How To Become Best At Event Planning

Event planning is such a cool job to have but it was a hard job to execute and make a living out of it. I am going to share my insider tips that probably no one will ever tell you because honestly event planning business is quite like a grey area no one knows but I have kind of put together a workflow that will hopefully help become an event planner if that's what you want to do.

There are five basic skills that you need as an event planner. You don't have to go to a specific school or follow a specific course or education on event planning. However, I will be coming back to that subject a little later. I do think that you can get some event planning education go get it because every piece of experience will you and you are going to need it because if planning can be quite needy and hard at times.

An event planner that makes money of selling events is the best way as an entrepreneur. That's a little bit harder than working as an event planner on the payroll for a company that pays you a set salary for every month. There are two options you can work for your boss or you can work for yourself, either way, you need to gain as much experience and some basic knowledge. Now, these are five things that every event planner should have.

45% of event planners note that they have more customers than 12 months ago. 43% have the exact and 12% have limited clients. And Networking is the most effective strategy for event planners to find new clients (66%), attended by social media (45%). (EventMB, 2018).

Learn How To Plan
Listening Skills
Managing The Finances
Creativity As A Event Planner
Nerves Of Steel
Research About Event Planning
Get Experience
Specialize The Event Planning
Get Practical As A Event Planner

Learn How To Plan

Event planning
Learn Planning

You need to know how to plan. This is a bit of duh but you don't believe how event planners are not able to plan. As an event planner, you have strict deadlines and preferably you hit those deadlines a little bit before they are set. A lot of event planners tend to think they can just do something a little bit later but that's when you start getting in trouble when you think you have more than enough time as an event planner you rarely have enough time. So, you need to be able to plan well and not just for yourself but also your client and your team. If there is any course on learning "how to plan" go follow it because you are going to need it.

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Listening Skills

A lot of people go into the event planning business with their visions of how a party or an event looks like which is good. You should always come and bring your ideas but by the end of the day it is your client that needs to be happy with your services and so if your clients come to you and say ' oh I want to do a baby shower ' and you are like ' yes we are going to do cool that are pink balloons' that you are kinds like ' well I'm not really into that, could we do yellow and you are like 'no it needs to be pink' then you are not listening to your clients.

Your clients going to end up being unhappy. So put your ideas for whatever event it is your planning aside. Listen to your clients and make sure the client gets whatever he/she wants because it's going to be her or his event and they need to be happy. You need to be happy because they are happy not because you were able to push through your idea for a three-layered cake. After all, you think that is mom. Listen to your client that is like the most or the second most important to have as an event planner.

Managing The Finances

You need to be good with finances. A lot of event planner misses. When you are an event planner you often work with a very tight budget and you need to stay under two budgets and preferably save wherever you can. So, a lot of event planners think big because that's what we do we plan events and you need to be cool and awesome. Often events are better when you keep the concept less it's more in mind and so that also comes with your money. You need to always have an emergency fund if a third party doesn't show up.

For example, if you order a cake and the baker doesn't show up on a day off. You need to have some extra money to go to the supermarket and buy some snacks. You need to budget that in. So, money, finance is important if you want to become an event planner. If you do not have basic finance skills go get that because without that your parties are not going to go very well. Your clients are going to be pissed because they don't want to spend more money if they don't have to.

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Creativity As A Event Planner

The fourth skill I think you have it or you can either develop it but it's creativity. With creativity, I mean being able to find solutions on the spot when everyone else is flipping out. As an event planner, you are often troubleshooting when you least expected even though you think everything is planned well. Stuff is going to explode in your face. Your clients decide to turn the entire event around like five minutes before and you need to able to fix that.

So you need to be creative, you need to be able to think about solutions on the spot may be a balloon pops like how are you going to replace that balloon. Do you have some confetti somewhere just make sure you are creative enough to work around problems and always be able to find a solution and not freeze up and let your client down?

Creativity is more of a solution for own way of thinking instead of thinking about creativity 'oh I'm going to put together this flower arrangement' I mean that is a good skill of creativity to have but you also need to be creative when it comes to solutions and not when it comes only for decorations.

Nerves Of Steel

The last skill you should have is having nerves of steel because as an event planner you are the one who organizes everyone and everything and you are also steering on teams. Maybe you have something working with you and you are at least managing your clients so, it means that everything comes on your plate. You need to be strong enough to handle client critic.

You need to be strong enough to make sure that your team does what they need to do that they are not slacking off because at the end of the day you are the event planner. So when something goes wrong people are looking at you. You need to have nerves of steel to make sure that when you see your team stress out or you are stressing out you need to able to give yourself a minute and be like 'okay what is right to do is listen to this and this.

I'm going to do it now, I'm going to delegate this, going to delegate that let's do this team' even if you are by yourself planning you need to pull together and a lot of event planners start to buckle under stress. That's when events go wrong. So, therefore I think the fifth skill to have is like nerves of steel or at least some way of being able to keep your calm midst of the storm because you are the one everyone is clinging on to make this event amazing.

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Research About Event Planning

Event Planner
Creative Market Research

Now on to the business side of being an event planner. Go and check how many event planners there are in your region, what kinds of events they are planning, does it make sense for you to start planning the same type of events probably not. If they have three planners for kids parties do they need a fourth a kids party planner no.

So, go and research how many planners are in your area, what exactly it is they are doing and how many potential clients there are because if you live in an area where an event planner would be a luxury and people don't have money to hire an event planner then you are just going to sit at home and be very frustrated. After all, you don't have any events to sell because people cannot pay for your services.

Another idea would be applied as an event manager at a company and then become an employee there and then work as an event planner for a boss. If you want to be an entrepreneur or a freelance event planner you need to do your research first. When it comes to finding potential clients figure out if you want to work b2b so business to business or b2c (business to customer) which is like maybe mom's that needs kids parties or hen parties whatever it is that you like to organize but check if there are enough potential clients in a b2b or b2c area because if they are not you are going to be very frustrated because there won't be anything to sell.

Get Experience

Finally, when you have all of your event planning skills in the pocket you know your target group, you know your market, you know exactly how many event planners are and you also know how many potential clients there are and you have never done an event before. If you don't have an event planner experience I suggest you start by organizing small parties and events for friends and then do that for free or a small fee and start using their references for your portfolio.

So let's say your best friend is having a baby and she needs a baby shower just ask her 'can I get your budget for the party let me organize it because I love you and I also want to start my event planning business the only thing I want a return is a review on what you thought of my work and a party and then make sure you get enough footage like pictures, the video of the party that you organized because that is going to be your first portfolio item which you can then show to clients that are going to pay you.

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So, I suggest if you have no experience at all start with small parties, start helping out here and there if you can get an internship to go get it. You can learn a lot from an event planner that's been in the business for a long time because if event planning is not as easy as it seems it's not going to get her some snacks and drinks. Sometimes you start two to three months ahead and there is a lot of turning wheels that you need to keep an eye on.

So, if you can get any experience through working with friends or an internship or working for a boss for at least six months I say do it because you are going to need every piece of experience because every event is different every client is different you keep learning. Make sure your beast event planning skills or your basic event skills are up to before you start setting events otherwise you will get bad reviews and that's not good for your business. If you work in b2b or b2c even especially when it comes to weddings there is stuff to set up. If you feel to fix things because you don't know that they might be able to have it that means you do not have enough experience yet to be an event planner

Specialize The Event Planning

It's better to specialize in a certain type of event. Eg, for instance,e, I can plan a kids party but I'm not really into kids and I don't want to plan kids parties so I would do the job but it would never be as amazing as planning a press event or a company party because those are the type of events I love. However, there are a big market for press events, company events, and also luxury events.

To make sure there are enough events for you to sell its a good idea to specialize at a certain type of event. so you can be a wedding planner, kids party planner, company event planner, press event. If you are in a PR manager you could easily cross over into PR events. There are so many events like hen parties, bachelor parties. You can even plan funerals because that would be a very lucrative business to honest because when people are grieving they don't have any brain to use for that type of thing.

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It will set you off from the crowd and it will help you sell this event without too much competition. Start googling and figure out if there is anyone that is doing the same type of event that you want to specialize in probably not because most offenders tend to say to do everything. You would probably be on the right path by specializing and making sure you are getting known for that specific type of event.

Get Practical As A Event Planner

The last step is how to become an event planner. You need to get yourself a website, you need to start posting those reviews you got from friends, smaller jobs maybe your smaller employer. Start posting that on your website make sure you have the imagery on there people need to see what an event looks like when you have planned it because a lot of people don't understand how an event can look unless you show them.

Documenting every step of the way is a good idea to get your event planning business off the ground. Create your workflow and it fits you. Make sure that whatever you do has a certain flow so that your clients experienced the least amount of stress or hopefully no stress and the same goes for you. Your workflow needs to be smooth that you can just set up events just like that. Start selling, show people what you can do. Start reading, grabbing. Be the fun planner that plans.

Hope you liked these tips on how to become an event planner. There's too much great area in this space and no one really knows where to start but hopefully, after this, you do.

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