Top 10 Effective Social Media Marketing Tips

Tanusha Verma Tanusha Verma
May 10, 2021 11 min read
Top 10 Effective Social Media Marketing Tips

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Social media is a digital world with limitless marketing exposure. Whenever we visit a social media platform, we see brand commercials popping on our screens. Why is social media such a big deal for advertisements?

Well, the truth is social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest etc. have added value as well as great convenience to brands and companies that intend to market their business on social platforms.

This article is all about certain tips and techniques that can improve the marketing standards of a business.

What is Social Media Marketing?
10 Effective Social Media Marketing Tips

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is the connection with your audience with the help of social media platforms to build your brand, increase sales, generate revenue and drive website traffic. There are various tasks involving social media marketing such as writing blogs, publishing articles with great content, engaging your users, analyzing results, and running campaigns.

The most widely used social media platforms (at the moment) are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, and Snapchat.

In these times, Social Media Platforms have increasingly become the most ‘popular choice’ for content creators and businesses to connect with their audience.

Considering the overwhelming increase in social media users in the last few years, classifying it as one of the most effective marketing tools would not be an overstatement. Marketers have acknowledged its huge potential and have been using it extensively ever since.

Social Media Platforms

10 Effective Social Media Marketing Tips

To start with, social media marketing requires creativity as well as an effective strategy to create a powerful impact on the ‘ever-competitive market’. So how do you devise a compelling marketing strategy?

Below is a list of 10 Effective Social Media Marketing Tips.

Tip 1. Define The Goal

Aiming without a set target and a solid plan is like a shot in the dark. Brands with such a weak initial footing will most probably dismantle their management structure along the way, especially in highly competitive markets.

Brands must know the 5 Whys behind their every decision. The objectives will be the main thrust of the social media campaigns. Try not to defer any longer, snatch a paper, and pen down your objectives!

But...Before we go ahead, here are a couple of things you should remember while objective setting:

  • Be explicit
  • Set achievable objectives
  • Make sure that your objectives are quantifiable
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Tip 2. Select Your Target Audience

Business enterprises should be able to answer questions like:

Who will visit our page? How will the audience respond? And the most important... What type of posts attract more audience to the page?

This is the most important step. Selecting a specific target audience will allow the business to focus and market their brand to a specific market that is more likely to respond and purchase the product. It is an effective technique to find potential customers and generate business.

Another thing that should be ensured is that the selected market niche should be in majority. It takes less effort to reach out to the customers and more rewarding in case the business takes off.

Tip 3. Be Consistent

What characteristics create a dynamic impact on the brand’s outlook?

Consistent marketing is the answer to this is a very essential ingredient for customer satisfaction. Brands that keep their social presence active and always have something new to offer to their customers have higher chances of market domination.

Social Media Marketing

Usually businesses easily renounce from their social pages after a few emails or Instagram posts just because they could not intrigue their audience. It takes time for every brand to build a positive reputation. So why give-in so early? Many brands grew their businesses on Instagram when the Instagram Business arrived only by implementing some useful hacks for Instagram growth.

It is crucial for brands to keep up with their aggressive marketing. It shows the confidence the brand carries with itself and increases the inflow of audience on the social media page. Once viewers gain familiarity with the brand, it leads to loyalty in no time. Provided that the brand ensures customer satisfaction, the customers will return back to them in the future.

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Tip 4. Build An Effective Game Plan

Marketers that record their strategies are 538% more likely to accomplish their goals. This calls for activity. Isn't that right? All things considered… Writing down your social media marketing technique is the way to transform your vision into the real world. While you set up your methodology, keep note of the various social media platforms you will engage your audience on. And ensure it targets your potential customers and lines up with your objectives.

Here are a couple of things that could serve as helping tools for your social media marketing strategy.

  • Create a list  of upcoming celebrations and special days
  • Create a theme based content for a unique experience
  • Set up a list of hashtags for various platforms
  • Ensure it covers your essential functions, highlights and missions

Tip 5. Keep Track of Engagement

To ensure you're getting the best outcomes out of social media marketing, you should be precisely following and gauging your marketing efforts. Over 40% of brands don't keep track of their social media ROI, which implies that they will never know whether their strategies have been effective or not.

To analyze the tracking result, distinguished key measurements are imperative to your brand. A portion of the measurements that you need to search for include:

  • Engagement on Facebook
  • Retweets, mentions on Twitter
  • Clicks, and impressions on LinkedIn
  • Interactions on Pinterest
  • Likes, remarks and mentions on Instagram stories

Brands should analyze their social engagements at the end of every week and month in order to understand the pattern of interaction varying from post to post. It makes it easier to assess the engagements and make decisions accordingly.

One of the proficient social media management tools is what you need. How awful would it be to post manually on 8 eight different social media platforms, 3 times every day?

Damn. That is more like a nightmare for a marketer. All you will do is distribute, and nothing more constructive.

Why not leave the dull work to the software? Yes, that is possible!  Attempt to computerize as much activity as possible. Automating your social media updates would help you stay ahead of time.

Use a tool like ContentStudio to schedule your posts and auto-present the reports on the entirety of your social records and analyze the outcomes with the results. The fundamental purpose of using a tool is to prepare ahead of time. scheduling posts They have an inbuilt calendar that makes it simpler for you to watch out for your posts.

You can add tweets ,pins, posts, use hashtags and mention your social media pages for months. Such a methodology will spare you time, helping you be more profitable and stay intact to your marketing strategy.

Social Media Marketing Tips

Tip 6. Keep Your Post Frequency Optimized!

Your audience may differ on social networks at different times of the day. To engage with them, you have to identify not just what kind of content is fascinating to them, yet additionally what segment of consumers avail your services.

So, how frequently should you post every day? What sort of content would draw more audience to your page? What is the ideal number of posts every day? These are basic inquiries that any social media marketer attempts to answer.

To cut the chase, there is no definite answer. These answers can be determined from your analysis, experience and different trials of what works for you and what doesn't. Anyway, timing is fundamental for your social media marketing strategy. It is significant not only to publish top notch content, and locate the ideal posting recurrence for coordinating an effective marketing strategy.

Tip 7. Grow Your Subscribers Trust

Here is the trick! It is an inbuilt human nature to love free stuff. Good marketers offer freebies to their clients every once in a while. It is a smart way to make them use your products especially when they haven't tried it out.

Best part is they will never refuse and what if they absolutely love it!? If that's the case, then “word of mouth” will play its part and subscribers will start pouring in.

Winning the trust of your consumers is what every marketer strives to achieve. But clever marketers actually get the job done. And Botsify is an example of such a platform whose aim is to build the trust of their consumers.

It displays the affection and care the brand has for its customers which leads to a long lasting relationship. The aim is to increase your chances for future selling and that can easily be done from small meaningful gestures.

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Tip 8. Keep it Consistent and Attractive. Visually!

Here's the reality: the motivation behind your social media page is to  interact with your target audience and prompt them to share your content, which incorporates the cover images and banners of your social site.

Content of social pages that have appealing visuals get shared easily and increase interaction with the subscribers. Let your page visually talk to your audience.

So put your creative freedom into action (you can do this with Instasize), while ensuring that the visuals compliment your company's theme/branding style and are exhibiting the products and services.

Your customer is hoping to build up a solid brand identity through online media, so ensure that you give a unique, prominent and a dynamic visual outlook to the brand on every social media platform. Being consistent carries great significance. You may add attractive images, video layouts but the basic theme should be untouched once the brand identity has been established.

Have a look at Startuptalky for a good example of attractive and user friendly UI/UX.

Tip 9. Keep Improving the Customer Experience (CX) Strategy

Customer experience strategy is defined as the strategy created by a brand to provide seamless and memorable experience to its customers.

Both before and after the sales the customer experience(CX) characterizes the significant plans set up to convey positive, worthwhile experiences over those interactions. An effective customer experience strategy should consider various significant factors: focused insight of the market, competitive research, commercially useful data, mission and vision.

When constructing your customer experience strategy (CX strategy), you need to guarantee that you're putting the entire muscle of your organization to work, not simply the guys that deal with the customers.

Through constant evaluation and assessment of the feedback that you receive, you will come to the conclusion that it's simpler to adjust the brand around the primary objective: prioritizing the customer experience and the relationship.

Tip 10. Work SMART

You need to define your social media ROI objectives. it is one of the most significant initial steps you would prefer not to miss before embarking on your social media adventures. On the off chance that you don't set your objectives, your success or failure can not be determined. Are you an awareness creator? Want new clients or generate income? Whatever steps you take will be viewed as your efforts can be viewed as your social media ROI objective. What's more, it's significant that it's a SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time bound) objective.

Specific: It is advised to not set an indefinite objective. Try not to state I need followers on Instagram. Rather state, I need to accomplish X number of followers from Y class of individuals. For instance, a true B2B specialist would state I need to get 1,000 followers from B2B entrepreneurs.  

When you're running promotions on Facebook, Facebook permits you to focus on a certain audience as you may want. At the point when you referenced the class of individuals you need to draw in, you get to specifically target that audience.

Measurable: You ought to have the option to gauge the success of your objective. Let's assume you need to get likes from B2B entrepreneurs, cool. What number of likes? 1,000 likes. That implies you can gauge it. At the point when you get 1,000 likes, you've accomplished your objective. Achievable and Realistic: Also, I know impossible can become possible if we put our brain and resources to it. In any case, on the off chance that you know your assets and labor can't take your likes game to 100 million in one month, then it's advised to drop such an unrealistic goal.

Time based: A time based social media ROI objective will sound like, “I need to get 100k Facebook likes in 10 months from B2B advertisers”. Depending on the industry, you can be more specific. The beneficial thing about defining your objective is that it'll allow you to focus on interacting with individuals that matter to your business. It will additionally assist you in staying organized and utilize your time efficiently.

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What is meant by social media marketing?

Social media marketing is the connection with your audience with the help of social media platforms to build your brand, increase sales, generate revenue and drive website traffic.

What is included in social media marketing?

There are various tasks involving social media marketing such as writing blogs, publishing articles with great content, engaging your users, analyzing results, and running campaigns.

Why social media is good for marketing?

There are various tasks involving social media marketing such as writing blogs, publishing articles with great content, engaging your users, analyzing results, and running campaigns.

Is social media part of marketing?

Social media is the biggest part of Internet Marketing which is part of Digital marketing. While it refers to specific websites, it can be one of the many mediums that are being used in digital marketing campaigns.


A compelling social media marketing strategy is a fundamental aspect of your business plan, and utilizing unusual approaches to associate with your audience is the technique that will further open  doors of success.

Measure the effect of your social media marketing and utilize your social media engagement analysis that can tell a lot about your meaningful interactions with your audience and how they connect with your business.

Author Bio: Haseeb is a sporty guy and a Netflix lover. He enjoys bike rides, hiking, and would love to skydive someday! Oh and yes he is a part of the freelance family too. He aims to write content that is meaningful and joyful to read at the same time.

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