A Complete Guide to Hashtags Marketing

Hashtags are a kind of metadata tags used on Social media platforms, which let users to apply a user generated tag to the content. The main purpose of a hashtag is to make it easier for others to find the content on a particular topic on social networks.

The hashtag is the talk of the town. From the social media trends to reality TVs, hashtags are everywhere these days. People always use them on their Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Some people even use it on WhatsApp too, where it has zero value. But why hashtags are important? Let's see what they are, why are they important for your business and some strategies to use them.

So, here is a complete guide on the hashtag and how it can be used for marketing purposes.

What are hashtags?
Importance of Hashtags
Hashtags Strategies
Hashtag marketing tactics
Tips for hashtagging

What are hashtags?

Very popular on almost all the social media nowadays, hashtags are used to provide the keyword of interest and facilitate to search for it easily. You can directly search for any hashtag just by clicking on it on almost all the social media platforms. The pound sign (#) creates any keyword into a searchable link.
Technically, the hashtag is a type of metadata used on social media networks that convert any keyword into a searchable link making it easy for others to search other data or post having the same tag. It also makes it easy for others to find your post.

Importance of Hashtags

Using hashtags improve your social media presence as when you use a trending hashtag, people will see your post too. Moreover, it increases your online viewability as hashtag makes it easy for the bots to categorize you.


Hashtags promote your content for free. If you use a good hashtag, people will find you with no efforts. Instagram’s algorithm even shows new content to the users in their explorers’ feed. However, it is not necessary that they do it just based on hashtags only, but using a good and relevant hashtag might increase your chances.


As already mentioned, hashtags make it easier for the algorithm to categorize your post. So, when people search for a particular hashtag, they will see your content too.

Run Campaign

With hashtags, you can start some campaign related to your product. Not just promotional campaigns, they are helpful in starting nonprofit campaigns too. For instance, #DoUsAFlavor (Lays’) and #ShareACoke (Coca-Cola) were promotional campaigns whereas  #MeToo and #IceBucketChallenge are great examples of nonprofit campaigns.

Bill doing the #icebucketchallenge

Target Potential User

When you use hashtags, only the interested people will come searching for your post. It will help you in identifying and connecting with your potential customers.

Hashtags Strategies to Improve Visibility

Some strategies which you should use to see good results by using hashtags in your post, are:

Hashtag Keyword Analysis

You can use free tools like Hashtagify.me or Hashatit.com to analyze the performance of any hashtag keyword. It will help you find the best hashtag keyword for your post.

Analyze the competitors

Analyze the hashtags your competitor uses. Check the performance of the content on that hashtag if they are relevant. You can use those hashtags unless its their own brand hashtag.

Brand Hashtags

Create a hashtag of your brand. Use it in your posts and tweets. People will start using your hashtag when they will use your product.

Promote Brand Hashtags

After creating your own hashtag and using them in your post, you can ask influencers to promote them. If you cannot afford them, go for micro-influencers instead.

Use seasonal hashtags

You can create and use seasonal hashtags like #monsoon sales, #summertech, etc. Not just seasons, try using festival hashtags too. In fact, hashtags related to festivals provide much more visibility as everyone becomes excited about every upcoming festival.

Keep a close look at the trending topics and news. Try creating some related posts and using the trending hashtags on it.

Hashtag Chats on Twitter

Hashtag chat is a great feature of Twitter that lets you use hashtags in conversations and let anyone join it. You can start some conversation and let everyone join the discussion. It increases the reach of your brand.

Content Hashtags

Last and most obvious, do not forget the hashtags related to the content of your post. Using the normal and ordinary hashtag let others easily find you if you are not a big entity.

These were some strategies you can use to find the best hashtag for your post. Furthermore, you can also take the help of some websites and apps to find the best hashtag for your post.

Hashtag marketing tactics

  • For SEO title we go search keywords to make our article on top likewise do the same research in terms of hashtags, before using the hashtags in the campaign. This will let you know which words are trending and help you create hashtags based on it.
  • Holidays are everyone's favorite and social media celebrate it more uniquely using hashtags. Hence, create such hashtags for holidays and special days. This will be very effective during the holiday season.
  • Promotion of hashtags using giveaways:- Giveaways are chances to win free gifts for people and they follow and post for such giveaways. Hence, use it to promote the specialized hashtags which you have solely created for your brand.
  • Ask people to use the hashtags with their pictures or tweets or posts. This engages people and your hashtags are actually being promoted.
  • Partner with influencers of which are related to your industry. Influencers actually rule social media and getting to promote their brand by such influencers surely will generate some buzz.

Tips for hashtagging

  • Make it short
  • Make it unique
  • Include Call to action (CTA) phrase
  • Proofread it before posting
  • Make it clear and easy to understand

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People don’t even know the real power of hashtags. They use it in their normal post. However, as an entrepreneur, after reading this post, you know the value of hashtags. Try using the same hashtags when you post something on multiple platforms. However, do not just copy and paste your old posts’ hashtag in your new post. The algorithm of that platform will block you from doing it, anyway. Make it look original. It will take a lot of efforts to do it but it will definitely pay off.
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