Dunzo Marketing Strategy: How Dunzo Used Social Media To Its Advantage

Dunzo Marketing Strategy: How Dunzo Used Social Media To Its Advantage

The food supply was taken over by apps such as Swiggy and Zomato and Ola, Uber and Rapido took over the rides. But Dunzo combined both possible resources that can be offered online. In the current pandemic situation, Dunzo provides many helpful and interesting source of services.

For them to focus on social distance and hygiene controls immediately when creating a brand recall is of utmost importance. Here is a Dunzo Case study that focuses on the dunzo marketing strategy.

What is Dunzo?
Dunzo's Marketing Strategies
Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Dunzo?

Dunzo is simply an app that offers services to deliver and transport. It provides food supply, pick-and-drop facilities, distribution of packages, local messages and a whole list that goes on. The Dunzo USP, can be understood with Dunzo tagline, ‘Let's Dunzo it’ which basically means that the platform is the destination if anything is to be moved from one location to another. The Dunzo founder is Kabeer Biswas, who launched the platform in January 2015. The headquarters of Dunzo is based in Bengaluru Karnataka.

Dunzo is the first direct investment of Google in India due to its sound approach. Some of Dunzo features of dunzo are its easy payment options, integration with social media, GPS tracking in real time, OTP assessment, cashbacks & discounts. Dunzo target audience is anyone and everyone who uses their smartphones.

Dunzo logo
Dunzo logo

Dunzo Services

Since Dunzo branding is based on being a consumer service platform, it offers a wide services such as sending packages, pick up and drop services, grocery or laundry delivery, local couriers, medicine deleivery, meat and fish supplies, online food ordering.

How does Dunzo work?

Dunzo is a simple app to use. The user raises a task, specifying what they want done and a delivery executive, called a partner by the company, is assigned to work on it. All of this is done via a chat interface, while dunzo customer care is  efficient in helping their customers.

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Dunzo's Marketing Strategies

In its commercial campaigns, it faces many obstacles. The key goal of Dunzo marketing strategy is to spread knowledge about the multi-usefulness of the app by promoting it through using various means that can be online or offline. But since Dunzo marketing is done online these days, the platform uses Dunzo social media pages to successfully create a unique identity to its consumers.

Dunzo's USP

References from Bollywood

To draw people's interest, Dunzo marketing uses phrases and dialogues from Bollywood. The everyday notifications are typically interwoven with powerful songs or film titles.

Dunzo uses Bollywood References

Meme Marketing

In Memes and Dunzo Ads, the brand is an influential trend follower. Through Dunzo instagram page, you can see that the brand easily adapts to the Internet and its new meme-based posts for marketing becomes trending. The Dunzo memes are well known for being relevant and witty.

Dunzo Meme Marketing

Moment Marketing

Dunzo moment marketing is a strategy where a brand designs marketing messages or advertisements by using relevant content from the current events. Dunzo is an expert when it comes to moment marketing because they pick up the right topic, which the customers know well about. These marketing campaigns capture the attention of people especially on social media and gain followers.

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Social Media Marketing

Dunzo marketing material is often vivid and coordinated with the key green or black colours of the Dunzo logo.  The brand creates a strong immersive environment, which instils optimism on small screens. As for Dunzo social media involvement, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook work well for the brand. It strives to spread daily life posts with the aid of its mascots, Harri and Dunya. These characters, dressed in Dunzo gears, represent the thoughts of a Dunzo-partner in daily circumstances.

Dunzo branding aims on creating brand communication around its troops. The goal is to illustrate the operations and unity between the various brands because, in this time of crisis, they are all together. Dunzo also shares individual employee information and stressed their hard work to keep things going. The organizations in which Dunzo had collaborators were also communicated.

Dunzo Social Media Marketing

Dunzo Comic Series

Dunzo ads has come up with a unique way of engagement called “Dunya Ki Duniya” revolving around a character called “Dunya” and her everyday life. This is a fun and a quirky way to market the brand and its services. Sometimes, Dunzo Memes also have other comics in them.

Hyper-Local Communication

As Dunzo manages hyperlocal supplies, it is important that the urban spaces for which Dunzo provides services are expandable. It did so by using graphic designers as well as by manipulating real-life images. Dunzo USP is to catch the pulse of the city and describes how it wants to make a part of people's lives.

Dunzo Hyper-Local Communication

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Like any other brand that deals with customer service, Twitter is key to Dunzo. Dunzo uses twitter to make customers feel heard with two-way communication. Recently, it has become more relevant than before as people tend to have more questions about deliveries during the lockdown. It is also helping them highlight available brands and operations

Content in the Mundane

One of the interesting aspects of Dunzo social media communication is how they create content out of mundane objects. These are almost always themed around food, something that works well because of the intrigue and relatability factors. Dunzo app help people look at these objects in a new light.

Dunzo's Content in Mundane

Campaigns and Consistency

Dunzo ads campaign got its inspiration from a famous Instagrammer 'Dude with sign' who stood in public places with signboards that had various topics like spreading awareness spoken about. Dunzo marketing strategy was among the first set of brands to have used the format in their communication. Since then, it is something that has been consistently used in their communication multiple times.

Dunzo's Woman Empowerment Campaign

Dunzo brand positioning is such that it delivers nostalgia with the #90sRedun campaign. Dunzo uses memes to pay  tribute to iconic commercials by redoing them with brand integration, rewriting taglines with a twist, and utilizing these brands’ legacy to pull us back into simpler times.

Dunzo 90's Campaign


Dunzo's marketing strategy success is evidenced by the fact that it became a verb, let’s say Dunzo! In order to increase public engagement, it is crucial that brands develop trendsetting marketing strategies. As companies expand, the clutter is important and the right audience is reached. Modern marketing techniques, which publicity companies would use, are available for this. With the help of this Dunzo case study you can also take tips and improve your marketing skills.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dunzo's USP?

Dunzo USP - Mobile-based virtual personal assistant for the city and urban people, assigning real people to get complete chores involving consumer goods, for a specified service fee within the city limits.

Who are Dunzo's target audience?

Dunzo's target audience is anyone who uses their mobile. This is to create platform for all age groups to make use of it.

What services does Dunzo provide?

Dunzo can change the way you move things, how you shop and lets you access your city. Dunzo is an app that connects you to the nearest delivery partner who can make purchases, pick up items from any store or restaurant in the city and bring them to you.

How does Dunzo work?

Dunzo app is simple to use. The user raises a task, specifying what they want to be done and a delivery executive, called a partner by the company, is assigned to work on it. All of this is done via a chat interface.

What is Dunzo?

Dunzo is simply an app that offers services to deliver and transport.

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