How to Use LinkedIn for Marketing your Business

How to Use LinkedIn for Marketing your Business

LinkedIn is widely used by people across the globe to seek job employment and is, therefore, home to several recruiters. LinkedIn can be used to make connections for generating leads, establishing partnerships, and creating better brand awareness. Using LinkedIn for marketing is an extremely impactful marketing tool with a great presence among more than 450 million professionals. Here are few tips on how to use LinkedIn as a marketing tool.

Why is LinkedIn Marketing Important for the Startups?
How to Get Followers on LinkedIn?
Benefits of Using LinkedIn for Marketing
Should you take help from LinkedIn Marketing Agencies?

Why is LinkedIn Marketing Important for the Startups?

LinkedIn serves as a hub for people to connect with employees, colleagues, clients, potential customers, strategic partners, and other professionals. LinkedIn is especially used for B2B networking and gaining website traffic. You have the option to follow industry leaders and gain all the information that they impart. Garner ideas, discuss implementation techniques on how to use LinkedIn for business marketing and strategize by getting suggestions from reputed professionals and business idols.

Executives from all Fortune 500 companies are present on LinkedIn. The corporate talent solutions offered by LinkedIn are currently being utilized by a total of 94 out of the top 100 Fortune companies. Unique publishers, over 1.5 million are using LinkedIn as a preferred social media platform to send content.

After reading these statistics I think you have got an idea, how big the opportunity is to market your startup or product on LinkedIn. Even if you want to build a personal brand LinkedIn is the best platform to start. However, you can organically market your business on LinkedIn only if you have a good amount of followers and their engagement on your posts. So, you need to learn how to get more followers on LinkedIn.

How to Get Followers on LinkedIn?


Now let's talk about how you can build your audience on LinkedIn. Below we have listed all the information you need to get started on how to use LinkedIn for marketing your business.

Create an Engaging Profile

The first step to get started is to create a profile of your own that can tell anyone who you are? what you are doing? and what you want to do? That way people will get a clear picture of your personality and it will help them to connect with you on both emotional and professional levels. Here's how to increase LinkedIn followers organically.

Add LinkedIn ‘follow’ Button to your Company’s Website

Adding the follow button on your website will allow you to easily convert visitors who come to your site. While we are still on this, also add the LinkedIn share button to your webpages to encourage your visitors to share your content within their network, which will, in turn, bring more traffic back to your website, and also increase your followers. In addition to that, add a link to your company page in your email signature.

Create a Company Page

After creating your own, profile your next step is to create your company's page on LinkedIn. The company page will represent your brand. Use the full name of the company as your LinkedIn page name. Upload an attractive cover image and logo, people should identify you just by seeing the brand logo.

Just like your profile you also have to create good content for your LinkedIn company page. Update the page with quality content at least 20 times a month. Also, add images to your post as it helps to engage more people. You can also drive traffic to the company page from your website by adding the "Follow on LinkedIn" button on your website.

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Cross-Promote your LinkedIn company page

You can cross-promote your LinkedIn company page on other social media profiles. There are many people who are not active on LinkedIn, maybe they are your customer, so to engage more audience you have to promote your LinkedIn page on other social media platform.

Participate in and start LinkedIn Groups

More than one million groups have been established on LinkedIn, which can be used to highlight your company’s page and attract more followers. By joining and contributing to groups, you can attract followers. You can also create your own group where you can put up offers and get users to engage with your content and follow your company page.

Keep posting Valuable Content

To increase your followers you have to be consistent when it comes to updating your feed. To get more engagement on posts, create good content in your niche and post regularly on your LinkedIn profile. For even more engagement, create content on a trending topic, observe your audience's behaviour after posting any content. Create content that is valuable and relevant for your connections or audience.

Creating good and engaging content is the best LinkedIn marketing strategy that will help you in the long run. However, with good content, you also need to be consistent with your content. Upload regularly and keep a constant flow of content to keep users engaged. Maintain a frequency at which you regularly post your content.

Optimize your Content for Maximum Traffic

Optimize your content for search engines and also analyze your user's behaviour. Use LinkedIn analytics and optimize your content to get maximum traffic. Post useful and quality content for your users. Infographics have a 300% more chance of being shared than other content. You can also post YouTube videos in your post as nowadays people prefer to consume video content more than text.

Moreover, you can ask your employees to engage with your company page content and try to post your updates during the busiest hours that are in the morning and midday from Monday to Friday and specifically Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday. Also, instead of sharing articles written by others, use LinkedIn's publishing platform which allows you to post long-form content.

This will help create a unique brand and distinguish yourself. It will also increase your visibility, exposure and engagement. After following all these things chances are your post will get maximum reach.

Use your networks exhaustively

Encourage your employees to add your page as their workplace, and consistently share the posts and update from the company page to increase engagement and help your company page grow. Once they include your company name in their profile, they will automatically become followers of the page.

Engage with your current followers, like and comment on their posts, hoping they return the favour, and ask your network to share your content with their connections. Sync all your contacts, personal and business from your phone onto LinkedIn. Also, encourage clients and possible customers to follow your page by highlighting how you can get updates through it.

Emphasize your LinkedIn profile when following up on potential business prospects, customers as well as personal contacts. When you send connection requests, make sure to go to the person/company’s profile and send personalized requests with a message which may be very useful in establishing connections and help increase followers. Also, add your page address to your business cards and other stationery.

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Benefits of Using LinkedIn for Marketing

In the Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide to LinkedIn, Jason Miller from LinkedIn Marketing Solutions said that research released by the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) at the start of 2017 shows more content marketers finding success on LinkedIn than on any other social platform. That’s because LinkedIn is the natural environment for a Sophisticated Marketer. As the world’s largest professional content platform it embodies the potential of social and content combined — but it can do a lot more besides. Here are some of the benefits which you can get from LinkedIn Marketing:

Your Target Audience is already there

LinkedIn has over 590+ million users, with more than 260 million monthly active users. LinkedIn also has an algorithm like Facebook, which decides what will show up on your connections feed. Most of the users on LinkedIn are there to build a reputation and relation with other businesses. Hence, it is the perfect platform for B2B marketing and because your target audience is already there, they are ready to see what you will offer. Besides, LinkedIn is focused on professional opportunities so your audience will not get distracted or lost.

Build a Reputation for your Business

As your target audience is already there you have the opportunity to build reputation and trust for your brand. Post quality content regularly and try to interact with business professionals as much as possible. This way you will be able to learn from experts and also it will help you to increase your network. Time has changed now the more you communicate the more you earn.

Build Business relationships with Experts

If you are a startup or planning to start a startup then LinkedIn is the perfect platform where you can gather knowledge about business. Success comes from experiences but if you start anything without enough knowledge then chances are you will end up with failure. So, on LinkedIn, you can take advantage of learning from experienced people. Try to interact with people from whom you want to learn, add them to your connection, and send a welcome message explaining why you want to connect with them.

Generate Leads for your Business

LinkedIn considered the most effective media for B2B lead generation. 80% of social media B2B leads come from LinkedIn. It is really easy to generate leads on LinkedIn both via organically and LinkedIn ads. Optimize your content for search engines and join LinkedIn groups and you are well on your way to generate organic leads for your business.

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Should you take help from LinkedIn Marketing Agencies?

You will come up with some LinkedIn marketing agencies online which will promise to get more followers through their strategies. There is no harm in paying for these services as most of the time, these agencies do help you. However, you can easily save a lot of money on it by hiring a Freelance LinkedIn Consultant, a Freelance post writer, and visual content creator. With the help of a consultant, you can get some ideas and strategies for content planning.

To find a LinkedIn consultant, you can contact any person who regularly gets a good engagement on their post and ask them to provide you consultancy service. If you think you don't need a consultant as you are already familiar with the platform, you can just find good writers on LinkedIn only and ask them to write engaging posts for you. You can then post them consistently and see your brand grow.

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If you are into the B2B business model, then LinkedIn is the perfect platform for you. You don't have to constantly tell about your brand and your achievements repeatedly. You can build an engaging profile and put all the information in one place, it will not only save your time but also will help you to develop your products quicker as per the market need. LinkedIn has all the tools needed to build a relation between businesses and professionals. It has allowed brands to bring quality service to their customers by communicating with them directly.


How is LinkedIn used for marketing?

LinkedIn is a powerful tool and it can immensely help founders, sales executives, marketers, and even developers. You can build connections and grow your business efficiently with LinkedIn.

How to promote your business on LinkedIn for free?

  • Optimize your personal profile.
  • Create a company page.
  • Create LinkedIn posts.
  • Get active in LinkedIn groups.
  • Post engaging updates.

Why is LinkedIn good for marketing?

If used correctly, LinkedIn can help brands generate leads and promote their business via both social updates and business-to-business interactions. Having a strong LinkedIn marketing plan is an essential part of modern business strategies as it has been proven to be the most popular platform amongst business owners.

Is LinkedIn good for B2B marketing?

LinkedIn is by far most the important social network to reach out to business buyers and connect with professionals in general and thus one of the major platforms in B2B social media (and increasingly in content marketing).

Is LinkedIn good for small business?

As a social media platform for business professionals, LinkedIn is most effectively used by small business owners who create both a LinkedIn personal profile and a company page. It provides additional opportunities for your business to be found in the search results for the services you offer.

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