5 Mesmerizing Examples Of Marketing Strategies

‌‌Marketing is, no doubt, the backbone of any company in the 21st Century. And when it comes to big brands, they leave no stone unturned for it. They have a vast research team to calculate the risks first. Then they have a separate marketing department which is always on the go or may outsource it from big marketing agencies. But sometimes, companies come up with some crazy and insane ideas. And surprisingly, when they work, they can do wonders for the company and its sales. So, here are some successful insane marketing strategies examples, some companies did.

‌‌1. Fruit Bursts‌‌

Pascall is an Australian brand owned by Cadbury. They once reached out to an advertisement company, Coloribus, to create a buzz campaign. Coloribus came up with an idea in which, whoever will join it, will get something. They put up a giant strawberry-shaped balloon filled with Fruit Burst's candy and a giant pin at a distance, on a billboard. Then, they started inflating the balloon. After setting all this, they asked people to guess the exact time the balloon would burst. Whosoever would guess it precisely right, will get $5000. The website's traffic jumped to the peak. Everyone signed up and gave their answers. This became a piece of national news and was covered by almost all the media channels. When the balloon burst, everyone looted many candies. Now, this not only made people know about the company and the product but also made people enjoy this contest and have fun. It also increased the website's traffic.

‌‌2. You'll Need It‌‌

Not a long time ago, when Apple launched it's "old" but new iPhone, Huawei played the game. Huawei gave all the "poor" people in the queue waiting to buy iPhone XS, a power bank, and juice. They offered 10,000 mAh power banks to every person who was there to buy an iPhone. The box of power banks came with a message "Here's a power bank. You'll need it. Courtesy of Huawei". Huawei then tweeted about it and wrote: "see you in London." In London, Huawei was ready to serve juice to people at Apple store with tagline "brain-boosting drinks (with no traces of apple) to recharge minds." This was a fantastic campaign that made fun of Apple and informed people about the upcoming Huawei flagship device, Mate 20. People might have bought iPhone XS even then, but Huawei was successful in grabbing the world's attention.

‌‌3. Smash Your Past‌‌

You might remember it, in 2014, when the first phone of a company, whose name was enough to create a buzz, ll, started a campaign called "Smash your past." According to the campaign, people have to smash their old phones and make a video. The company will give them a new OnePlus One phone for just $1 that was a flagship phone and can beat phones like the iPhone or Samsung's S series. They published a list of phones which were eligible for this campaign. This strategy spread all across the globe. And surprisingly, many people smashed their old phones. This gave this company a boost in the market, and now there are several  OnePlus phones available in the market, and it is considered one of the premium brand phones.


4.The Drinkable Poster‌‌

Who would have never tried or drunk Coca-Cola? Hardly anyone. Coca-cola is a fantastic soda company, but it also does the most creative marketing campaigns. Some time ago, Coca-Cola partnered with the Shazam app and created digital posters in some cities. People have to open the Shazam app, and it will connect to that screen or digital billboard, which is showing a bottle of Coca-Cola. When people make the sound of sipping in their phones, Coca-Cola will start reducing in the screen, making you feel like you are drinking it. It may be childish, but it was creative. And once you do that, you would get an urge to drink Coca-Cola. So, this not only attracted some local media but also increased sales in that particular area. Also, the Shazam app got a pretty good number of downloads.‌‌

5.Pizza Delivery To Space‌‌

It doesn't matter if you are at your home or in space, an essential thing to live for is Pizza. And when we hear the term "pizza," the first company that comes in our mind is Pizza Hut. In 2001, Pizza Hut delivered a pizza to the International Space Station. They not only spent over a million dollars on this campaign but also did in-depth research on it. In space, the taste buds become dull, which makes any food boring. But there is no word like "boring pizza" in Pizza Hut's dictionary. They made their Pizza in such a way that the astronauts would love it. This was a publicity stunt led by Pizza Hut to grab attention. It made them the first pizza company to deliver its Pizza to space. The next time you want to order a pizza, you can trust them for providing it on time.

Marketing campaigns are essential for business's growth. And they have become so popular these days that most of the brands depend on their marketing strategies to sell well and earn well. It has become much easier to make marketing campaigns popular with the help of social media. However, if you want to start a campaign, then make sure it is creative enough to appeal to people. Don't make a drive worth sharing. It will ultimately lead to wastage of efforts, money and resources or might also result in a lack in existing customers' interest. The more image,native but attractive your campaign is going to be, the more are people might like it. Nothing can be better if your campaign would be relatable to people's needs and problems.

They will feel more connected. For example, At the time of College admissions, Pepsi put up big billboards having the slogan, "Cut-off is temporary, Swag is permanent," making the students feel engaged and reinstating the brand's proposition of "Har ghoont mein Swag."

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