Which are the Top social platforms for Video Advertising Campaigns

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Apr 16, 2021 5 min read
Which are the Top social platforms for Video Advertising Campaigns

Video Ads have been gaining popularity in the recent years. With the increase of social media users and digital platforms. It is found that video ads are booming and it has much more engagement than traditional commercials. Letโ€™s look at some of the best digital platforms for running your video ads.

Google Ads


YouTube is considered to be the king of video content, which makes a lot of sense for you to advertise on this platform. The platform claims that there are around one billion unique users per month on the platform which uses through mobile.

The average YouTube viewing sessions lasts for around 40 minutes. You can target the users through the YouTube platforms using the same AdWords interface which is used for Google.

YouTube also contains a wide range of ad formats which include Mobile Roadblock, Brand Channel and InStream Video Ads.

Roadblocks will allow you to see how many people have viewed your ad on YouTube mobile on a single day. Brand Channels are considered to be the best option to increase the brand engagement for both Android and iOS users and InStream Video Ads run when users are streaming the video from a premium inventory partner on the Android version of YouTube.

You can also choose between skippable and non-skippable video ads. The videos on YouTube can run up to 45 minutes and you can always measure the performance of your videos using a built-in YouTube analytics tool.

YouTube has an average cost per view that ranges between 10-30 cents.


76% of the Facebookโ€™s revenue was accounted for through Mobile advertising during 2015 and it has been increasing since then. Facebook is a digital platform that has already run successful campaigns for top brands.

Through Facebookโ€™s ad, you can target people based on demographics, location, interests, behaviors and connections. In short, you can easily target your audience and create a personalized ad for them. The videos on Facebook can run up to 45 minutes.

Facebook also supports auto-play video ad formats, multi-image carousel ads and dynamic product ads. The payment scheme of Facebook is considered to be flexible suiting your daily budget. The payment scheme starts at USD 5 per day.

The evolution and future of short video platforms
There is no denying Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok, etc. are dominating todayโ€™ssocial platform. The future of social media will probably be bifurcation withperforming sites such as TikTok on one side to fulfill our insatiable need forsocial capital and interstitial media and message platforms liโ€ฆ


Instagram is one of the widely used Social media platform. This digital platform is filled with Millennials. Instagramโ€™s video ads make it seem like a native ad which makes it similar to a user-posted video ad. The only difference in the paid ad will be that it would have a sponsored tag on it.

The length of the video can be up to 30 seconds. You can even adjust and target your audience according to the age, country, gender and demographics. It is similar to the Facebook ad campaign.


Twitter has always considered itself to be a mobile-first platform. The ad revenue for twitter had a total of USD 1.15 billion. As of 2020, Twitter is expected to have around 353 million monthly users.

Even with Twitterโ€™s video ads you can target your audience based on demographics, geography, gender, age, language, keywords, interests and usernames. You also have an option to modify the settings to target the audience based on mobile plan carriers such as OS and users on Wi-Fi.

Twitter uses cost per view model which means the digital platform will charge you only when the user views your video.

How to Buy Advertising on Telegram
Telegram remains a free messenger, with more than 500 million users all acrossthe globe. It is also an alluring channel for advertisers. Some paid functionswere announced in December, and the advertising site is to be launched in 2021. Pavel Durov, the founder of Telegram [/tag/telegram/], stateโ€ฆ

Google Ads

Google is the most widely used search engine across the world. Google Ads can be shown both on desktop and mobile devices. You can even use Ads to target only smartphones or mobile users. Using Google Ads, you can publish ads within the apps, Google search results and browsers.

As I told Google is the most popular search engine on the planet. This will provide you an opportunity to run your ads in front of the largest audience on the planet.


Snapchat has an estimated 46 million monthly active users in which the vast majority of whom are millennials. Snapchat works on the disappearing model which means that the images and videos which are uploaded by the users will disappear after a point of time.

Snapchatโ€™s video ads will appear on the recent updates section of the userโ€™s friends list. The user will have to tap on the ad to play the full video just as viewing a Snapchat message. This unique method of Snapchat will help you know for how long the user has watched the video and when the user stopped watching it.

You can also run the ads on the discover section of Snapchat. In this section, ads will automatically run as the user swipes to the next piece of discovering content. But there is an option for the user to swipe away if they donโ€™t prefer watching the content.

How to Advertise on Quora in 5 Simple Steps
Advertising is a crucial part of marketing. Advertising is a purpose to informthe consumers about your product. There are many Advertising platforms, GoogleAd, LinkedIn and Facebook. Lately, Quora has also entered this market. Quora nowoffers cheap Ads at Cost per click basis. You can employ Quorโ€ฆ


Are video ads more effective?

When MediaMind analyzed over three billion ad impressions globally for six months they found that prospects are 27.4 times more likely to click-through online video ads than standard banners. Almost 12 times more than rich media ads.

How effective are video ads on Facebook?

The average engagement rate on Facebook video posts is 6.13%, which is a higher engagement rate than any other type of content on Facebook. And people looked at video five times longer than static content.

Which ads are most effective?

Facebook Ads (which includes its sister company Instagram Ads), Google Search Ads, Google Display Ads and LinkedIn Ads are the top most effective platforms for ad campaigns.


We will be able to see much more platforms coming up in the future which would support video ads. These are some of the top digital platforms where you can reach a large number of audience.

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