from emails to meetings to phone calls, which can all affect the focus employees require to put the best in their work. Therefore, it is always necessary to split large tasks into small parts which require less time and also the end goals seem more achievable. Employees must also work alongside focused, dedicated people that'll not only not inspire them to work the same way but also reduce the chances of getting interrupted. Also, if there is an interrupting or noisy colleague to deal with, it's always better to tell them politely about the problem without hurting their emotions. Ill health can be a big distraction to employee productivity, that's why employees must take proper care of their physical as well as mental health to improve their ability to focus.

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Sharan Goyal - Founder and Director, Crozzo

To avoid distractions, what I do is a process I like to call "bite the frog". Finish off the most arduous task(s) early in the morning. It helps me do them with the utmost concentration and prevents distractions later in the day.

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