Best and Most Creative Diwali Celebration Ideas for Office

Damini Bhandary Damini Bhandary
Oct 18, 2022 7 min read
Best and Most Creative Diwali Celebration Ideas for Office

There is a saying, all work, and no play make Jack a dull boy. This canโ€™t be more true, I mean imagine, working all the time and being formal and strict for the sake of being in your office. Hard and frustrating, isnโ€™t it? Festivals in our life are a part that no one can ignore, even if they want to. This is the time when we got a chance to mingle together, make connections and recreate those old bonds.

Corporate life is no different, festivals give you a chance here to connect with the team, that you work with daily and focus on keeping the interaction with the formal. Especially on Diwali, the festival of lights, this gives immense happiness, pleasure, and a chance to make bonds with your team.

The diversity of your team is not going to be a hindrance this Diwali if youโ€™re willing to celebrate it. So if you are thinking about how to celebrate Diwali in the office, in this article, we've got some interesting ideas thatโ€™ll help you celebrate the festival of light with your team. Letโ€™s get started.

Festivals promote diversity, they bring neighbors into dialogue, they increase creativity, they offer opportunities for civic pride, they improve our general psychological well-being. In short, they make cities better places to live.

-David Binder

Diwali Celebration Ideas in Office
Diwali Celebration Ideas for Teams Working Remotely

Flower Decoration Ideas for Diwali Celebrations in Office 

Diwali Celebration Ideas in Office

Your office can also be a place for you to have fun and bond with other co-workers once in a while, and what is better than doing that at the time of some festivals?

Celebrating festivals will bring your team together, helps in creating employee engagement, and boost their confidence and energy to work more sincerely. Diwali is one of the most important festivals celebrated in India, so to build team engagement, some Diwali celebration ideas are stated below:

Diwali Puja

Organizing Diwali Puja is a very positive way for teammates to come on the same page. Puja fills the people and surroundings with positivity and joy. Organizing the Puja could be an idea for the Diwali celebration in the office to instil a sense of unity among the employees.

Decorations of The Office

Diwali Decorations at BYJU'S - Diwali Celebration Ideas  in Office
Diwali Decorations at BYJU'S - Diwali Celebration Ideas in Office

We are sure there is no Diwali without cleaning and without proper beautiful decorations. One must make sure to bring all employees together so that they can help each other decorate the entire place with colourful diyas, LED lights, paper lanterns, flowers, and all. Plus, who can forget the Rangoli, a must-have for the festival of lights! Also, another decoration idea is to set up a Diwali-themed photo booth, where all the employees can get their pictures clicked.

Top-class Fashion Game

If it is Diwali, then everyone has to be on their strong fashion game. All the employees can be decked up in traditional or ethnic wear. You can also make it a competition and the person with the best look can get a prize for that.

Talent Shows

Everyone has a secret talent inside them. This is the time to ask your team members to reveal theirs and of course, the best ones will get some exciting prizes. Believe in democracy and to make the final decision, votes can be cast. Organizing a talent show is definitely a fun activity that makes for one of the most exciting Diwali celebration ideas for the office.

Team Competition

Team works make the dream works, of course, who can be the best person to know that apart from you? Every day, success in office work can be achieved, thanks to the team. This Diwali, itโ€™s time for showcasing the hidden creativity inside you. Divide the teams and play some games that require two or more people, it can be a Rangoli competition or any kind of other fun challenge.

Game Of Dumb Charades

If you are looking for an exciting Diwali celebration idea in office, then this age-old guessing game can never disappoint you. If your team members are movie buffs, this game is literal heaven, and even if they are not, itโ€™s a great game that can build strong connections and help you be in sync with your team.

Musical Chair with Rangoli

Start and stop games that have been played a lot in childhood can be given a Diwali touch. Each employee will be given a canvas to paint their own rangoli; when the music starts, everyone moves and when the music stops, they begin painting the canvas theyโ€™re in front of! The final outcome on every canvas will be fun.

Organize Pataka Awards

This game is very entertaining. Keep chits in a bowl in which the names of different types of crackers will be written. One by one, the participants will come and pick a chit, and whatever name is written on that chit, is to be dedicated to one of their colleagues with a reason.

Diwali Treasure Hunt

An auspicious festival signifying prosperity and luck, Diwali is dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, and what better way to celebrate this festival than to organize a treasure hunt? A full-fledged, planned treasure hunt can be highly stimulating for the employees and is undoubtedly an exciting idea for the office Diwali party!

Theme Costume Parties

Costume parties can be very interesting. Select a theme for the party and ask your colleagues to dress up according to that theme. For example, everyone can dress up in their cultural attire. It can be interesting and challenging as well, as it challenges people to use their creative ideas to make their costumes stand out.

Gifts Exchange

There is hardly anyone, who doesnโ€™t like gifts and festivals are the best time to exchange them amongst yourself. It is a great option to touch everyoneโ€™s heart and bonding with them. Handmade gifts can be special as well and hold a more intimate meaning. Assign a name to different members and ask them to gift them something.

Cooking Sweets

Sweets are a significant part of any kind of festival, be it cake for Christmas, Sevai for Eid, or Laddoos for Diwali. Nothing can beat the excitement of having sweets during the festival season. You can ask your team members to cook sweets as a challenge to make the Diwali office activities more fun.

Music And Dance Competition

How a festival can be called a festival without music or dance? A bit of music can lighten the entire atmosphere and can make it fun and soothing as well. Dance competitions can raise the bar of fun and help you and your team members to make lots of nice memories.

Collection of the Best Diwali Creative Ads
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Diwali Celebration Ideas for Teams Working Remotely

Covid-19 is slowly going away from our lives, but the work-from-home culture is here to stay. But that doesnโ€™t mean it can stop us from celebrating our festivals. So, just like we are able to work from home, thanks to the internet, we can also celebrate festivals and make new memories while being online.

At a time when working from is a part of the new normal, whatโ€™s a better way to use those rectangular screens than spreading happiness, while staying home! Even if you are working from home, there are many ideas that will give the essence of celebrating Diwali with your team members.

There are some Diwali celebration ideas down below thatโ€™ll stop you from missing out on the fun and will help you mingle with your colleagues online:

Playing Games Online

Online games can be a part of your celebration and help you in bonding with your team. There are many Diwali-based virtual reality games that you can play as a team or individually, and this can lead to fierce and fun competition amongst your colleagues.

Workspace Decoration

When youโ€™re working from home, there has to be a workspace from where you do all your office work. Ask your members to decorate their workspace and make it colourful and bright by using your creativity. LED lights, diya's, and paper lanterns can be used to enhance the celebrations.

Online Fashion Show

A fashion show can be held while being online as well. Ask the team members to deck up in ethnic clothes and conduct a vote to decide, who excelled in that department. This would make the celebration more interesting and fun and fashionable.

Food Decoration Competition

Food Decoration Competition - Diwali Celebration Ideas
Food Decoration Competition - Diwali Celebration Ideas

Food decoration competitions can be another fun activity. You can ask your members to cook sweets or savoury items and decorate them according to their taste. The best decoration can receive some exclusive gift or prizes.


Whether youโ€™re online or offline, festivals can be celebrated in the office, if you want to. With some interesting ideas, you can celebrate the festival of light with your team and make the day memorable with them.


What online platforms can be used to celebrate Diwali virtually?

Zoom or Google Meet is the best option for online platforms to celebrate Diwali with your colleagues.

How can you decorate your office this Diwali?

Paper lanterns, LED lights, Diyas, flower decorations, and Rangoli can be used to decorate the office.

How to celebrate Diwali in office?

You can celebrate Diwali by decorating your office or playing games like Music And Dance Competition, Gifts Exchanges and Talent Shows.

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