The Right Way of Using Twitter for Business in 2019 | Best Practices for Twitter

Twitter is a social media for microblogging. With 330 million active users per month, Twitter is one of the most used Social media platform. If that's not enough, a total of 5,786 tweets are sent each second, which makes it 500 million tweets every single day. According to a report, 75% of B2B and 65% of B2C businesses are marketing on Twitter, which is more than any major social media individually except Facebook.  

You also might be using Twitter from a long time but have you planned for using it to generate leads and grow your business? If not, this is the time to do so. Twitter can be used as a platform to interact with your customers and to find more cutomers to generate leads. Hence, can be beneficial for your business.

Let's see some of the best practices you can do to improve your brand value on Twitter.

Create a Brand-Centric profile

As a business, you need to create a business account on Twitter. Your business profile should contain all details, contacts and social media mentions of your brand. There should be pictures and tweets related to the product. The user reviews can also be a part of the profile. The Twitter profile benefits the company to create and maintain its brand image.

Reply the queries

You need to be attentive towards the customer queries regarding the product, they have tweeted you. This will create an image of an attentive and caring brand which replies it's customers on time. Many times, you get to know a lot about your products down side from customer reviews.

Grab Customers

Find your potential customers by the tweets people post. Keep searching for the relevant tweets. If a person complains about your competitor’s service, grab the opportunity and promote your product there. To grab more followers, several tools can come in handy. These tools can provide a good rate of followers to the account, grabbing more attention of potential customers. Some of such tools are- Crowdfire, Tweepsi, Socialboss, etc. These tools will be helpful in finding the potential followers and will eventually benefit the company.

Twitter Analytics

Twitter provides a tool called Twitter Analytics. With Twitter Analytics you can analyse the performance of your tweets. You can track your customer’s interest, occupation, gender, status, buying behavior, etc. With that data, you can modify your product or business/marketing strategy.


Retweet is to reshare any tweet on Twitter. So, if your customer is happy, they can retweet your tweets. However you need to ask your best customer to retweet your promotional tweet through tweets or messages.

Customer Service

You can ask people to tweet their problems on Twitter. Solve their problem if it is possible to do that in the comments only. Moreover, tell them that you will look into their problem ASAP if you can't solve their problems by just explaining it. This is one of the biggest benefit of Twitter, as not only it will solve your customers' problems, but it show others how much you care about your customers.

Watching the Competitors

You can keep an eye on the activity of your competitors with the help of Twitter. Analyse their marketing strategy, customer service, customer’s problems, etc. After that, you can create your strategy to beat your competitors. Analysing competitor's strategy can be the most effective way of using Twitter for business.

Trends can provide a boost to the company online if done the right way. However, you need to do it in the right time because trends has time limit. Twitter can help you analyse and keep a track of the existing and upcoming social media trends. With the help of the trend, you can come up with better marketing plans and products. Also, you can post anything which is relevant to your product and to the trend. Your post can go viral if you did it good.

Keyword Research

With the help of tools like Hootsuite or TweetDeck, you can monitor some keywords and identify the lead. For example, you can set 3 keywords say “gifts” “handmade” and “customized”. So, when anyone uses these keywords in your area, you can get in touch with them and pitch your product if you deal in handmade gifts.

Pin Tweet

You can pin tweets so that when anyone visits your profile, the first tweet they see is the one you want them to see. You can pin your best promotional tweet on your profile. This will help your potential customers to know about product or service.

Influencer Marketing

Influencers are the perfect wingman for the companies as they are going to match you up with the potential and the required customers for the brand. Hence, look for the people who are expert influencers in the respective field, that your business deals with and pay them to promote your brand. As they have the required market, your business will surely get the attention it requires.

Regular update

Don't get away from your account for too long as it can wipe out the brand's image. Hence, keep on regular posting about the products and other updates. This way you will be in the mind of the followers. Also, it shows how responsible you are towards your brand which is a good thing from the investor's point of view.


Use the correct Twitter hashtags which are related to the content. Twitter hashtags makes your content available to the mass audience. Hashtags are a fun way to spread the brand across more audience. You can first do a research about the hashtag keywords which are trending and relevant. Twitter hashtags optimise the post, hence are a crucial factor for Twitter post.


Twitter is much more than you think. Companies know this, that is why they tweet you when you have any problems. In one case, a person was having a problem with the internet speed in Airtel connection, which is a reputable mobile network company in India. When he tweeted about it, Airtel didn’t respond so well. The person then tweeted “I don't think Airtel is doing well these days, thinking of porting to Jio or Idea” (not the exact words, but something like that). Jio and Idea, the rivals, responded in minutes after that person tweeted it, asking for the personal details to register a SIM on his name. Do you know, what happened next? His Airtel internet speed boosted in just an hour or so. This shows that companies are taking Twitter so seriously.

So, use all the tips for Twitter mentioned above to interact with your audience, generate leads and grow your business.

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