Effective Strategies to Improve Your Google Ads Campaign

Effective Strategies to Improve Your Google Ads Campaign

As the eCommerce market is having a blast in the year 2020, many new online businesses are created. On the one hand, the eCommerce market has been successfully growing for years now and hasn’t stopped. But on the other hand, the global pandemic had a lot of influence on the even faster growth of this market.

Starting an online business might seem very promising, and there are a lot of stories about how people become financially independent and successfully grow their businesses. But another factor that needs to be taken into consideration is that the competition is bigger than it ever was - so each online business, old or new, needs to work on their Google Ads strategy.

It does not matter if you have been running an online business for 5 years now or only started in half a year when the global pandemic started, there is always a way to improve your Google Ads campaign. And if you want to outshine your growing competition - that is exactly what you have to do. So today, we want to share some effective strategies about how to do that.

Strategy #1: Analyze Your Current Situation

It’s great that you have decided to learn more about how you can improve your Google Ads campaign - and we believe that you want to apply the improvements as soon as possible. But before you take these important steps, it is only smart to analyze the situation you are currently in. This way, you will know exactly which parts of your advertising campaign need improving.

To make this task easier and more effective for you, we recommend using a Google Ads analyzer that will help you get a better understanding of where you currently stand with your Google Ads. An analyzer like this will help you save your advertising budget money and make sure your Google Ads campaigns are always up to date and on point.

Even better, you will learn how to improve your advertising campaigns based on such important metrics as keyword performance, quality score, and even the bidding strategy - which in the long-term will also help you save money and make your ads more profitable. So not only will your Google Ads campaign become more effective, but if you do this regularly, you are looking to raise your return on investment stats as well.

Strategy #2: Take Advantage of Exact Match Changes

If you do not keep track of what kind of changes Google is making for Google Ads keywords, it is very likely that you have also missed out on keyword match types - just like so many other online businesses did. But what is a better way to outshine your competition than applying these new possibilities before them, right?

The way it used to be before Google made changes is that it used to let you target a keyword and its’ misspelling. But now, this option has become smarter. Now you can also target reordered words, synonyms, and change of part of the functional keywords. Therefore, if a business is using the exact match for Google Ads, their chosen keywords are shown to more people in more searches as a result.

But you should never go with exact match keywords blindly - always check the search terms for searches that do not match with what you are trying to advertise because this will only cost you additional money, especially if you have chosen the pay-per-click method. To avoid this issue, you can always review the search term and add negative keywords to your ad campaign.

Strategy #3: Take Your Quality Score Seriously

If you only started your business when the global pandemic started, you probably did it because you either lost your job, had to transfer your physical store to an online one, or started selling products or services that have a high demand during the pandemic. And if your case is relevant products, then you are very aware that the Covid-19 pandemic proved to be lucrative for some businesses, yours as well.

But no matter how big of an advantage such a situation has given to you, you need to always remember that there are plenty of businesses just like yours in the market. Therefore, when you create ads, you need to be really serious about your Quality Score - the less it will be, the less traffic and conversion you will have. And it is highly dependent on two factors: relevance and quality of the content that you provide on the landing page of your ad.

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