Top 10 Online Gifting Startups in India

Pratyusha Srivastava Pratyusha Srivastava
Nov 1, 2021 8 min read
Top 10 Online Gifting Startups in India

Gifts play a very important essential part in expressing our love and affection towards family and friends. Especially on special occasions and moments, we intend to plan surprises and gifts for our loved ones. But, with the rushing life, it becomes pretty hectic to manage these gestures and blessings.

That's why people seek sources and channels where they can easily get their gifts at their doorstep. We tend to search for different offers and categories so that they can get their goods very conveniently.

Therefore, there has been taken plenty of resources to establish such facilities in India. There are numerous startups built in India to get you to deliver your gifts without going outside. You can search for the gift you want to buy and can book it online for your loved ones.

These startups provide you with various category options on a single platform so that you can choose your favourite one and with a quick purchase, you can get the gift delivered to your doorstep on the same day. These have been the most lovable reasons for people to choose these online gifting platforms.

Furthermore, these channels are quite flexible and certain with the delivery services. The gifting startup has empowered its ideas and solutions to make our special moments more special by providing the offers and services of gifting based on our convenience and desire.

Qwikcilver Solutions
Indigifts (Indibni)

Founder- Kumar Sudarsan and T.P. Pratap
Founding year- 2015

The very prominent gift and card-based startup, Qwikcilver Solutions works by preserving valuable solutions for several different brands as well as retailers around Asia and the Middle East.

This gift startup offers several offers and services such as electronic and physical gift cards, prepaid cards, loyalty programs, discount cards, E-promotion cards and various other virtuals as well as physical card-based programs.

Qwikcilver Solutions in 2015, launched its first e-gift card-based app, the Woohoo app. This app is very interesting and fascinating as it offers you the feature to send your e-gift cards to anyone through SMS, WhatsApp or mail, instantly.

Indigifts (Indibni)

Founder- Nitin Jain, Ankit Jain and Khushbu Mathur
Founding year- 2014

Indigifts Website
Indigifts Website

Indigifts (Indibni), the Jaipur-based startup initiated by entrepreneurs Nitin Jain, Ankit Jain and Khushbu Mathur in 2014. The company has grown from 40 orders to 18000 orders per month.

Indigifts (Indibni) provides various categories that include more than 1500 items such as fridge magnets, t-shirts, coffee mugs, cushions, key-chains, notebooks, clocks and dozens of more such products.

The most fascinating thing about Indigifts (Indibni) is that the company prefers the famous social media language, β€œHinglish” and uses it on their products. Its revenue is generated through the sales made on online platforms. Indigifts (Indibni) is signed with Amazon for its product supplies and therefore, it scores up to 20-40 crore on monthly basis and has increased its order number up to 18,000.


Founder- Ashish Chandani
Founding year- 2013

Giftease Website
Giftease Website

The very amusing startup, Giftease, is based on the idea of making sending gifts more special and incredible the same as receiving them. The company is established in Pune, Maharashtra and works with a non-marketplace model to ensure the quality as well as the consistency of the products and services, especially when it comes to gifting.

Giftease offers various services and categories to make your choice more valuable. It offers you gifts according to your preferred budgets, customizations, delivery dates, recipients and several other features to make your gifting very special.

Giftease is growing and expanding with each passing day. The company is now focusing on more gift items such as fashion accessories, toys, chocolates, flowers, jewellery and many more. They offer various fascinating and fun products which makes your gifts more valuable and exciting, especially for children and youth.

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Founder- Brindha Padmanabhan and Anand Krishnamoorthy
Founding year- 2014

When it comes to weddings, gifts play a very special and important part. However, people often get confused about what to send as return gifts for a wedding! Well, Wedtree offers you numerous categories where you can choose any products as a return gift for your wedding. Wedtree was started as an online platform but, with its increasing success graph, it established its offices in Chennai and Hyderabad.

The most amazing thing about Wedtree is that it works with handicraft artisans to make your gift absolutely valuable and special. It offers various such products at affordable rates, starting from Rs. 20-1,000. Its website has a good amount of traffic that is around 13,000 visitors per day. Wedtree is increasing with a great success graph and is expected to raise its revenue to twice as compared to last year.


Founder- Yatin Hans and Aman Hans
Founding Year- 2016 website website

BigSmall, a very incredible and passionate platform for exploring tons of online shopping space. This gifting company was established in Delhi and works remarkably together with its member team of 11 who have been proven amazing by raising 300 products over its website.

BigSmall is very prominent and famous across the world. Its products are sourced from several countries such as Japan, India, Taiwan, South Korea, China, the US and the UK. As per the records of 2018, BigSmall aimed to complete orders up to 30,00 in an operation of six months. With the increasing growth graph, the company experienced a major development of 150 per cent month-on-month.

Also, its repeat customers rate increased up to 40 per cent, in the next 18 months. BigSmall is very promising with its products and has been proven great success in the market with its amazing offers and services on gifting.


Founder- Manoj Agarwal, Sumit Khandelwal, Abhishek Kumar and Khushal Agarwal
Founding year- 2012

The startup, Giftxoxo is known for its unique and crafty collection of recreations as well as experiences for various purposes such as client attention, compensations for employees, sales incentives, channel partners incentives and many more. Β 

The company serves more than 20 lakh customers throughout its huge client base of around 600 corporate clients. Giftxoxo always gets into experiments and rewards for the gifting categories and is quite famous for it.

Giftxoxo has evolved to a great extent and is now, working with a team of 150 people. Also, last year, it launched its app for mobile phones called Frogo.

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Founder- Manoj Agarwal, Shagun Nayyar and Sumeet Agarwal
Founding year- 2015

askmygift Website
askmygift Website

The tremendous online gift platform, AskMyGift is known for the great collection of unique products which are formed as customised, handmade and also, DIY gifts for all occasions and moods.

Since 2015, it has grown into an enormous online platform for gifts. AskMyGift gathers its craft maker from various social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook and more. It provides them with a great organized channel to impress and collect their potential loyal customers.

AskMyGift has the most fascinating gift packaging tools and also offers deliveries at midnight.

Founder- Rohit Saxena, Vandana Srivastava and Nisheeth Srivastava
Founding year- 2011

The very prominent online gift platform, has the most fascinating and crazy collection of gift suggestions. It makes your gift very special and more surprising for your loved ones. has now grown with an enormous graph and serves lakhs of customers across India and also, foreign countries. It has over five thousand visitors per day. offers great product categories and options. It possesses a huge corporate customer base.


Founder- Rashi Wadhwa and Vaishu Raheja
Founding year- 2014

The one-stop destination, Giftsvilla for gifting because of its huge variety of gifts products that include cakes, chocolates, flowers, customized gifts, home decor, different fashion accessories and every occasion and all people. Giftsvilla is a portal formed for gifting that is well known for its amazing gift collection.

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Founder- Sudhir Kumar
Founding year- 2015

The very well known gifting startup,, serves an extensive number of corporations and institutions. The company majorly focuses on transactional profits rather than just inflation value through investors financing. offers commodities to some very prominent companies like Apollo Hospitals, ABN Amro Bank, ACC cement, CHD developers, HDFC Bank, Pearson, Jindal Steel and many other such companies. is all prepared to launch its app of the customized collection of products for corporate companies.


Whether it's birthdays, weddings, festivals or any other occasion, gifts are very essential to express our affection and love. It is considered an incredible manner to show our gestures and the importance of people in our lives. Therefore, gifting requires some serious attention and thinking. With the busy lifestyle, gifting has become close to impossible.

That's why these startups have been built, to make your giving more valuable and special. Making gifts customise or special, gift wrapping, notes and many other things add more love to the gifts and become pretty special and personalised.

According to the reports, India's gift industry is worth 65 million dollars and is growing to a great extent with each passing day. It is estimated that by the year 2024, it would reach up to 84 billion dollars.

Through this article, we presented you with some of those top online gifting startups in India.


Which is the best gifting company in India?

Draft4all is one of the best gifting companies in India.

Is corporate gifting a good business?

According to reports, corporate gifting market in India is estimated to be Rs 12,000 crore and is growing at over 200% per annum.

Is a gift basket business profitable?

Yes, the gift basket business is a profitable business.

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