Top 5 Educational Tools for Students

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Jun 22, 2021 7 min read
Top 5 Educational Tools for Students

Even before the pandemic, several EdTech startups and companies were doing fairly well in their respective fields, but since the previous years, their sales have been skyrocketing. Digital platforms have started replacing the traditional classroom, by making education more flexible and accessible. Among many other benefits, they also seem to enhance communication between the teacher and the student.

Educational tools for students have made our lives a little more convenient, and are in demand as of now, and there is no shortage of such tools. Moreover, students involve in various activities, extracurricular and/or physical, and need educational tools for different purposes, flexibility, and features. So here we discuss the top 5 Educational Tools for Students, which they might use, for better productivity, time management, or other facilities they offer.

Top Educational Tools For Students

Top Educational Tools For Students


Edmodo Learning Platform

Edmodo is a learning tool that helps you manage your classrooms and engage your students in a simplistic and educational environment. Edmodo comes with all the tools which a teacher might need to set up and teach in an online class, with a free account. Moreover, Edmodo updates the parents with the progress reports of the students on a regular basis, and also helps them view their classroom activity and grades, along with streamlining communication.

Features Offered by Edmodo

  • Communication through posts and messages, help with better interaction of students. Also, resources for teachers are available by other experienced teachers, to create a community.
  • Edmodo offers a built-in planner for students to plan and organize their activity, along with enabling you to effortlessly clear any doubts with your teachers.
  • Edmodo offers the parents the required insights into their child's progress in the form of automatic updates in real-time.
  • Edmodo also offers a plethora of tools focused on learning outcomes, and communication and collaboration.
  • Moreover, you also get to exploit a number of resources such as custom sign-in pages, libraries, setting up accounts, and communication updates.

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Socrative Classroom and Learning
Socrative Classroom and Learning

Socrative is yet another application for online classroom and an educational tool for students, with a fun and effective way to educate the 21st century generation, along with online assessments. Socrative helps teachers visualize students' understanding, and hence deliver a better teaching experience. Along with that, teachers get to engage students in online quizzes, personalized activities, get instant feedback, and enjoy many more features for an effective teaching solution.

Features Offered by Socrative

  • Applications and services offered by Socrative are available on all platforms including desktop, mobile phones or tablets.
  • Socrative offers an effective and effortless creation and deployment of quizzes, so teachers can focus more on actual teaching.
  • It also offers teachers to create custom and personalized activities and helps you by automatically grading students on such activities.
  • With the help of on-the-fly questions, you can instantly know the performance of your students and assess their progress, and also get feedback.
  • Socrative also provides you easy monitoring and evaluation of your students to save time for student engagement and interactions with other activities.

Pricing Plans for Socrative

Free Plan Socrative Pro for k-12 teachers Socrative Pro for K-12 teachers
Come free of cost Costs $59.99 per year Costs $99.99 per year
50 students in one room with 1 public room for your class All features in free version with up to 20 private or public rooms All features in free version with up to 20 private or public rooms
Lets you launch one activity at a time with on-the-fly questions Lets you launch up to 20 activities at a time with countdown timer Lets you launch up to 20 activities at a time with restricted access with student ID
Offers space race assessment Allows for roster import with csv/excel file Offers shareable link for effortless login


ClassDojo Classroom

ClassDojo is a classroom community which brings teachers and educators closer to students and their parents, to create a learning and productive environment. ClassDojo offers various free resources and FAQs and offers applications for any device, be it a desktop or a mobile device. Moreover, it also offers privacy, and is free for teachers, to teach in an environment where students can respond and communicate.

Features Offered by ClassDojo

  • ClassDojo helps teachers create a positive environment and benefits students by allowing them to showcase and share their learning.
  • Share the snippets of online classes with the parents to ensure that their kids have the best learning resources.
  • ClassDojo also offers messages translation in 30 different languages, hence providing better communication with the students as well as the parents.
  • ClassDojo comes with a variety of classroom tools for class activities, student groups, and even background music, which comes with the classroom toolkit.
  • Students can also create their digital portfolio with ClassDojo, and partner with the community of the entire school, to better connect and collaborate.

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Animoto Video Creation Platform
Animoto Video Creation Platform

Although some would argue that Animoto is more of a video creation platform, it is indeed used for the creation of educational video, and in fact, has a section devoted to it. Animoto offers you a platform to create videos ranging from promo to graduation and can cover industries including education to real estate. It also offers various templates, pertaining to the kind of videos that you wish to create.

Features Offered by Animoto

  • Animoto helps you create school marketing and advertisement videos for promotion, to boost student enrollments and admissions.
  • Create videos with 3 easy steps with a template offered by Animoto, and share it with your school community.
  • Add photos and video clips to the video and customize it with an easy to use drag and drop interface, and make videos for social causes.
  • Animoto offers users a stock library, and an efficient way of uploading images to create custom videos, the way user deems fit.

Pricing for Animoto

Free version Professional Version Team Version
Comes free of cost and allows you to create unlimited videos Costs $15 per month and allows you to create unlimited branded videos Costs $39 per month and allows you to create unlimited branded videos with multiple accounts
You get standard features such as 50 music tracks and 3 standard fonts All free plan features along with you own logo and over a million licensed photos and videos Everything in professional plan with accounts for 3 users and license to resell to business
Animoto watermark on videos Over 30k music tracks and over 40 professional fonts 30 minutes consultation with video experts


Toppr Learning Application
Toppr Learning Application

Toppr is one of India's best educational applications and learning platforms, and for good reason. Toppr helps students learn, practice and ask with an all-around approach, that makes learning possible with live classes taught by the quality and certified teachers. It also encourages practicing questions for better understanding and comprehensive exam preparation. Moreover, students can convey their doubts with a picture or in chat, to satiate any queries.

Features Offered by Toppr

  • Toppr allows students to create customized syllabus so that they can tailor the deadlines in a way that reciprocates.
  • Toppr is built to cater to the needs of about 22 boards all over India including the likes of CBSE, ICSE, and other state boards.
  • For students of different fields, Toppr covers all major exams such as JEE, NEET, and other Olympiads.
  • Toppr offers an adaptive learning solution which offers different learning solution for different students.
  • Powered with AI, as well as experienced tutors, Toppr has an Ask feature where you can find answers to your doubts 24/7.


What is an educational tool?

Educational tools provide features that streamline collection, grading, and feedback for traditional paper-based class homework while other tools help expand beyond traditional homework by opening up more submission options.

What is the purpose of educational tools?

The tool allows users to learn and monitor new academic technologies, share experiences with these technologies, and innovate by adopting new technologies or applying new techniques.

Why are educational tools important?

The effective use of digital learning tools in classrooms can increase student engagement, help teachers improve their lesson plans, and facilitate personalized learning.

What are the best educational tools for students?

  • Edmodo
  • Socrative
  • ClassDojo
  • Animoto
  • Toppr

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