Backlinks | key to get organic traffic on your website

Creating strong Backlinks is one of the most crucial ways to rank

Okay, so you wrote and published a very good, long and researched article. You waited for a week to get shares and appreciation from your users. But to surprise, you didn’t receive the response that you are looking for and you are wondering why?This is the time and place when backlinks come in role.

Well, there is only one major reason behind is that your link building is poor and not up to the mark. The link building is very important to get your website higher ranks on any search engine. Also if you are wondering any kind of backlink to your website s good, then my friend you need to change your thinking. As Google, one of the major search engine with more than 80% of web traffic, don’t value poorly backlinked website.

While the right inbound website link can grow your Google rankings, revenue and brand, the wrong ones can get your site penalized. And you never know what Google will do next. Google won’t tolerate the poorly linked websites and never hesitate to take strong actions against you. According to a study, about 37% of business owners spend between $10,000 and $50,000 per month on external link building. If you’re making that kind of investment, you need to have accurate information on how to build links that Google will trust. So, today in this post we are going to dwell deep to find the perfect backlinks for your website and right approach which you need to follow to achieve that link.

Understand how the Google works

Google is the big daddy here when we are talking about the SEO optimization and high ranked links. So if you want to publish nice content online without getting penalized from the Google, then you need to understand the Google functioning. By understanding the Google behavior prior you can save lots of your and Google time. Well, Google asks you get the answer to these two questions before building the backlinks for your website. [symple_ul style=“simplelist”]
[symple_li]Is my content well-organized?[/symple_li]
[symple_li]Do I provide useful information to the sites that will link to mine?[/symple_li]

The Google only give high ranking to those websites which are very well organized and viewers can easily operate them. The website should be designed in such a manner that first time user can easily operate it and content of the website must be clear.

The sites which linkback to your site must have relevance to your website. The websites which aren’t relevant to your website content won’t be approved by Google. For example, if you have a beauty tips blog and you are seeking links from the dog product website than that will be highly inappropriate. So, get backlinks from the sites which are related to your site like in above example you can take links from beauty product selling website and some other related websites. You can use different tools to generate relevant links such as Alexa or any other tool.

Factors on which Link Building depends

The link building for some people is the very daunting task and they pay very less attention to it. While selecting the back links for your website pay attention to following aspects of the site:

Domain Authority: It’s important to know the domain authority of the sites that you consider for link acquisition. A great tool for this is the Moz Bar, which shows the authority status of any domain or keyword in the search results.

Domain Relevancy: I have already mentioned above that relevancy is the key factor to get the high Google ranking and it is important to consider while linking the website.

Trust flow: The trust flow is the ranking which shows the peoples trust on the website. So, pay close attention to it while backlinking your website. The trust flow is ranked between 0 to 100 and higher the number it is better for you. Like, bing has 86 trust flow, which is very good.

Citation flow: This metric from Majestic is designed to predict how influential a website link in a site might be.

Relevant Keywords

Tagging your content with this relevant keywords is very essential to get the more backlinks on your website. How relevant are your keywords to the prospects’ needs? If you want to make your site more powerful through external link building, you can’t afford to ignore keyword research. Keyword research helps you to dig into the minds of your target audience.

To better understand the importance of keywords let’s take an example if you want to search for the best hotels in the New York City. So let’s look how according to the Google Adwords planner you will search it.

#1: Log into your account and click “search for new keyword and ad group ideas.“

#2: Type in “hotels in New York.” Now, scroll down and click “Get ideas.“

#3: Next, click on “keywords ideas” for a list of search queries that you can target. The suggestions for this will be like:

  • Hotel in New York.
  • Best hotels in New York.
  • NewYork Hotels

The link building is not a cup of tea for everyone and can’t be summarized in short article. However, we have tried to compress it in three main elements which can’t be avoided during backlinking. I hope this article will help you in getting some high ranked backlinks for your website.