Best Ways to Repurpose Your Content

Best Ways to Repurpose Your Content

Running out of ideas for the website? It's a common problem every content writer faces once a while but that doesn't mean that the website will not come with new articles because no matter what happens there should be a continuous spread of articles to keep the consumers on board. So, what's the solution?

The solution is to repurpose the available content. Repurposing content is finding new ways to recycle your existing content. Repurposing content has a number of benefits such as it can save you time in the content creation process. So, the question is how to repurpose the content? Here are the best tips for Repurposing Content.

What is Content Repurpose
Creative Ways To Repurpose Your Old Content

What is Content Repurposing?

Content repurposing is a technique to reuse or recycle your old content to create a new post or content. Of course, you cannot go, copy your old content, paste it in CMS and post it. You have to do it in a way that people don’t notice it and enjoy at the same time. Although people want to know something new always, so you have to do it in a way that the old content looks new. Content repurposing is not only for blogging, but it is also for other businesses and even YouTubing.

Best and Creative Ways to Repurpose Your Old Content

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Ways to Repurpose Your Content

Find The Topic

You can open your old post and look for something which can be explained in more detail. As you will already have some knowledge about that topic, you can easily write content on it.

Let's take an example to make it more clear

You uploaded an article named as "Best Ways To Promote A Business" and among the points, one point is "Social Media Marketing ", so for the next post, you can write "Social Media Marketing" as a topic for a separate article.


If it has been a while since you created some blog posts, you can recreate your old content with new updates. You can tell about the new technology and how we can use that to make our life more productive.

For example, tech bloggers keep posting new posts on “best phone” or “WhatsApp tricks”, etc. This way the readers will be getting trendy items in mind and the content will be used once again but in a different approach.

Create Case Studies

It is one of the best ways to repurpose your content because people love case studies. You can use your old content and its data to create case studies. However, you will have to spend time and put your effort to research the case studies. Power of repurposing content helps you gain extra authority.

You can also write about other start-ups and their success stories. This will help you to build a relationship with other big brands and also gain traffic to your blog from different sources.

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Send Newsletters Via Email

Email Marketing is now in the boom, so you have the opportunity to use this platform and grow faster. There are so many tools available such as MailChimp by which you can send your every new post to your email subscribers. You can also automate the process using the tools and send your old best posts to your subscribers.

There are many creative ways of doing this like you can send weekly posts to your subscribers telling them that this post has the highest views and comments. This will help to build trust and also reuse your old content.


An infographic is a collection of images, charts, text and animated graphics that gives an easy-to-understand overview of a topic.

With the information available in your old articles, you can create some infographics. People like infographics because it saves a lot of time and it is also interesting to read them.

Using Your Old Content from Other Platforms

If you are a creator of a while now, you can dig into your old post on other platforms. You can search for your Quora, Facebook, Twitter, etc. to find something which can be used in your next article or video. Repurposing blogs for different mediums means appealing to more audiences and extending your reach.

For example, you can find an old question that you have answered on Quora and update that content with some new topics or you can create a new post for that specific question.

Turn Posts Into Videos

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Turn Posts Into Videos

It is the age of videos. You can use the data of your old posts to create videos and upload them on YouTube. And of course, vice versa, you can convert your old video into a blog post.

Research has shown that nowadays people prefer video content more than text content. So you have to change with the time if you want to go long on this race. There are so many free platforms available where you can post your video content.

Create an Ebook

With some of the best posts of your blog, you can create an eBook. After creating an ebook, you can provide its link in some relevant posts or on the home page of your website.

For e.g:- You wrote an article named "How To Use SEO To Increase Traffic", so based on the article and other related articles you can create an ebook which shows all about SEO and it's usage, advantages etc.

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Podcast Series

The content which is already featured on the website can be converted into a podcast because people while working loves to listen and podcasts are a great way to make the content more interesting.

Also, feature some popular names who expertise in the following fields as guest speakers to engage the audience and keep them interested. The links of the podcasts can be provided to the posts and this can be an alternate way to the readers to read about the content.


The content which is written in a lengthy paragraph can be broken down and use as a slideshow with important information and pictures. This will give a completely different look to the content.

There are many platforms available like Slideshare where you can upload your slideshows and also the link of the original post.


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Turn valuable content into series webinars

People love online webinars as they can watch it, by staying at home. So, the content which provides information about a certain topic, it can be converted into a series of webinars. For making it more interesting, some eminent guest speakers can also be invited and they host some bonus episodes. This can generate huge traffic to the website and also to your YouTube channel.

Republish the Content in Other Media

Social networking has no limit, to express and share the articles, hence the other various ways to increase the traffic for the articles and use the existing articles, is to republish in various media. It will be beneficial to increase the traffic by reaching more audience as well as the content will be reused also.

You can post your content on the platforms like Reddit, Academia etc. It will help you to gain quality backlinks as these sites have a huge authority.

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Creators’ jobs can never be replaced by any robot. It needs mindful people to create any type of content. But, creators are not robots either. You cannot think of new things every second. You need some inspiration. While you are gaining your powers back, you can repurpose your content.

However, it is not good for the SEO to repurpose the old content but if you do it right, it can rank again. You have to provide some value in the article you are posting. Google ranks those sites which they think is useful for the user. You have to respect it and give it something new and useful. We hope you have got a basic idea of how to repurpose content. If not, feel free to comment and ask questions.

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