How to Divide Work Equally in a Team

Everyone has worked as a part of a team at some point in their lives. Many have also headed a team. The concept of working as a team is to get a complex task done in a lesser time but if the team management is not done properly, even a team of the most intelligent people cannot achieve anything. So it’s important to Divide Work Equally

Here are a few ways in which work can be divided equally and efficiently in a team-

Make an action plan

A plan is the first and the most important step in any project’s success. Make a definite plan, divide it into different parts and write down what has to be done in order to achieve them. There might be people with different skill sets, hence, utilize the particular skills complete the assigned tasks. By doing this, one can ensure that work progresses in the right direction.

Interview all members

After a detailed plan has been made, interview every member. Try asking them questions about their strengths and weaknesses and what can they bring to the project. This will help to know the team members better and will also help in determining what skills each and every member possesses. Bring all the members in one room and have an introductory meeting. This task will help all the team members know each other and will also help them open up to the people around them.

Assigned roles

Since every member’s capability is now known assign them relative tasks. Some tasks might need two people to complete; some might require three so give the roles accordingly. However, the team should not feel pressurized by the workload, after all the teamwork is about easing the pressure of the given task. If there is a task that does not fit into anybody’s skill category add someone to do that work or find ways to share it among the team.

Set small goals

A big goal can be achieved by setting many small goals so try and make the task fun by setting up small achievement milestones. Make sure the team members complete the given goal in a definite period of time. This will make the task look easier and increase the productivity of work. If a person finishes his given task before time, he should be rewarded in some form.


A healthy environment is very important for any team to work efficiently. So it is important that the communication gaps are filled. Everyone should be at ease with one another. Take everyone’s opinions and at the end of every task, have a meeting of all the team members discussing their experiences and asking for their opinions on any changes they want to make to make the plan any better.

If someone does something wrong, the first reaction should not be criticism.  Try to stay calm and help them correct that mistake. Being patient is very important. Everyone makes mistake but as the team leader one needs to overcome that by being patient and polite. Check whether each and every person has equal workload or someone is being given all the difficult tasks. Understand that they already have a lot on their plate and overburdening them will hinder their performances.

A good team will go a long way in ensuring the success of the business or company, hence, keep these points in mind to have a good team work experience.

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