Surprise your employees & Clients with these Diwali Gifts from Startups you Love!

Jeenal Jain Jeenal Jain
Oct 31, 2021 8 min read
Surprise your employees & Clients with these Diwali Gifts from Startups you Love!

Diwali is the festival of lights, colors, ushering new opportunities and cremating all the negativities to embrace the future full of hopes. Though the iconic festival is deeply rooted in the culture and tradition of the Hindus and Indians, it goes beyond any particular class, culture, region, and religion, thereby touching the lives of everyone who opts to celebrate it.

As with most other festivals, gifting occupies a large part of the Diwali festivities where the young and old wait for their family to unite and gifts to be distributed among them. With our offices being an extended part of our families, the auspicious Indian festival often sees its way through at the offices as well. The offices may or may not remain closed for Diwali these days but decked office floors, exchange of gifts, ethnic clothes, and smiles all around distinguishes this special festival from the other days of the year.

Wondering what to gift your clients and employees this Diwali? We've got you covered! Check out the views/opinions of various entrepreneurs and startups on what to gift your employees/clients this Diwali 2021.

Thea and Sid Jewelry

The beautiful festival of lights, ‘Diwali’ is just around the corner! While on the personal front you are almost done with selecting gifts for your family, it’s the professional front that might need your attention. We are talking about the employees who help build your company. Their dedication to your business is invaluable. Wouldn’t you love to show your appreciation on this auspicious day with a special gift?

Diwali Gifting Ideas for Employees and Clients
Diwali Gifting Ideas 

When thinking of gifts, it’s common to give sweets, home utilities, or accessories. But a beautiful piece of jewelry will not only be etched in their memories but be a classy gift too! At Thea & Sid, we have the perfect gifting options that will brighten up anyone’s Diwali in an instant. Choose from the 1ct heart solitaire pendant necklace, the infinity studded chain necklace, or the cultured pearl chain necklace. Every design is handmade with the best sterling silver and comes with a gift card to add your personal message!

Fynd Gift Vouchers

The ideal Diwali gift is one that has actual use. We always go for gifts that are durable, add value to people's lives, and are something that people will actually use in their day-to-day lives. It is best to add your brand's logo to your gifts so you are visible to both your employees and your clients! In today's work-from-home environment, a constant reminder of your brand's presence is important for a sense of togetherness.

The best gift for your employees would be a curated box that contains:

  • Amazon/Fynd/Myntra Gift Vouchers so people can get whatever they want - Worth Rs 2000/-
  • Fitness band - Up to Rs 3,000/-
  • A Netflix/Hotstar/AmazonVideo subscription for an entire year - From Rs 5,000 to Rs 6,000/-
  • A funky laptop sleeve with your brand's logo - Up to Rs 500/-

An ideal Diwali gift for your clients should include:

  • Fitness band - Up to Rs 3,000/-
  • Jute Bag with your brand's logo - Up to Rs 300/-
  • Box of assorted chocolate - Up to Rs 2000/-
  • A handwritten note with greetings and gratitude - Priceless/-

Ideas to Celebrate Diwali in Office and Virtually in 2021
Are you looking for ideas to celebrate this Diwali in your office or virtually?. Here we have made a list of top ideas to celebrate in office Diwali.

Self Care Package @ Nailbox

With Diwali round the corner, everyone’s looking to find the best presents to give to their employees. At Nailbox, we believe the best gift is the gift of time, towards self-care, and a little pampering never hurts anyone! What better time than the festive season to help add some glam and glow to others’ lives! Here are a few off-beat suggestions from Nailbox for Diwali gifts with guaranteed satisfaction (no exchanges/returns needed!)

  • Self-care packages: We do service packages for individuals and couples and also encourage group packages in which you can avail yourself with your friends and family. Gift yourself and your loved ones an indulgent mani-pedi. You can add on long-lasting, no chipping gel polish for the women, and perhaps a foot massage for the men!
  • Custom Hampers: Hampers contain luxury homegrown, conscious brands, with skincare, Bath and color cosmetics, Candles, chocolates, and other goodies are added as per budget.
  • Gift of Choice: Nailbox offers gift cards worth Rs 1000, 2000, 5000, and 10000 for you to gift your dear ones and employees. The terms of usage are flexible and have a long validity that can be used even over a few visits; a present to be long remembered!
You can never go wrong with presents like this, as they come across as thoughtful and help  people indulge during the festivities.” Says Sneha Bhagwat, Owner & Founder, NailBox

Hunan at Home

This Diwali, gift your loved ones the joy of effortless restaurant-quality cooking! Our Gourmet Gift Box contains a set of 3 versatile cooking sauces handcrafted with the finest of Oriental flavors - the perfect aid for a culinary enthusiast or just about anyone experimenting in the kitchen. Our sauces help spruce up home-cooked meals with the right burst of authentic Oriental flavors from the kitchen of Bangalore's iconic restaurant - Hunan. These gourmet sauce hampers make for the perfect gift for anyone this festive season. The Gourmet Gift Box also features a Cookbook which is a treasury of our favorite Oriental recipes to help you get started.

Diwali Gift Ideas
Diwali Gifts for Employees and Clients

Quirky Items from Bewakoof

Diwali is a beautiful time to give back to the people who have provided constant support, cheer and love in the times when you needed it the most. There's no better time to show gratitude to the ones that have contributed to your success and growth - I don't mean just your family and friends but your extended community, your employees too.

If you're having trouble choosing the perfect Diwali present for your team, here's a list of my (Prabhkiran Singh) personal favorites from Bewakoof that you should totally consider and I don't recommend these because they're Bewakoof products but because they make for meaningful gifts.

All of these products can be elegantly put together in beautiful care hamper that your employees would love.

  • Moisturizing Cream - Winter is fast approaching and Diwali is usually followed by a chilly, skin tearing cold. Even in the cities down South although the cold may not be as unforgiving, the dryness in the air causes great skin damage. These Moisturising Creams by Ustraa and Cosmos by Bewakoof repair dry skin by adding nutrition and hydration back into it, thus making it the perfect gift this season.
  • Face Wash - A good face wash does wonder for the facial skin. This Cosmos Aloe Vera Cucumber and Zinc face wash is soft on the skin and the environment. It deep cleans your face, moisturizes and soothes the skin, and gives a youthful look.
  • Face Mask - Festive season calls for a fresh look all day, every day. At times when stressful days suck your charm and glow away, face masks come in handy for instant rejuvenation.

If you and your team are not big on care packages, the following would make for equally good gifts.

Diwali Gift Ideas
Diwali Gifting Ideas for Employees and Clients
  • Mobile Covers - Mobile Covers are a utility essential in a day and age where every one of us has a phone. On average we're prone to drop our phones at least 3 times a month.
  • Laptop Bags - Laptop bags make for a smart gift for employees since they facilitate easy, comfortable travel with Laptops and keep them safe and protected.
  • Other items like calming teas, perfumes, scented candles, and chocolate spreads make for equally festive delights too!

Diwali Corporate Gift Ideas: Startup’s Guide to Diwali 2019
These Diwali gifting and celebration ideas will help you to make Diwali more joyful for all the people in the office. So we have listed the best corporate gifting ideas for employees.

Headway’s Beauty & the Beast Combo (Java Cup & Burell classic Bottle)

Why is it a great gift for employees: Like all of its products, Headway’s Java Coffee Mug and Burell Bottle are extremely stylish, sustainable, and can be personalized for no extra cost. With its special personalization, the insulated drinkware promises to show your employees or clients the extra mile you went to make their gift special. The personalization also works for a more practical purpose in offices, just restarting after the pandemic, where having employees’ names on their drinkware will leave no room for drinkware being exchanged or used by others. Price: INR 1989 (Special Diwali Price).

Great gift for clients: Great for all the same purposes mentioned above. The beautiful packaging of this combo in an elegant box will make your clients know that they’re special to you. Headway’s drinkware is made of the highest quality of steel and comes with a 2-year warranty, promising not to disappoint you or the receiver of the gift.

Diwali Gift Ideas
Diwali Gift for Employees and Clients

It is a memorable and extremely useful gift, with which you’re also doing the environment a favor. Finally, a reusable cup and bottle that looks great, keeps your drinks warm and cool for extended periods of time, and is truly world-class.

In a GIST!

Surprise your employees and clients with these Diwali gifts -

  1. A beautiful piece of jewelry (A charm, necklace, pendant, bracelet, etc.,) with a personal touch of a gift card.
  2. Laptop bags & sleeves/travel bags
  3. Personally curated care hamper
  4. Gift vouchers of top stores/platforms (Amazon, ShoppersStop, Myntra, etc.,)
  5. Subscription to OTT (Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Zee5, etc.,)
  6. Scented Candles/Perfumes
  7. Chocolates/Sweets
  8. A Gourmet Gift Box/Calming Tea
  9. A pack of Dry Fruits
  10. Holiday Vouchers
  11. Desk Essentials
  12. A Bonsai Tree/Sapling/Plant
  13. On-the-go electronics (headphones, Bluetooth speakers, Smart Alarm Clock, etc.,)
  14. Go Ethnic (Lamp, diyas, decorative lanterns)
  15. Amazon Echo or Google Home
  16. Laptop Coolers
  17. Subscription to Online Courses
  18. Funny & Personalised Desk Signs
  19. Customized Diary
  20. Household essentials (Dinner sets, mug sets, wall clocks, electric kettles, etc.,)
  21. Ultraviolet light sanitizers or natural sanitizers
  22. Air Purifiers
  23. Custom made goodies ( A combo of things like the one's mentioned above + coffee mugs/frames/metallic pen/gift cards/e-books etc.,)

Best Way to Market an eCommerce brand during Festive Season
Various industry professionals & entrepreneurs share their insight on ways to market an eCommerce brand during the festive season.


The above-mentioned gifts would be fitting presents that you can offer your employees or clients to make their Diwali special along with yours. With the exhaustive collection of Diwali gift ideas we have mentioned here, you would never have to bother yourself when gifting your clients/employees. Besides, with unique gifts from your company, you would not only put a smile on their faces but leave some convincing parting thoughts along with a strong brand impression.

So, let your Diwali be memorable to you and others! Happy Diwali!

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