Top 9 Best Platforms for Video Ad Campaigns

Top 9 Best Platforms for Video Ad Campaigns

Video advertisements have become one of the most effective ways of marketing across the globe. With the increase in social media users and digital platforms. It is found that video ads are booming and it has much more engagement than traditional commercials.

Companies have started investing heavily in video advertisements due to the evident increase in the return on investments. Today all the platforms that support advertisements have adopted video advertisements.

Advertising on the right platform in the right manner will help popularise the respective campaigns that will inadvertently pave way for better revenues. This article will look at some of those platforms where companies can advertise their videos to popularise their campaigns. Let's start with the list.

  1. Youtube
  2. Facebook
  3. Instagram
  4. Twitter
  5. Google Ads
  6. Snapchat
  7. Microsoft Audience Network
  8. LinkedIn Ads
  9. Amazon

1. Youtube

Platform YouTube Ads
Active Users 122 Million Daily Active Users
Maximum Ad Time Limit 3 Minutes in General
An Example of the Ad by using YouTube

YouTube is considered to be the king of video content, which makes a lot of sense for you to advertise on this platform. The platform claims that it has around 2 billion monthly active users. There is also a myth about YouTube being the second largest search engine in the world which makes it more appropriate to be used for video advertisements that can help in brand campaigns.

The average YouTube viewing session lasts for around 40 minutes. You can target the users through the YouTube platforms using the same AdWords interface which is used for Google. With millions of hours of video content created the publishers can choose to advertise in various units depending on the target audience.

They have different kinds of ad statements that the publishers can choose from depending on the way in which they want to engage with the audience. Some of the ad options available on YouTube are TrueView Reach Ad, TrueView Discovery, TrueView Action Ad, six-second bumper ad, etc. You can also choose between skippable and non-skippable video ads as per the need of your campaign.

The time limit for the skippable ads can range between 12 seconds to 6 minutes with 5 seconds of view. Whereas non-skippable ads can range between 6 seconds to 3 minutes.

It also allows you to measure the performance of your videos using a built-in YouTube analytics tool. YouTube also contains a wide range of ad formats which include Mobile Roadblocks, Brand Channels, and InStream Video Ads.

Roadblocks will allow you to see how many people have viewed your ad on YouTube mobile in a single day. Brand Channels are considered to be the best option to increase brand engagement for both Android and iOS users and InStream Video Ads run when users are streaming the video from a premium inventory partner on the Android version of YouTube.

YouTube has an average cost per view that ranges between 10-30 cents.


Platform Facebook Video Ads
Active Users 1.8 Billion Daily Active Users
Maximum Ad Time Limit 240 Minutes
Lenovo’s Smarter Technology ad on Facebook
Lenovo’s Smarter Technology ad on Facebook

Through its promotion of different types of video advertisements, Facebook has also grown to be an excellent platform to promote brand videos.

Since they have over 2 billion people as customers present throughout the length and breadth of the globe, advertising on Facebook becomes an excellent way to reach the respective target audience.

76% of Facebook’s revenue was accounted for Mobile advertising during 2015 and it has been increasing since then. Facebook is a digital platform that has already run successful campaigns for top brands.

Through Facebook’s ads, you can target people based on demographics, location, interests, behaviors, and connections. In short, you can easily target your audience and create a personalized ad for them according to the campaign's needs. The video ads on Facebook can run up to 240 minutes.

They have different kinds of video advertisement facilities like In-Feed Video ads which allow users to see the advertisements as and while they scroll through the news feed. Similarly, they have In-Stream Video ads that will play its self during another video content.

Facebook also supports auto-play video ad formats, multi-image carousel ads, and dynamic product ads. The payment scheme of Facebook is considered to be flexible suiting your daily budget. The payment scheme starts at USD 5 per day.

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3. Instagram

Platform Instagram Video Ads
Active Users 500+ Million Daily Active Users
Maximum Ad Time Limit 60 Minutes
Uber ran its ad on Instagram
Uber ran its ad on Instagram

Instagram is one of the widely used Social media platforms. This digital platform is filled with Millennials. Instagram offers several video advertisement options for its users that are very similar to Facebook. They have In-Stream video ads and Story Ads.

Instagram’s video ads make it seem like a native ad which makes it similar to a user-posted video ad. The only difference in the paid ad will be that it would have a sponsored tag on it.

The length of the video can be up to 60 Minutes. You can even adjust and target your audience according to age, country, gender, and demographics. It is similar to the Facebook ad campaign.

4. Twitter

Platform Twitter Video Ads
Active Users 237.8 Million Daily Active Users
Maximum Ad Time Limit 3 Minutes 20 Seconds
Twitter Video Ad Example
Twitter Video Ad Example

Twitter has always considered itself to be a mobile-first platform. The ad revenue for Twitter had a total of USD 1.15 billion. As of 2020, Twitter is expected to have around 353 million monthly users.

With an option to choose the users to whom content including video advertisements is shown, Twitter becomes an excellent option to popularise campaigns. Additionally, these video ads have longer permanence when compared to the posts that are organically posted.

Even with Twitter’s video ads, you can target your audience based on demographics, geography, gender, age, language, keywords, interests, and usernames. You also have the option to modify the settings to target the audience based on mobile plan carriers such as OS and users on Wi-Fi. The ads on Twitter have a time limit of 3 Minutes and 20 Seconds.

They also have a plethora of campaign goal options that can be chosen appropriately. Some of the options available are known as Promoted Video Views which will suit excellently to popularise brand awareness and In-Stream video views that can help increase the view count of a particular ad by borrowing equity from bigger and well-known brands.

Another important statistic that makes Twitter a platform that engages most audiences through advertisements is that tweets that include videos have six times more chances to be retweeted when compared to tweets containing text and images. Twitter uses a cost-per-view model which means the digital platform will charge you only when the user views your video.

5. Google Ads

Platform Google Ads
Active Users 2.65 Billion Daily Active Users
Maximum Ad Time Limit 30 Minutes

Google is the go-to search engine where all searches go, it qualifies as one of the best platforms to publish video advertisements to promote campaigns. They have Google Ads Experts who will help the clients with all that is required for their campaign. The time limit for Google Ads is around 30 minutes.

Google also goes the extra mile to help brands identify the right customer base and pitch in the ads right in front of them. This practice has proven to have increased the leads by over ten times and conversion rates twice. You can even use Ads to target only smartphones or mobile users. Using Google Ads, you can publish ads within the apps, Google search results, and browsers.

6. Snapchat

Platform Snapchat Video Ads
Active Users 293 Million Daily Active Users
Maximum Ad Time Limit 3 Minutes

Snapchat has 238 million active users daily in which the vast majority of whom are millennials. Snapchat works on the disappearing model which means that the images and videos which are uploaded by the users will disappear after a point in time.

An Example of Video Ad on the Platform Snapchat

Snapchat’s video ads will appear on the recent updates section of the user’s friends list. The user will have to tap on the ad to play the full video just as viewing a Snapchat message. This unique method of Snapchat will help you know for how long the user has watched the video and when the user stopped watching it. And will also let you decide what type of advertisements are better for brand campaigns.

You can also run the ads on the discover section of Snapchat. In this section, ads will automatically run as the user swipes to the next piece of discovering content. But there is an option for the user to swipe away if they don’t prefer watching the content. Snapchat can show the ads for 3 minutes at max.

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7. Microsoft Audience Network

Platform Microsoft Audience Network Video Ad
Active Users NA
Maximum Ad Time Limit 3 Minutes

In the frenzy of advertisers looking out for opportunities to stand out for their content through innovative ways, the Microsoft Audience Network has emerged to be a fond option among them wherein they can circulate video advertisements. These ads will be reaching potential customers who are actively using MSN and Microsoft's news.

Since Microsoft is the one and only platform that has access to the search intent data of Microsoft Bing and profiles data on video assets of LinkedIn, the video ads circulated through Microsoft's audience network will have deeper connections and hence will be able to perform better across their audience base.

They have several kinds of campaigns hosted from which the publisher can choose the right one for their ads through appropriate bids. The ads shown on Microsoft Audience Network have to be in the time range of 6-120 seconds.

8. LinkedIn Ads

Platform LinkedIn Video Ad
Active Users 121 Million Active Users Daily
Maximum Ad Time Limit 30 Minutes
An Example of a Slack Video Advertisement by the platform LinkedIn
An Example of a Slack Video Advertisement on the platform LinkedIn

Despite being an excellent platform used by a large number of people, the potential of LinkedIn as a video advertising platform is not yet well explored. As per the study conducted by Kinsta, there are 121 million users in total who visits the LinkedIn site daily.

So we can assume that without any doubt LinkedIn ads are an excellent way to make sure that the campaigns are reached a more professional audience. As the people using LinkedIn are majorly professional people looking out to find something. It can be an employer looking for employees or vice versa.

The audience that it provides is surely one to not miss while promoting a brand campaign. The best-targeted audience for LinkedIn is the professionals that might be eager to learn something new in their course of the field.

Since LinkedIn video ads are not very popular, the concerned brands are able to make use of this opportunity to the maximum. And the time limit for running a video advertisement is around 30 minutes.

9. Amazon

Platform Amazon Video Ad
Active Users 300 Million Active Users Daily
Maximum Ad Time Limit 3 Minutes

Through its premium TV streaming content and OTT platforms, Amazon is an excellent pedestal to spread a campaign through video advertisements. Through Amazon, brands can circulate their video ads through Freevee, Twitch, Prime Video, or even on Fire TV.

In the US alone, Amazon has more than 135 million viewers which will help the brand specifically target its chosen group of customers. They also have a proven 90% increase in purchase rates after advertisements are streamed into their media.

They have various products from which the publisher can choose as a channel to publish their advertisements. Also, the audience available on Amazon is quite different from other platforms.

The maximum limit of Amazon ads is around 3 minutes. But the thing to note is that Amazon has different time limits for video advertisements based on the product through which the ad is streamed.

The above graph shows the most important platform types for video advertising according to the marketers with their responses noted and calculated based on their votes to the platforms in an important and very important votes. Source: Statista
The above graph shows the most important platform types for video advertising according to the marketers with their responses noted and calculated based on their votes to the platforms in important and very important votes. Source: Statista


As digitalization is at its zenith, it looks like video advertisements are going to be in trend for quite some time. The compelling ways in which video ads hook customers will never go out of trend. There are various platforms that can be used to publish video advertisements.

Knowing the reach of these ads, all the major platforms and search engines have come up with products that will suit the different requirements of the brands. Along with the platform chosen, it is also important to have quality content in the video ads so as to ensure better leads and conversion rates.


Which platform is best for advertising in 2022?

Some of the best advertising platforms in 2022 are Google Ads, YouTube, Facebook Ad Manager, AdRoll, etc.

Which social media has the most effective advertising?

The most reliable social media platform for effective advertising is undoubtedly Facebook.

What kind of videos attracts viewers?

The type of video content that attracts viewers can roughly fall under the category of product videos, interviews, testimonial videos, tutorials, explanatory videos, vlogs, etc.

The most popular platform for video ads is YouTube.

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