100 Proven ways of Lead Generation for your business | Lead Generation Process

Getting a business deal is a big achievement but it should not be your last. Generating leads and achieving consumer interest is not an easy task. There is no single method which will help you to generate leads. You have to use a combination of many of them. Here are the 100 proven ways to generate leads for your business.

Before proceeding, if you think you know some other ways to generate leads for a business, please let us know in the comment. We are always eager to learn new things.

These are top picks from all the 100 ways:

Top 10 Ways of Generating Leads
  1. CTA in the email signature
    An email signature is just a bunch of texts, but an opportunity to generate leads. Using of Call-To-Action strategy in an email signature can help to generate lead for your business. It is always a good strategy for B2B lead generation.
  2. Hello Bar on website
    Hello Bar is a service for websites which lets you design messages for their visitors. This will be the first thing which will attract visitors. The fact is that random things cannot be written and post on it. It is important to take care of many things while crating a Hello Bar. It is a great way of lead generation for your business .
  3. Webinars hosted on other platforms
    Collaborating and posting webinars on other’s websites can have a fabulous effect on the business. Sponsering and hosting of webinars on own website can generate the required amount of buzz for the Company. It is, in fact, one of the modern step of lead generation process.
  4. Pay with a tweet or Pay with a post
    Pay with a Tweet is a company which provides is an amazing tool to generate more attention to the business. People refer to their friends, family, and colleagues and they get benefits which can be in terms of discount coupons, free samples, etc. Everything is handled by the company and you decide what is the benefits which are needed to be given to the customers.
  5. Sign up form above the fold
    Using above the fold strategy for the website’s sign up form, is much better as people will remember to sign up to the website. It will lead to more sign-ups and eventually, more sales.
  6. Share plugins on thank you page
    It's a need to have it. This might be the last thing the visitor sees, but this the stage, when either the visitor have faith in the business or he starts hating it. But, if they are happy with the service they are more likely to share your website if they see a share button at the end.
  7. Downloadable blog posts as PDFs
    Giving your visitor a free PDF of your post will grab their attention offline. Whenever they will read your downloaded content, they will be reminded of your website. This way, you are in their head even they are offline.
  8. Free Ebooks
    Giving free ebooks will add some value to the life of your visitors and they will come to your website again.
  9. Free online courses
    You can give a free online course to your visitors. This will not only add value to their life, but they will talk about your website with their friends and family.
  10. Online courses as drip campaigns
    You can create online courses with drip marketing which will eventually increase your sales.
  11. Periodic newsletters
    Letting people subscribe to your periodic newsletter will increase your email collection and will also advertise your website.
  12. Side-projects and calculators
    You can add a “visitor” calculator, “like” calculator or “follower” calculator to show how grown up your website is.
  13. Surveys and tools
    You can use websites like Typeform or SurveyMonkey to include surveys and other related tools to your website.
  14. High-value content
    Create quality content and share them on your social media handles. The quality depends on the research you did for that content and how much time it can save for others if they directly see your content instead of searching it online.
  15. Public slack communities
    Join some great Slack communities and learn from those people. In the process, talk about your business and promote it there.
  16. Quora Q&As
    Quora is an amazing platform to build and grow your online business. You can answer questions on Quora which are related to your niche and also talk about the advantages people can get through your service.
  17. Reddit threads
    Reddit is also an amazing platform to market your website. Start a thread on Reddit and engage with people there.
  18. LinkedIn conversations
    Create a good LinkedIn connection list. Connect with the people who you think can be your potential customers. Use LinkedIn messages to generate leads for your B2B business by targeting the right person.
  19. Speaking at events
    Go to the prospects personally at some business events and talk about your company.
  20. Collaborations with co-working spaces
    Get registered for some good co-working places and try communicating and then collaborating with other people.
  21. Targeted job portals
    Use portals like Angellist to find likewise people who are easy to convince and become your investor or even customer.
  22. Pre-product polls
    Use polls to identify the need for the new product you want to launch in the market. It is better to provide what customers want instead of providing what you want them to buy.
  23. Pre-launch offers and discounts
    Advertise the offers and discount on the new product before launching it.
  24. Bundled product offers
    Offer the relevant products in a bundle and give a little discount on them.
  25. A/B testing everything
    A/B testing is to compare two of your web pages and analyzing which one performs better and for what reason. Then you can use the data to improvise the overall website. A/B testing is not only for websites but you can also use it in the real life by analysing what people are buying more and then focusing on the same.
  26. Crisp, digest-able, short video content
    Short videos are great for marketing as they don’t eat a lot of viewer’s time.
  27. Community-based Discount coupons
    Community-based coupons are great to target the same kind of people. There is a strong possibility that most of the people will like the product.
  28. Referral campaigns
    Referral campaigns are to generate leads as they let old users bring new ones and earn from the same.
  29. Live chatbots
    Live chatbots are the next things which will help to create leads. You can also choose to live chat with customers through your phone.
  30. Social media profile updates
    Updating profile grabs the people’s attention. For instance, you change the theme color of your social media profiles. However, many times, this strategy backstabs. So, consult with strategists before making any big change.
  31. SlideShares
    Presenting Slideshares can tell more than even advertisements, for some people. Hence, generate leads from potential customers or even investors by using the SlideShare. Slides can generate many leads if you are into B2B business.
  32. Medium blogs with CTAs
    Just like answering on Quora, you can create a blog on Medium and use Call-To-Action strategy while promoting your company to the potential buyers.
  33. Self-managed community-building
    Create a self-managed community which can fund itself. Then use that community to advertise your product. You can also fund them and generate some advertising leads.
  34. Testimonial-driven Product Promos
    Try to collect some testimonial proofs about your product from your existing customers, and then show it on your website. If you have a B2B business, ask your clients to also share about their company so that new clients can check their growth.
  35. Early stage feedback
    Add some feedback funnels to your website and ask for the feedback at an early stage.
  36. Longer/narrow tail targeted keywords
    Figure out what works for you, short tail keyword or longer ones. Short keywords generally have high competition. On the other hand, Long tail keywords are easier to be ranked on.
  37. Re-targeting
    Re-targeting your visitors can generate more leads as you will be in front of your visitors most of the time with this strategy.
  38. Using Lead Forensics Tool
    Lead Forensics is a B2B lead generation tool. The company many tools for various uses. You can use the Lead Forensic tools to analyze the visitors.
  39. LinkedIn Sales Navigator
    LinkedIn has many tools. One of its tools is LinkeIn Sales Navigator, which is a CRM tool. Use this LinkedIn’s CRM tool to build a relationship with your customers.
  40. Growbots
    Growbots is a company which provides a tool for B2B businesses. Growbots can be used to automate the sales process. It is based on AI technology. Hence, it's easy and efficient to use.
  41. Hunter
    Use Hunter’s extension to find new emails which will help you in email marketing. You just have to visit any company’s website and click on the Hunter’s entension.
  42. Infographics as guest posts
    Become a guest writer for another website and share your infographics with the people on their platform.
  43. Guest blogging
    Become a guest writer for blogs and share your experience and some valuable information.
  44. Social interviews
    Become socially active and attend interviews to tell people about your product.
  45. Facebook Live Q&As
    Go live on Facebook once in a while. It is a great way to interact with your customers.
  46. Twitter Chats
    Use Twitter’s chat feature to generate leads from your followers.
  47. Unbounce testing and optimization
    Unbounce is a company which produces landing pages for the websites. You can use Unbounce to create a landing page and test them to optimize the website.
  48. Google Form-based Questionnaires
    Create a Google form to ask questions from people and analyze their choice.
  49. Searching public tweets
    Search for public tweets with particular hashtags related to your company.
  50. Public lead on FB groups
    Post in Facebook groups and let people know about you. Make it a viral content so that everyone shares it. This will give you a boost in public leadership.
  51. Other People’s FB groups
    Ask other people to post your content in their Facebook groups.
  52. Other People’s Whatsapp groups
    Ask and encourage your customers, friends and family to send your post to their WhatsApp groups.
  53. Other People’s tweets
    Ask people to tweet about your product.
  54. Comment on the Blogs
    You can comment about your product or website and insert a link in blogs’ comment section. Make sure the blog is relevant to your product. People research a lot before investing in any tool or service for their company. So, they read as many blogs as they can. Hence, if you have a service based B2B company, commenting on those kind if blogs will attract your target audience and might convert into your customer.
  55. Other People’s FB ads
    Feature yourself in other people’s Facebook ads.
  56. Free demos and trials
    Let people access the demo or trial version of your product for free.
  57. Facebook Events
    Find relevant Facebook events to attend.
  58. Product Hunt launches
    Product Hunt is a platform where users can share and find new products. You can launch your product on Product Hunt and get yourself noticed by investors and other people.
  59. Free explainer videos
    Create and provide free explainer videos about your product to all the visitors.
  60. Guest podcasting
    Invite people to create the podcast with you. This way, you will have more people who will listen to your podcast.
  61. Competitor’s Twitter support handle
    Keep an eye on competitor’s twitter support handle. You can generate many leads from there.
  62. Competitor’s Twitter followers
    Try to get in touch with the followers of your competitors. You know they use your competitor’s product which means they are already your potential buyers. All you have to do is to make them try your product.
  63. Facebook messenger bots
    Use messenger bots to interact with customers.
  64. Web scraping directories
    Try to scrape out the data from internet directories. Scraping can take a long time. So, start doing it before starting your campaign.
  65. Replying to other people’s email campaigns
    Reply to emails received from other people’s email campaigns.
  66. Attending meetups
    Attend meetups held in your city or another city to meet and pitch your product to target audience and investors. Meetups are a great place for lead generation if you are into B2B business.
  67. Other People’s Twitter lists
    Use people's twitter list to find potential buyers.
  68. Micro-influencer marketing
    Micro-influencers are the people who have a decent fan following. Generally, the people with followers count between 1k to 50k are known as Micro-influencers. Approach micro-influencers to promote your products. If you hire good and relatable influencers, it will definitely be going to generate a lot of leads for you.
  69. Business features in magazines
    Get your business featured in magazines by attracting their attention towards your company. Contact the reporters if you received any achievement. You can also crack a deal with the magazine to get yourself featured.
  70. SumoMe based CRO
    Use SumoMe plugin for your website for conversion rate optimization (CRO).
  71. Heavy-content FAQs
    Provide a FAQ section in your website with your contact info. This clears most of the doubts of your visitors.
  72. Publish a chrome extension
    Create and publish your own chrome extension. Chrome extensions help to get into people’s devices and diversify your reach.
  73. Content re-purposing
    Repurpose your old content with new data and post it on several platforms. You can even give the old content a new form. For instance, if you have a research based old article published on your blog, then you can convert it into an infographic and post it on social media.
  74. Skype interviews with industry leaders
    Take an appointment and interview the leaders of your industry on Skype. Then you can post the interview video on social media platforms.  
  75. LinkedIn InMails OutreachI
    InMails is another LinkedIn’s product. It lets you send direct messages to people you are not connected with on LinkedIn.
  76. ‘Feel bad’ pop-ups
    Use “fee bad” strategy in pop-ups to get more subscribers.
  77. Bribing email subscribers
    Gift discount coupons to all the people who subscribed to your email list.
  78. The commitment checkbox
    Include a commitment checkbox on your website to make it easy to subscribe to your users.
  79. Removing landing page navigation
    Remove the landing page navigation to speed up the process and save the time of your visitors.
  80. Competitor comparison page
    Create a page comparing your product with that of your biggest competitor. This way people will be able to make a better choice.
  81. Branded physical gifts
    Give physical gifts to your customers and brand them with your company’s logo.
  82. How-to webinars
    Provide free webinars focusing on relevant “how-to”s and proving guides to the activities related to your product. Webinars has always been an important part of lead generation process.
  83. Incentivizing inactive users
    Give free add-ons to your inactive users to get their interest back into you.
  84. Custom GIF publishing and sharing
    Publish custom GIF images and share them with your customers. They capture too much attention and everybody love them.
  85. Subscription-based VIP memberships
    Provide VIP paid membership to your users. This will help you to focus more on your target audience.
  86. Hashtag monitoring for new conversations
    Monitor the hashtag related to your product, on all the social media platforms to get knowledge about the new conversations took place. You can also keep a tab on the trends and create content accordingly.
  87. Click-to-tweet quotes
    Provide “click-to-tweet” option so that people can directly share quotes from your article to their Twitter.
  88. IP Address based lead tracking
    Use the IP address based tools to track the websites traffic. Then use the data to focus on the particular customers.
  89. Exit-intent pop-ups on website
    Use Exit popup to remind the customer when they attempt to navigate away.
  90. Strong verb based headlines
    Create headlines which have strong density of verbs.
  91. LinkedIn Publisher
    Repurpose the content of your blogs on LinkedIn publisher.
  92. Email ID in Social Bios
    Include the email address in the bios of your social media handles.
  93. Co-branded content
    Ask other brands to feature you in their content and you do the same for them or pay them for it.
  94. Content shares by Influencers using Outreach
    Ask influencers to share your content on Outreach with all customers of their customer list.
  95. Shared Google Doc Templates
    Share your Google Doc templates with other people.
  96. Affiliate marketing
    Affiliate marketing is a great way to generate more leads. Influencers will share your product’s link with people.
  97. Free Excel Worksheets and templates
    Provide free Excel worksheets and its templates to your customers.
  98. Lead databases
    Create lead databases to track and analyse the customer’s buying behaviour.
  99. Free consultation sessions
    Provide free consultation sessions to your customers and solve their problems.
  100. Free audits​
    Provide free audits to your clients.

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