Education Business Ideas to Build an Empire in India 2020

Education is one of the important things for people living in this world. As one important area, we can utilize education in many fields of operation and in our day to day life.

This is perfect for those who have a high educational background or those who like education. In utilizing the business in educator sector, we can use some of the best business ideas in education field to build an empire in the field of education. Thus you can generate more money for the business.

This business is very promising considering education is a necessity for everyone. Moreover, education business is an evergreen business idea which doesn’t get affected by any recessions and increase the capability of long-term profit making.

Education Business Ideas

Are you interested in the field of business education? Here we have some business ideas for future in education field that you can try in the field.

You can also have a look at the top Edtech startups in India for some inspiration.

Top 10 Education Business Ideas in India for Promising Future

1. Private Teacher/Tutor

Being a tutor is a job that can earn so much money in the field of the education business. Usually, the only requirement is that the person must have rich knowledge and prioritize education. This is a good business ideas for teachers.

To become a tutor, it requires special expertise in the field of the desired choice of education stream. If you have mastered the subjects, you will be trusted by your client to guide their children in learning. You can also set the price according to your need.

2. Pre-School Franchise

Pre-School Franchise | Education Business Ideas

Now a days, parents are more keen to send their kids to preschools. So lot of people are entering into the school franchise business ideas. You need a place, toys and technique to look after small kids. Taking franchise of some reputed school is a good option. You need to have proper colourful setup which small children will love. Of course, it needs investment but returns are good after years. Now a days, the fees is very high in such schools. And if you give quality of setup, toys, food, teachers, parents are ready to pay high amount.

3. Services in Thesis-Making

A thesis writing is a troublesome assignment for students. It becomes a very scary thing for them. They become so negative and afraid thus it makes thesis writing quite difficult in the education sector. This is a small business ideas for students in India.

If you have an expertise in academic writing, you can open the paper manufacturing services. Enough to market your services and to charge for these services, many students will come to take the service. Thus, you can earn a decent income, especially if you are making a thesis-making services store which would attract students easily.

4. Music Teacher

Music Teacher
Music Teacher | Education Business Ideas

Music is one thing that is liked by many people. Moreover, many people look for a music teacher to teach them or their children. As a music teacher, you have to know the art & science of music and you have to have expertise in the field of music such as playing a musical instrument, singing and so on.

Furthermore, you can build a music school if you have a lot of students or customers. Obviously, this will greatly benefit you and make your success sound in the field. Many of the education institutes provide music as co-curricular activities in the schedule of the students. This greatly benefits the students as they are getting educated with the basics of music education which can make a potential music lover to a famous singer or musician.

5. Copying Paper Shop

The amount of school work requires students to get a printer to print the results of their work. In addition, they also need to copy materials that do not exist on their books.

For that, it would be very appropriate if you open a store doubling the paper. There are many students, every day, who need the service and this service would be very suitable if you combine it with a stationery store. Both the business provides fruitful profit in the education business sector. One of the best features of this business is it can be easily set up as it is a low-cost business idea.

6. Stationery

Stationary Business | Education Business Ideas

Stationery needs by students is a forever thing. There is no student who does not need stationery. Stationery plays important role in children's lives. Now a days, so much variety of stationery is there to choose from. You can open a stationery shop near the school and closest to your home. So that the students will be closer and find it easier to buy stationery.

7. Uniform Manufacturing

The uniforms are the identity of each school. With a uniform, we can find out which school does a student go. Schools keep changing their school uniforms in accordance with the provisions of the school and guidelines to the board affiliated with. Hence, you can open a uniform convection. You can employ many tailors that are skilled in the art.

There will be a lot of customers, especially students and their parents who need your services. Uniform manufacturing is one the best education business ideas which can be easily set-up at low cost and gives you a chunk of customers every day. Moreover, you can approach small and medium schools with your design collection to revamp their retro type uniform into a standard looking uniform.

8. Make Educational Applications

Make Educational Applications
Educational Application | Education Business Ideas

The sophisticated technology these days makes everyone look for business in the field of technology by using the internet. If you are a programmer, you can create an application like video learning education, language learning, dictionary or another. Thus you will make a lot of money.

BYJU which guides students in preparing for competitive exams such as CAT, IIT-JEE, NEET, IAS, GRE, and GMAT is running successfully. BYJU is one of the best startups in the education business sector which got a good funding from potential investors.

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9. Printing books

Learning cannot be separated from books that support educational content. The number of books and the increasing demand of students from year to year in school makes a lot of schools requesting lots of books to be a reference source for students to learn.

You can try this business and you will get more clients from schools that exist in your area. Moreover, can even collaborate with schools to supply them the yearly books for the students which gives you a constant growth every year.

10. Computer Training

Computer Training | Education Business Ideas

Now a days, everything has become computerized. Because of internet, banking process or billing process in all shops has become computerized. So, its necessity of today's world to have basic knowledge of computers. So, computer training centers are gaining significant importance these days. It is a good and profitable business and one can open a computer training center. You need to have place to start this business. You need to invest in the infrastructure and manpower. There is initial investment involved but returns are high.

11. Bookstores

The book is a repository of knowledge. The book also becomes advocates for student learning. Many students are advised to purchase additional books themselves so that they can learn independently at home.

Looking at it, opening a bookstore is a potential for your business. You can open a complete bookstore so that many students visit your store. Monthly, Half yearly & yearly based subscription offers would attract a large number of potential readers to your bookstore.

12. Opening the Learning Guidance

Opening the Learning Guidance
Learning Guidance | Education Business Ideas

Learning guidance is necessary for people for their young ones at an early age. Most parents engage their children in tutoring that make their children more intelligent than other students who do not follow the guidance of learning.

A learning center would allow them to come out of a stereotype learning method to self-motivating and assessment based experience to enhance their education and knowledge for a better professional or entrepreneurial life.

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Make the most from these education business ideas and start your venture to serves you as well as the citizens of this country. Education doesn’t need an age or a particular time, its all about the will to grasp and learn for an incredible future.

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