Diwali Corporate Gifting: Thoughtful Diwali Gift Ideas for Your Employees and Clients in 2023

Kinnary Nensee Kinnary Nensee
Nov 9, 2023 10 min read
Diwali Corporate Gifting: Thoughtful Diwali Gift Ideas for Your Employees and Clients in 2023

Diwali is a special time filled with lights, colors, and new opportunities. It's a season of hopes and dreams celebrated by millions worldwide, regardless of background. During Diwali, people exchange gifts, and this tradition extends to the business world. Employers express respect and thanks by giving corporate gifts to their employees and clients.

In this article, we'll explore why corporate gifting matters during Diwali, highlight some notable brands in this practice and share simple yet thoughtful Diwali gift ideas for businesses in 2023.

Importance of Corporate Gifting During Diwali
Brands in the Corporate Gifting Spotlight
Corporate Diwali Gift Ideas

Diwali Celebration Ideas for Office and Virtual Staff

Importance of Corporate Gifting During Diwali

The importance of Diwali corporate gifting is to create a touchpoint with employees, clients, or even prospects. It creates a sense of connection and association. In the corporate world, giving gifts has the power to secure better relationships with existing and potential clients and show appreciation for their business. It is also a part of the employee retention effort, as gifting is extremely effective in fostering employee loyalty and satisfaction.

Expressing Gratitude to Clients

Diwali serves as the ideal occasion to express to clients the extent to which their business is valued. Well-thought-out Diwali gifts for clients not only convey appreciation but also encourage clients to maintain their business association and potentially become advocates for the brand. Timely and considerate gifting can effectively bring the company to the forefront of their attention.

Personalized Gifts for Employee Engagement

Personalized Diwali gifts for employees offer numerous benefits, creating a profound sense of value and appreciation from the employer. These feelings, in turn, translate into enhanced performance and productivity, directly impacting the overall efficiency of the business.

Promoting Harmony, Equality, and Oneness

Diwali's celebratory spirit extends beyond the exchange of gifts. It is a time for individuals to set aside grudges and grievances, promoting a fresh start and an atmosphere of goodwill. This festive period serves as a powerful catalyst for fostering peace and harmony among employees, uniting them in a shared sense of oneness.

Acknowledging Employee Contributions

Employees work tirelessly throughout the year to ensure the company's growth and profitability. Diwali gifts represent a tangible way for employers to show genuine appreciation for their dedication and loyalty. This acknowledgment results in increased levels of productivity as employees feel valued and motivated to contribute their best.

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Brands in the Corporate Gifting Spotlight

Let's explore meaningful and useful Diwali gifts for employees and clients from these popular brands in the corporate gifting spotlight.


Brand Litmus
Founder Rohit Bachhawat, Ankit Bachhawat
Website litmusconnect.com
Litmus Portable Travel Garment Steamer - Diwali Gift Ideas
Litmus Portable Travel Garment Steamer - Diwali Gift Ideas

Litmus is a design and technology company that aims to enrich consumers’ lives by creating premium yet affordable lifestyle products that offer true value to its users. The brand has a diverse portfolio of technology-assisted grooming products for Men and Women providing access to top-notch tools for self-expression and self-care.

This Diwali Litmus is offering its consumers a range of Men, Women, and Lifestyle Grooming products that are ideal for gifting to family, friends, and colleagues.

The USP of the products is the unique design and the superior built quality. Litmus’s products also come with premium gift box packaging making it an ideal gifting product.

Diwali Corporate Gifting Products by Litmus:

They are running special deals on Litmus products on the website www.litmusconnect.com. Litmus products are also available on leading marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, CRED, Tata CLiQ, etc.

Special Diwali Offers:

Men’s Grooming

  • Litmus CARBON 100 | Beard & Body Groomer for Men
  • USP: 20 Length Settings | Hard Shell Carry Case
  • MRP: ₹2,990/- Diwali Special Deal: ₹1,590/-

Women’s Grooming

  • Litmus Infrared Hair Straightener with 12 Temperature Settings
  • USP: Infrared Ionic Hair Straightener is 30% more effective as compared to a traditional Hair Straightener.
  • MRP: 3,990/- Diwali Special Deal: ₹2,290/-

Lifestyle Grooming

  • Litmus Portable Travel Garment Steamer
  • USP: 50% Lighter and Sleeker than any Traditional Garment Steamer specially designed for travel.
  • MRP: 4,490/-  Diwali Special Deal: ₹2,590/-


Brand Kärcher Cleaning System Pvt. Ltd.
Founder Alfred Kärcher
Website kaercher.com/in
Karcher India - Diwali Gift Ideas
Karcher India - Diwali Gift Ideas

At Kärcher, the focus on Diwali corporate gifting for employees and clients revolves around a distinctive approach that sets the brand apart. Diwali, known for its emphasis on cleanliness, aligns perfectly with Kärcher's mechanized cleaning solutions, meticulously designed in Germany. The diverse range of products, from vacuum cleaners to floor cleaners, steam cleaners, and robot vacuums, ensures spotless homes for a bright and joyful Diwali.

The unique proposition lies in the combination of German engineering excellence, innovative technology, and the Diwali spirit. Kärcher offers not just gifts but a promise of a cleaner, healthier, and more pleasant living space. Kärcher stands as the perfect choice for the holiday season, where the gift of cleanliness and hygiene resonates deeply with the essence of Diwali. The aim is to enhance the well-being of both employees and clients, creating a lasting impression and fostering goodwill during this festive season.

Diwali Corporate Gifting Products by Karcher:

Kärcher's Diwali gifting range features an array of exceptional products designed to enhance the festive spirit by providing a cleaner, healthier, and more enjoyable living environment.

  • Kärcher WD3 Vacuum Cleaner: The WD3 is a powerful and versatile vacuum cleaner that effectively removes dust, dirt, and debris. It's ideal for maintaining spotless floors and surfaces.
  • Robot Vacuums: Our robot vacuums combine cutting-edge technology with hands-free cleaning, ensuring that your spaces remain pristine effortlessly.
  • K2 Series Pressure Washers and Above: Kärcher's K2 series and higher pressure washers are designed to make outdoor cleaning tasks a breeze. They efficiently remove grime from patios, driveways, and more.
  • KB5 Electric Broom: The KB5 electric broom is a lightweight and cordless solution for quick and efficient floor cleaning. It's perfect for maintaining clean and dust-free floors.
  • WV1 Plus Window Vacuum: Achieve streak-free, sparkling windows effortlessly with the WV1 Plus. This innovative device simplifies the task of window cleaning.
  • SC3 Steam Cleaner: The SC3 steam cleaner harnesses the power of steam to deep-clean and sanitize various surfaces, making it a versatile and eco-friendly cleaning solution.

These Kärcher products not only make practical and thoughtful Diwali gifts but also represent a commitment to a cleaner and healthier living environment, aligning perfectly with the essence of the festival.

Special Diwali Offers:

This Diwali, Kärcher is delighted to announce exclusive deals and discounts on its webshop- kaercher.com/in. Its special offers encompass a wide range of products, with a particular emphasis on robot vacuum cleaners and vacuum cleaners, designed to make your festive season brighter and cleaner.

At Kärcher, the commitment to Swachh Bharat and the dedication to providing everyone with a clean and sparkling festive season remains unwavering. As Karcher celebrates the spirit of Diwali, its discounts aim to enhance your home's cleanliness and hygiene, ensuring that you can enjoy this special occasion in a fresh and pristine environment. Karcher invites you to explore its webshop and take advantage of these exclusive deals, which reflect its ongoing commitment to delivering high-quality cleaning solutions to our valued customers. May this Diwali be filled with brightness and prosperity, and may Kärcher contribute to making your celebrations truly special.


Brand Kaamna
Founder Mangalam Lalpuria
Website kaamna.in
Kaamna Cork Passport Holder - Diwali Gift Ideas
Kaamna Cork Passport Holder - Diwali Gift Ideas

Kaamna, a conscious luxury label from India, founded in 2023, is a brand whose purpose is to quench one’s desire for indulgence. With sustainability at its core, Kaamna offers luxury fashion accessories that take inspiration from nature and include Indian artisans in its journey. Every product at Kaamna and its packaging is designed and produced keeping in mind our Culture, our Nature, and our Future. Each piece provides value to its possessor and helps them contribute to their society and environment.

At Kaamna, they believe in elevating one’s corporate gifting strategy through a highly personalized process. They offer unique designs and sustainable gifting options that show one’s power of a better gifting choice. They offer tailored solutions, customized packaging, customized company branding, and personalized branding with individual employee names/initials on them! For smaller, boutique-size companies, Kaamna works with a small size order of even 50 pieces.

Diwali Corporate Gifting Products by Kaamna:

Kaamna’s cork passport holder has received much appreciation for being the apt corporate gifting option. It is preferred over the other options which are most commonly plastic-based or processed food hampers. This passport holder made of cork, is inherently water-resistant, lightweight, less abrasive, durable, elastic, fire-retardant, and anti-microbial. It is priced at INR 5,100/-, which is inclusive of GST and shipping. However, the pricing varies for bulk corporate orders.

Special Diwali Offers: Kaamna is running a 20% discount on its stoles and a 10% discount sitewide for its first-time customers.

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Corporate Diwali Gift Ideas

Every year, finding the perfect corporate gifts is a challenge for companies. They want gifts that send the right message to their employees and clients. The types of gifts and how much they cost are essential factors in making decisions. In 2023, companies are redefining what we see as traditional Diwali corporate gifts. Despite the many things to consider, there are plenty of options for various budgets. Here, we have some popular Diwali corporate gift ideas to help you find thoughtful and creative gifts:

Holiday Travel Vouchers

Holiday Travel Vouchers - Diwali Gift Ideas for Employees and Clients
Holiday Travel Vouchers - Diwali Corporate Gift Ideas

This constitutes an extremely thoughtful gift. This kind of gift is valued, as the work-from-home culture has meant no regular schedule or timing for employees. This allows the receiver to enjoy a few days away from the hustle and bustle of daily life with their family and loved ones.

Cash Bonus

The festival of Diwali is associated with prosperity. A cash bonus, especially to the employees, is a much-appreciated move, especially if the company has had to engage in cost-cutting activities like salary reduction in the past couple of years due to the pandemic.

Work-From-Home Essentials

The last couple of years have really promoted this phenomenon in light of the pandemic. Gifting work-from-home essential equipment to employees and clients alike helps them stay organized and focused at the same time, easing their working time. These items are sometimes costly, so budget is a concern. Here are some of the best work-from-home essentials you can go for:

Electronics On-The-Go

The millennials and the Gen-Z population especially appreciate electronic products that are of high quality. Some of their favorite products that you can gift are:

Household Essentials

In a country like India, where families often share close-knit living spaces, presenting household essentials as Diwali corporate gifts is both thoughtful and auspicious. Consider items that lighten the workload, making your gift truly valuable. Choose from a range of practical and essential products like:

Ethnic Wear

Add a touch of tradition to Diwali corporate gifting by embracing the emotional connection of traditional wear. Gift a personalized and memorable Diwali token, such as a classic kurta for men or an elegant saree for women, bringing the essence of Indian culture to the celebration.

Eco-Friendly Gifts

Eco-Friendly Gifts - Diwali Corporate Gifting Ideas
Eco-Friendly Gifts - Diwali Corporate Gift Ideas

For sustainable Diwali gift ideas for corporates, consider eco-friendly options that align with the global push for sustainability and recycling. These thoughtful and considerate gifts can include eco-friendly items like:


Delight your corporate associates this Diwali with a gift that stands as a test of time – E-books. Encourage the productive use of free time by offering inspiring reads that not only entertain but also enrich the mind. E-books stand as the perfect Diwali gift, fostering a culture of learning and inspiration.

Access to Online Courses

The work-from-home culture has also given rise to the desire to upskill many employees. Employers have also seen the benefits of employees upskilling themselves and utilizing that knowledge for the betterment of the company. Gifting employees, a preferred online course that is available on various edtech platforms is a gift that keeps on giving for both sides.

The ideas for corporate gifting for employees and clients constitute a long list. Apart from the above, some of the other gifting ideas include:

Gift Vouchers - Diwali Corporate Gifting Ideas
Gift Vouchers - Diwali Corporate Gifting Ideas
  1. Laptop bags & sleeves
  2. Travel bags
  3. Personally curated care hamper
  4. Gift vouchers from top stores/platforms
  5. Scented Candles/Perfumes
  6. Chocolates/Sweets
  7. A Gourmet Gift Box
  8. Calming Tea
  9. A pack of Dry Fruits
  10. A Bonsai Tree/Sapling/Plant
  11. Lamp, Diyas, Decorative Lanterns
  12. Funny & Personalised Desk Signs
  13. Customized Diary
  14. Ultraviolet light sanitizers
  15. Air Purifiers
  16. Custom-made goodies

Best and Most Exciting Diwali Celebration Ideas in Office
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The Diwali spirit is all about joy and celebration. Gifting is a way for employers to express their concern and care for both employees and clients. It also serves as a marketing strategy to foster loyalty from both groups. With numerous options in the market, employers have a broad selection that suits their budget and criteria well.


What are corporate gifts?

Corporate gifts are presents given by a company to its employees, clients, or dealers as an expression of gratitude towards them and their work.

What are some unique corporate Diwali gifts a company could give?

Companies can gift many different things to employees on Diwali like:

  • Diwali sweets
  • Desk essentials
  • Corporate plants
  • Personalized hampers
  • Dry fruit packages
  • God idols
  • OTT Subscriptions

Why is it important to give gifts to employees?

It is important to give gifts to employees as it shows that the organization recognises and appreciates the hard work of the employees. It also helps in encouraging a better relationship between the management and their teams.

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