Top 10 Ways to Build Customer Trust in Online Business

Top 10 Ways to Build Customer Trust in Online Business

In family or in business, every successful relationship involves trust. Trust determines the progress that we make in life. People can lose trust in you as a result of you being negative, self-centered, selfish or even ungrateful. In our daily life, trustworthiness is always evaluated. It increases our credibility. Nowadays every business wants to go digital as it is quicker, more efficient and hassle-free than doing offline business. Doing business online means you are dealing with people you don’t know and have never met before. Therefore, creating a climate of trust with your clients is very crucial to make your online business grow. So, if you are into online business or are planning to foray into the same, here are a few tips that will help you to earn customer trust.

10 Ways to Build Customer Trust

10 Ways to Build Customer Trust

1. Be clear

Being straightforward in your business is what will determine its growth. Customers get irritated when they realize you are not transparent with your service or product. For example, they might like the product and in the process they realize later there are some hidden costs in it. Be clear with the terms and conditions, pricing and discounts if any. Credibility is easily lost when you keep fishy deals.


2. Timely response to client’s problems

No one is perfect in this world. And we all know customer relationship is very vital. Products we sell sometimes are faulty even right from the company perspective. Be honest and respond to your client’s problems on time. Sometimes it becomes scary when a customer buys a product and realizes they cannot find you or cannot be assisted in any way.

3. Video charting

Online selling involves dealing with clients around the world. We need to invest in technology where for example videos with customers can be recorded. This will create a platform to attend to customer's queries and also engage other viewers. In the process of interacting, this could be a way of selling your personality and also such videos with customers will build the credibility of your brand among new and potential customers.

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4. Create room for teleconferences

Sometimes we tend to lose focus when we look at the cost of something before doing a cost-benefit analysis. Create dates for questions and answer sessions and let your clients participate. Customers should have an avenue to share with you the pros and cons of your product. This will also help you to improve the quality as per their preference.

5. Remain positive when corrected

We all make mistakes. Sometimes you might publish information that has small mistakes like spelling or others. When customers try to correct you, don’t cover-up. Admit, make necessary changes and move on.

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6. Add and implement testimonials

In order to keep trust online, testimonials are one of the key things you should put in place. Ask for consent from customers and include them on the page. Readers will be able to access it. People want to be sure you have worked with other people. Especially B2B companies gain a lot of credibility as a result of this.

7. Business rating

Involve your business in relevant rating groups. This assures customers that your goods meet the minimum standards and are valid and recommendable to use. With business rating, consumers can do marketing for you and get valid feedback. This brings a better understanding of how best you can serve your customers.

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8. Document a case study

It is very important to carry out an intensive analysis of a product. A case study captures the reality of the product. This will give the clients a picture of how a product helped someone before and how could currently help them. It can also promote ideas and innovation.

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9. Post credentials

Clients would always like to hear if the product they want to use is legally accepted or is insured. Customers also want to know if you are a registered member of any organization/body. This convinces them that your product is right trusted and regulated.

10. Publicity

Without looking at the expense side, you need to get your business to media sources. People highly trust materials publicized. The more people hear about your brand or see your brand, the more they trust in your brand.

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What is consumer trust?

The trust between a consumer and a brand is just as important as any other relationship.

How do you gain customer trust?

These are some ways you can build customer trust & loyalty

  • Offer Excellent Customer Service.
  • Publish Customer Reviews and Testimonials.
  • Be Transparent.
  • Ask for Feedback.
  • Create a Loyalty Program.
  • Always Put Your Customers First.

How do brands build trust?

Your brand trust relies on what you say to your customers, how you say it, and how you prioritize their needs.

How is brand trust measured?

Brand trust can also be measured by analyzing social media content, by tracking consumer habits, and through internal organizational tracking.


In this online world, we interact with people from various backgrounds and diverse cultures. Hence it is important to remove unnecessary fear and suspicion to earn faith from customers, and the above-listed steps will surely help you in doing so. Know about some other great ways to build customer trust? We will love to hear from you in the comments below!

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