Education plays a pivotal role for people living in this world as it is associated with a wide range of positive outcomes - be it employment, income, social status, better health and well-being.

People understand the importance of education that's the reason they send their kids to schools or colleges. Education is not just limited to academic achievement but it serves other purposes as well. It develops human personality, their thought process and provides knowledge that makes the long-term survival of society possible.

Covid-19 brought a boost in the education sector by letting everyone go digital. So, if someone is looking for a business idea in the field of same, then it is high time to work on it. Moreover, the education business is an evergreen business idea that doesnโ€™t get affected by any recession or pandemic and thus increases the capability of long-term profit-making.

Here is a curated list of the best education business ideas that you can look for based on your passion and expertise.

You can also have a look at the top Edtech startups in India for some inspiration.

List of Top Education Business Ideas in India for Promising Future

  1. Online Tutoring
  2. Computer Training
  3. PlaySchool Franchise
  4. Service in Thesis Making
  5. Music Teacher
  6. Copying Paper Shop
  7. Stationery Shop
  8. Uniform Making
  9. Make Educational App
  10. Printing Books
  11. Bookstores
  12. Teacher Training Institute
  13. YouTube Channel as an Educational Instructor


Education Business Ideas

Online Tutoring

Being a tutor is a job that can earn so much money in the field of the education business. Usually, the only requirement is that the person must have rich knowledge and prioritize education. Tutoring is a good business idea for someone with low investment.

Online Tutoring is an incredible education business idea
Online Tutoring is an incredible education business idea

To become a tutor requires special expertise in the field of the desired choice of education stream. If you have mastered the subjects, you will be trusted by your client to guide their children in learning. You can also set the price according to your need.

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Computer Training

Computer Training is a low investment education business idea
Computer Training is a low investment education business idea

Everybody is learning to code. From kids to adults, everyone wants to make apps of their own. They want to learn to code and this is a good opportunity for you if you want to start an education business. Nowadays, everything has become computerized. Because of the internet, the banking process or billing process in all shops has become computerized. So, it is necessary for today's world to have basic knowledge of computers. So, computer training centers are gaining significant importance these days. It is a good and profitable business idea. You need to have a place to start this business. There is an initial investment involved but returns are high.

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PlaySchool Franchise

Play School Franchise is a lucrative education business idea
PlaySchool Franchise is a lucrative education business idea

Nowadays, parents are keener to send their kids to playschools. So a lot of people are entering into the playschool franchise business ideas. Taking a franchise of some reputed schools is a good option. You need to have a proper colorful setup that small children will love. It needs investment but ROIs are good. This can be a good education business idea to start with.

Service in Thesis Making

Thesis writing is a troublesome assignment for students. It becomes a tedious task for them to complete in a given time period. They look for ways to get it done. So if you can be creative in this field then this is a small business idea for you.

If you have expertise in academic writing, you can also open paper manufacturing services. Enough to market your services and to charge for these services, many students will come to take the service. Thus, you can earn a decent income, especially if you are making a thesis-making services store that would attract students easily.

Educational Tools for Students for Online Classes, Learning, and Assessment
Educational tools for students for online classes, fun learning, engagement, and assessments including Edmodo, Socrative, ClassDojo, Animoto, and Toppr learning

Music Teacher

Becoming a Music Teacher is another better business idea
Becoming a Music Teacher is another better business idea

Music is one thing that is liked by many people. Moreover, many people look for a music teacher to teach them or their children. As a music teacher, you have to know the art & science of music and have expertise in the field of the same such as playing a musical instrument, singing and more.

Furthermore, you can build a music school if you have a lot of students or customers. This will greatly benefit you and make your success sound in the field. Many of the educational institutions provide music as co-curricular activities in their academic curriculum which benefits the students as they are getting educated with the basics of music education that can make a potential music lover to a famous singer or musician.

Copying Paper Shop

The amount of school work requires students to get a printer to print the results of their work. In addition, they also need to copy materials that do not exist in their books.

For that, it would be very appropriate if you open a store doubling the paper. There are many students, every day, who need the service and this service would be very suitable if you combine it with a stationery store. Both the business provide fruitful profit in the education business sector. The best thing about this business is that it can be easily set up with low investment.

Stationery Shop

Starting a stationary business is another education business idea
Starting a stationery business is another education business idea

The stationery need is a forever thing - be it a student, office goer, or unemployed. It is a need for everyone. Nowadays, people have a variety of stationery items to choose from. You can open a stationery shop in close proximity to the market where you can target your audience.

StudentKARE Startup Story: Buy School Supplies Online
StudentKARE is a one-stop destination for buying school supplies online. Read the article to get an insight into its success story.

Uniform Making

The uniforms are the identity of each school. Looking at the uniform one can tell which school does a student goes to. Schools keep changing their school uniforms in accordance with the provisions of the school and guidelines to the board affiliated with. Therefore, you can open uniform convection by employing many tailors that are skilled in the art.

There will be a lot of customers, especially students and their parents who need your services. Uniform making is one the best education business ideas which can be easily set up at low cost and gives you a chunk of customers every day. Moreover, you can approach small and medium schools with your design collection to revamp their retro-type uniform into a standard-looking uniform.

Make Educational App

Making an educational app is also a lucrative education business idea
Making an educational app is also a lucrative education business idea

The sophisticated technology had become the need of the hour. If you are a programmer, you can create an application like video learning education, language learning, e-dictionary, or any other educational-related app that caters to the need of your target audience.

BYJU which guides students in preparing for competitive exams such as CAT, IIT-JEE, NEET, IAS, GRE and GMAT is running successfully. BYJU is one of the best startups in the education business sector which got good funding from potential investors.

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Printing Books

Learning cannot be separated from books that support educational content. Also students learn better from books than screen which gives an edge to meet the demand of book lovers by offering your services.

You can open your printing press for printing books and other printing materials. Moreover, you can even collaborate with schools to supply them the yearly books for the students which gives you constant growth every year.


The book is a repository of knowledge. Books also becomes advocate for student learning. Many students are advised to purchase additional books themselves so that they can learn independently at home.

The bookstore is also a great education business option
The bookstore is also a great education business option

Looking at it, opening a bookstore is another lucrative business idea. You can open a complete bookstore so that many students visit your store. Monthly, half-yearly & yearly based subscription offers would attract a large number of potential readers to your bookstore.

Teacher Training Institute

Since Covid-19, every educational platform has shifted to digital media. This sudden shift became difficult to adapt to by every teacher and parent. They were unable to engage themselves with their students/children in tutoring, helping with homework, discussing school events and much more as they're not aware of these technologies.

Though the situation is not the same but digital media has become a future now. So opening a teacher training institute would be a good option where you can train teachers on how to make their teaching more effective and efficient. You can train parents too as they also help their children in their studies.

A training institute would allow them to come out of a stereotype learning method to self-motivating and assessment-based experience to enhance their children's education and knowledge for a better professional or entrepreneurial life. This could be a good business idea with low investment.

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YouTube Channel as an Educational Instructor

More and more people are using digital media to learn new skills. It has become easier to explain and visualize concepts with the help of graphics. If you are good at some subjects and explaining things to other people you can earn money by teaching on YouTube. With your expertise in the field, you can make videos that help students to understand concepts better. To gain popularity you can apply for a channel partner program for showing advertisements on your videos.

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Hope you have liked the list of education business ideas mentioned above. Let us know in the comment section if anything needs to be included in this list of education business ideas. We would be highly grateful to add them to this article.


Which are the best online tutoring websites?

Some of the best online tutoring websites are: ย 

  • Vedantu
  • Unacademy
  • Chegg
  • Skooli
  • TutorMe
  • Classplus
  • BYJU

What are the best education business ideas?

The best education business ideas are as follows:

  • Online Tutoring
  • Computer Training
  • Preschool Franchise
  • Printing Books
  • Bookstore
  • Youtube Channel as an Educational Instructor

Which business is best for students?

The best business ideas for students are as follows:

  • Online coaching service
  • Content creation
  • Social media management
  • Web design and development
  • Vlogger
  • Blogger
  • Animation and video creation

How to make money in the education sector?

  • Create an online course and share it on various online platforms.
  • Teach online courses.
  • Become an online tutor in Udemy, Unacademy or some other sites.
  • Teach foreign languages.
  • Become a content writer for any website.

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