New year Party ideas for Bigger, Smaller and Remote Office

Your startup is not just your revenue stream, your career or your office, it’s a life of everyone in your office. And no matter how hard is life, you need to enjoy every second whenever you get a chance. What can be a better occasion to enjoy than New Year eve? It’s a universal festival. No matter which country or religion anyone is from, everyone enjoys New Year eve. However, you need to make sure that each and every person of your office actually enjoys this eve. This post contains some activities to enjoy the occasion of New Year eve and make everyone happy.

New year Party ideas for offices with more than 50 employees

If you own a big company and have a pretty large number of people working in the office, then you can:

  • Ask employees to bring their families: Families are always important. They are the reason people grow up so well. And they are the reason that you have great employees in your company. Why not share this happiness of new things with all the people? Hence, ask your employees to bring their family members to the party. When the families of the colleges meet each other on this special occasion, everyone will be happy and be closer to each other.
  • Theme Party: Maybe it’s very cliché but you can choose a unique them like everyone have to wear shorts or pajama with a suit on. Or maybe, you can ask them to wear their school or college uniform, etc. Theme party will never be out of fashion, you just have to be creative with the idea.
  • The Boss Speech: As the founder or the head of the office, give a fun speech to the people. Also, let the heads of the departments give a speech.
  • Cubical decorating contest: Run a contest of cubical decoration in the office. This way, your employees will have some fun and your office will look festival ready.

New year Party ideas for offices with less than 50 employees

If you have a small office, store or startup, then you can:

  • Ask them to predict the next year: Ask your employees to predict the next year. Let them predict the year for the company and for the world events too (like elections, sports matches, etc). Make their video while they predict and save it. Next year, when you guys gather again for the new year party, play those videos. It will be fun for everyone.
  • Let everyone give a speech: If you don’t have too many employees then you can give everyone a chance to give a speech. Let them say anything like what they learned this year, what are their resolutions, etc. It will increase the sense of belongingness in the employees.
  • Secret Santa: Even though Christmas is gone, but happiness does not wait for any occasion. You can all play Secret Santa and gift each other something. Secret Santa is kind of game in which all the people of a group exchange gifts anonymously. However, make sure no one is left because it will lead to demotivation and will ruin the beginning of the year.
  • Bonfire: Grab a music player, some woods, some drinks and go to the backyard of the office. Or maybe you can go for proper camping to a jungle. Do some bonfire with your colleges, exchange life advice, play some games, and have fun together. If you have 5 to 25 people in the company, it’s a great way to spend time with the employees.
  • A daytime off: Ask your employees to come early on the 31st, do some work, and then go shopping. It will be a good way to make their last day of the year, great. Also, this way, they will get time to get ready for the New Year party you guys gonna have.
  • Host the party at some other place: Book a hotel, restaurant, or maybe a resort if you have a budget. Why doing everything yourself, just delegate the work to others (third party) and let your employees have fun. Also, I am sure you don’t want your office to look like a mess on the first day of the New Year.

New year Party ideas for remote employees

If you have a company model which does not require the presence of employees everytime like a Blog or software company, etc. then you must have some virtual employees. Virtual employees work from their home. However, they are still counted as your employees, so you need to do something to boost their morale. To increase their belongingness to the company, you can do the following things on the New Year eve:

  • Virtual Secret Santa: Yep! That’s possible. You can use the Amazon Prime accounts to send gifts. Moreover, there is a website called Elfster which is dedicated to hosting Secret Santa, you can use their service for this purpose. Or you can simply ask your employees to send the gifts to the head office and then send them to the receivers. However, You can also send them gifts by the name of the company to make them happy.
  • Free Passes: If you think buying and sending a gift is a long process then just buy some passes and gift them. Tell them to enjoy the day with the passes you have sent. This way, you can make sure that they are having fun. This will give them a mental rest and increase their productivity.
  • Play online games: Play some online games with the whole squad. Play it with them till the 11:45 and then video call with them.

You can also go to some celebration place and show them the greatest view of the year on the video call.

Note: You can mix up the ideas according to your needs and wants. For instance, a theme party is not just for big companies, an office with less than 50 employees can also have a theme party.


New Year is not just another occasion, it is a time of happiness. Everyone enjoys this festival. And an office party is not just a party, it’s a way to make your employees happy. This way, you can boost their productivity. Try to make the party more fun and don’t push the work in between. Invite each and everyone and treat them all equal. Also, invite your clients, even though their chances of coming are negligible. Wish everyone through email, even to your ex-employees and competitors.

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