Top 10 School Franchise in India to Consider for Business

Pooja Uniyal Pooja Uniyal
May 9, 2021 6 min read
Top 10 School Franchise in India to Consider for Business

An 'Edupreneur' is an entrepreneur who runs a business in the education sector. Owning a franchise of a popular school can be a profitable business. To open a franchise, you must be qualified and meet all the requirements of the parent school. Requirements may include specific land areas, initial investment, or royalty fees. School franchises give great returns on investments if they're set up well.

Profitable Franchise to apply for:

Franchise Application Category
7th Heaven Apply Here Bakery & Cafe
Biggies Burger Apply Here Burger Chain
Chicago Pizza Apply Here Pizza Chain
Let's Transform Salon Apply Here Beauty & Wellness
Meatwale Apply Here Food & Services
Frozen Bottle Apply Here Beverages & Cafe
Moti Mahal Apply Here Restaurant
Pepperfry Apply Here Furniture

Trio World School
Homerton Grammar School
Educomp Schools
Mexus Education
Rockwell Educational Institutions
Exponential Learning
Arun Smart School
Sprouts Public School
Seth Anandram Jaipuria School

Here’s a list of the Top 10 School Franchise in India:

Trio World School

Name Trio World School
Founded in 2008
Franchise Launched in 2020
Franchise Units Less than 10
Initial Investment INR 5-7 Crore
Apply to Trio World School's Franchise Click Here

Trio world school is situated in Bangalore and said to be one of the best schools in the city. It is an ICSE affiliated school that's also been chosen as Best School Brand by Economic Times. It offers a perfect mixture of academics and extra-curricular activities. One can fill up the franchise inquiry form available on the website. The major requirements include a land area of 2-4 acres.

Homerton Grammar School

Name Homerton Grammar School
Founded in 1983
Franchise Launched in 2013
Franchise Units NA
Initial Investment INR 50 Lac - 1 Crore
Apply to Homerton Grammar School's Franchise Click Here
Homerton Grammar School
Homerton Grammar School

Homerton Grammar School focuses on creating worldly students. One of the key features of this school is that it is associated with UNESCO. It is a CBSE-affiliated school that focuses on the overall growth of students. This school is also associated with youth empowerment programs like 'the Duke of Edinburgh's Awards', and, 'The International awards for young people.

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Educomp Schools

Name Educomp Schools
Founded in 2007
Franchise Launched in 2010
Franchise Units 2
Initial Investment INR 1-2 Crore
Apply to Educomp Schools' Franchise Click Here

Educomp is an education company that works to bring digital education to the classrooms. They teach with advanced technology and believe in leaving traditional methods behind. Its digital features include Educomp Smart class, Educomp 3D labs, Educomp Insight, and English mentor. They aim to create a vast fraternity of advanced schools that transform learning.


Name Kidzee
Founded in 2003
Franchise Launched in 2003
Franchise Units 1000+
Initial Investment INR 12-15 Lac
Apply to Kidzee's Franchise Click Here

Kidzee is one of the largest school chains in all of Asia. It has a school in more than 750+ cities. It's a pre-school that focuses on both the physical and mental growth of young kids. Along with kids, it's dedicated to improving the lives of people working in the institute.

They are willing to support the owners of the franchise in every way. Their main focus is maintaining the quality experience of kids that participate in their curriculum. Land requirement in 2000-400 sq. feet.

Mexus Education

Name Mexus Education
Founded in 2008
Franchise Launched in 2010
Franchise Units 7
Initial Investment INR 10-20 Lac
Apply to Mexus Education's Franchise Click Here

Mexus Education digitizes the whole education process. The classrooms are digital where students learn through videos and fun animation. With over 99 franchises all across the country, they are spreading their wings to reach new heights. They have labs that introduce kids to new-age technology and promote the DIY concept.

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Rockwell Educational Institutions

Name Rockwell Educational Institutions
Founded in 2009
Franchise Launched in 2017
Franchise Units Less than 10
Initial Investment INR 5-10 Crore
Apply to Rockwell Educational Institutions' Franchise Click Here
Rockwell Educational Institutions
Rockwell Educational Institutions

Rockwell Educational Institutions aims to provide a balance between academics and co-curricular activities. They have launched a franchise as they want to tackle the lack of good schools in the country.

Specific requirements include 3-5 acres of land for Rockwell International School with 1,20,000 sq. feet of the construction area. For Rockwell Public School, a 2-3 acres campus is required with 80,000 sq. feet of the construction area. For junior school, 2500-4000 sq. feet campus with a playing area is required.

Exponential Learning

Name Exponential Learning
Founded in 2016
Franchise Launched in 2018
Franchise Units Less than 10
Initial Investment INR 10 Lac and above
Apply to Exponential Learning's Franchise Click Here

Exponential Learning is a non-govt organization that's registered in Jaipur. It assists students for sciences Olympiad, board exams, and entrance exams for engineering and medical students.

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Arun Smart School

Name Arun Smart School
Founded in 2014
Franchise Launched in 2014
Franchise Units 100
Initial Investment INR 2-5 Lac
Apply to Arun Smart School's Franchise Click Here

Arun Smart school is a well-reputed digital school that provides top-class education to the students. The institute is well supportive of its franchises. It's looking for owners who can readily invest in the business. They are willing to provide team assistance, training, and expert guidance. They are actively looking to grow their institute in Odisha and other cities.

Sprouts Public School

Name Sprouts Public School
Founded in 1994
Franchise Launched in 2012
Franchise Units 1
Initial Investment INR 30-50 Lac
Apply to Sprouts Public School's Franchise Click Here

Sprouts aim at creating intelligent students who are tied to their cultural roots. They believe that the franchise owner shares the same belief. Their vision is to incorporate advanced knowledge into the minds of students so that they can work towards the betterment of the country.

Seth Anandram Jaipuria School

Name Seth Anandram Jaipuria School
Founded in 1975
Franchise Launched in 2014
Franchise Units 10-20
Initial Investment INR 5-10 Crore
Apply to Seth Anandram Jaipuria School's Franchise Click Here

The main aim of Seth Anandram Jaipuria School is to "Empower, Enthuse and Excel". Seth Anandram has established many schools and colleges all over the country. It provides ICSE and ISC curriculum.


Getting a  School franchise in India can give you fabulous returns. You must look into all factors like locality, expenditure of people in the locality and competitor schools where you're planning to build the school.

Once you plan accordingly, you're all set to make a profit and also educate.


Is Play School a good business?

Starting a Play School Franchise in India is one the best business idea. This is business that can be started with a very low investment.

Are franchises a good investment?

A franchise can be a good choice if you want to own a business, but don't have an idea to build from scratch.

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