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Conventional learning and teaching methodologies endures a lot of inadequacies in learning outcomes. The major problem of classroom education is that it is never equipped enough to match every individual student's learning pace and abilities. Vedantu resolves this problem with its personalized online LIVE tutoring. It ensures that every student associated with Vedantu is attended by a dedicated teacher, and that every session on the platform is engaging , interactive and interesting. Started in 2011, Vedantu now has gained much popularity among students, and have mentored over 40,000 students from all over the country.

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Vedantu Highlights

Startup Name Vedantu
Headquarter Bangalore
Founders Vamsi Krishna, Pulkit Jain, Saurabh Saxena, Anand Prakash
Sector Edtech
Founded 2011
Parent Organization Vedantu Innovations Private Limited

About Vedantu
Vedantu - Founders
Vedantu - Vision and Mission
Vedantu - Name, Tagline & Logo
Vedantu - Funding & Investors
Vedantu - Business Model
Vedantu - Acheivements
Vedantu - Competitors
Vedantu - Growth & Revenue
Vedantu - Future Plans
Vedantu - FAQs

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About Vedantu

Vedantu is India’s steering online tutoring Ed-Tech startup. It offers personalized coaching for students of grade 6 to 12, with highly skilled teachers. Its efficient customized teaching methodologies include two-way audio, video, and whiteboarding technologies to enhance the learning outcomes with LIVE student-teacher interactions. It caters students for competitive examinations and co-curricular modules as well. The cooperative sessions make the students engaged according to the pace of the lecture, which is lacking in recorded video lectures and classroom education. It offers video sessions at low internet bandwidths. With its effective learning management tools and holistic training approaches, Vedantu appears to be the finest online educational service provider in the K12 segment.

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Vedantu - Founders

Vamsi Krishna, Saurabh Saxena, Pulkit Jain, Anand Prakash - Vedantu Founders
Vedantu Founders

Vedantu was founded by Vamsi Krishna (Co-Founder, CEO), Saurabh Saxena, Pulkit Jain (Co-Founder, Head Product), and Anand Prakash (Co-Founder, Head Academics).

Vedantu co-founder and CEO, Vamsi Krishna completed his B.Tech from IIT Bombay in 2005 and co-founded Lakshya ( an educational enterprise that prepares students for engineering and medical entrance exams) with three more IITians, Saurabh Saxena , Pulkit Jain and Anand Prakash, and this very team went to found Vedantu in 2011. The trio was associated with Lakshya for more than eight years after which it got acquired by MT Educare in 2012.

Vedantu co-founder Saurabh Saxena, who was serving as 'Head Academics' at Vedantu, exited the company in January 2018.

The founders have mentored 10,000 students and trained more than 200 teachers as a part of Lakshya. Now, Vedantu has 500+ teachers who have taught 40,000+ students from 30+ countries.

Vedantu - Vision and Mission

With highly trained teachers and technology-driven academic system, Vedantu ensures a great learning outcome for each of its students. The major focus of Vedantu is to provide quality education and comprehensive analysis of student’s interaction and engagement in the class through online assessments and tests, thus monitoring the learning progress of students. Through its vast instinctive next-generation platform WAVE (Whiteboard Audio Video Environment), Vedantu influences its mission of fostering online education in an unparalleled manner.

Transforming the teaching and learning experience by engaging superior technology with worthy content and proficient teachers, is the ultimate vision of Vedantu.

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The name ‘Vedantu’ endorses the startup with its meaning. Veda = Knowledge, and Tantu = Network, thus, acting as the network of wisdom. “LIVE Online Tutoring” is the tagline of the company.

Vedantu Logo
Vedantu Logo

Vedantu - Funding & Investors

Vedantu has raised around $190.9 million funding till date. Vedantu got access to 3 rounds of funding in 2020, with growing importance of Edtech segment in the pandemic.

Below is a detailed chart of funding raised by Vedantu so far -

Date Stage Amount Lead Investors
July, 2013 Pre-seed Round $150K Ramaswami
August, 2014 Seed Round $400K -
May, 2015 Series A $5 Million Accel, Tiger Global Management
November, 2018 Series B $11 Million Accel, Omidyar Network, TAL Education Group
August, 2019 Debt Finacing $1.3 Million Trifecta Capital Advisors
August, 2019 Series C $42 Million Tiger Global Management, WestBridge Capital
February, 2020 Series C $24 Million GGV Capital
April, 2020 Series C $7 Million KB Global Platform Fund
July, 2020 Series D $100 Million Coatue

Vedantu - Business Model

Vedantu operates in a B2C business model, whereby the company provides services such as online live tutoring using a virtual learning environment call WAVE (Whiteboard Audio Video Environment) to students in the K-12 segment, besides providing online tutoring to students for various competitive exams.

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Vedantu - Acheivements

Vedantu was recognized as the 'Best Organization to Develop Technology for Education', by DNA Innovative Education Awards in February 2016. It was also nominated as one of the winners of 'KINSES 2016 EduAwards'. Elets World Education Summit awarded Vedantu as the 'Online Education Startup of the Year' and Praxis Media presented the 'Most Promising and Live Online Tutoring Platform in India' award in 2015.

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Vedantu - Competitors

There are a lot of online educational services being offered globally of which Vedantu's top competitors are - Byju’s, Toppr, Unacademy, UrbanPro, WizIQ, Tutorvista, Flipclass among many others.

Vedantu - Growth & Revenue

Vedantu secures revenue by providing paid educational services and it has made a revenue of $10 million recently. The revenue got increased by 97% from INR 5.3 Crore in FY18 to INR 10.44 Crore in FY19.

Vedantu offers subscriptions ranging from Rs.100 to Rs.5000 for different grades and also offers courses for competitive examinations such as JEE, NEET, NTSE, IMO, PSA, KVPY, and others. The company utilizes its revenue in various operations such as acquiring talented teachers, advertisements and promotions, and employee benefit expenses which supports the growth. This Edu-Tech startup which was initially formed by four friends now has around 1328 employees which is a 133% increase from the previous year.

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Vedantu - Future Plans

The future plans of Vedantu will include creating distinct categories for primary children starting from kindergarten. Embracing learning with fun, and making it accessible to all the students in remote areas is the supreme strategy of Vedantu. With 1 Million lifetime learners and with a 4x growth in this year, the company will explore more prospects and engage in new expedient educational services in the nearing future.

“Impact at Scale is our singular driver. With a core focus on Learning Experience and Outcomes, the impact that we have had on our learners drives us in our next phase of exponential growth. As we continue to grow our student enrolments by 4.5x year on year, we are gearing to invest in brand and entering very strongly in new categories of age group 4-10 years beyond current customer segments. We are excited to have GGV Capital back us, as a unique VC firm that has backed some of the world’s most successful companies, this is a huge validation for Vedantu. We want to further our mission to make this new format of LIVE Interactive classes the answer to the current engagement gaps in Online education and are very excited about the future”, said  Vedantu CEO Vamsi Krishna revealing the company's future plans after the GGV funding round in February 2020.

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Vedantu - FAQs

What is Vedantu's Tagline?

“LIVE Online Tutoring” is the tagline of the company.

Who are the Founders of Vedantu?

Vedantu was founded by Vamsi Krishna (Co-Founder, CEO), Saurabh Saxena, Pulkit Jain (Co-Founder, Head Product), and Anand Prakash (Co-Founder, Head Academics).

How much is Vedantu's Revenue?

Vedantu secures revenue by providing paid educational services and it has made a revenue of $10 million recently. The revenue got increased by 97% from INR 5.3 Crore in FY18 to INR 10.44 Crore in FY19.

Who are the Top Competitors of Vedantu?

Vedantu's top competitors are - Byju’s, Toppr, Unacademy, UrbanPro, WizIQ, Tutorvista, Flipclass among many others.

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