Top 5 Advertisement Wars of the Biggest Brands

Pratyusha Srivastava Pratyusha Srivastava
Mar 4, 2022 5 min read
Top 5 Advertisement Wars of the Biggest Brands

The war between the biggest brands has been going on for a long time now. Today, there are dozens of prominent brands in the market and all seeking the same audience at different levels.

With the increasing competition in the market, every brand is looking for the best advertising strategies for more customer engagement and traffic. The brands often fight with their competitors through the battle of advertising in order to be on the top.

This advertising battle between the brands often becomes very serious and brands put their all efforts into bullying the other. And the real purpose of advertising begins here only.

The battles between the brands are happening for over a decade or more and all these are held publicly. The brands have taken numerous precautions and built their marketing strategies absolutely flexible and strong.

The battles between the brands are always interesting to encounter. And that's why in this article, we have presented you with the most interesting and intriguing advertising wars between the brands of the decade. Let's get started!

Pepsi Vs Coca-Cola
BMW Vs Audi
Microsoft Vs Apple
Dominos Vs Subway
Progresso Vs Campbell

Pepsi Vs Coca-Cola

Pepsi Vs Coca Cola Ad War
Pepsi Vs Coca Cola Ad War

What else do we need to satisfy our thirst when we have coke in hand! But here comes a twist, what to choose between the two biggest cold drink brands in the market? Is it Coca-Cola or should we choose Pepsi? Well, we all are familiar with this confusing situation. But it's not just us, Coca-Cola and Pepsi are the biggest competitors of each other in the market.

In fact, it's quite intriguing, both the brands were established in the late 1800s. Coca-Cola was started in 1886 meanwhile, Pepsi was developed in 1893.

The battle between these two started when Pepsi shot over Coca-Cola with the "Pepsi Challenge" campaign in 1975. In this campaign, Pepsi offered a free taste to the public and those who liked were given more of the soda.

The brands fought for more than a decade through numerous advertising battles. Finally, in 2011 when Diet Coke kicked off Pepsi from the second biggest coke brand position and gained the position. But of course, first was always Coca-Cola.

BMW Vs Audi

BMW Vs Audi Ad War
BMW Vs Audi Ad War

The two most luxurious and distinguished car brands, BMW and Audi are the biggest competitors of one another. Audi and BMW have always given tough competition to each other whether it's a new car model or an award show. These two have never settled!

The biggest battle between these two was when Audi launched its 'Your Move, BMW' Billboard which was later followed by BMW's "Checkmate" Billboard which was proven to be even bigger than ever. Their battle grew bigger when Audi, with an R8, placed the "Your pawn is no match to our king" billboard next to BMW's. On this, BMW responded with "Game Over," with their F1 car.

This didn't come to an end and their battle even went on prints. BMW and Audi's battle is a never-ending chess game between the two solid and biggest car brands.

Microsoft Vs Apple

Why left the tech brand war behind? As we are talking about the biggest brand wars, Microsoft Vs Apple is a popular battle. Microsoft has mocked Apple in a series of commercials.

Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple has never been a fan of Bill Gates and in fact, Apple has been targeting Microsoft for more than four decades now. On that note, you must remember the biggest advertising war, "Hi I am a Mac, and Hi I am a PC" between Microsoft and Apple.

Apple aired a commercial aimed at Microsoft in 1984, which showed a hammer throwing guy running through the levels of blank-faced people in grey who were looking at a propaganda screen and destroying it with the hammer. This commercial was referring to Microsoft as mild and conformist and Apple as the new advanced disruptor.

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Dominos Vs Subway

Soon after Domino's began its oven-baked sandwiches and started promoting them through advertising, a battle initiated with Subway 2-to-1. Dominos started with a blind taste campaign where they let people taste the sandwich and favour them over Subway 2-to-1 sandwich. This became pretty ugly when the Subway team got offended and sent a cease-and-desist letter to Dominos.

Domino's responded in a very interesting manner through an advertisement where Domino's CEO Dave Brandon acknowledged Subway's letter by oven baking it in the commercial. This became inactive after a few months.

Progresso Vs Campbell

One of the biggest advertising battles started in 2008 between Progresso and Campbell. Campbell is an international industry targeted with an ad campaign, directly at Progresso.

The campaign claimed that the soups at Progresso comprise a huge amount of MSG which is a flavour enhancer, as compared to that of Campbell's Select Harvest.

As a response to this, Progresso stated that Campbell's soul contains around 95% of MSG which puts adverse effects on our health. Progresso advertised this commercial on a full page in the New York Times.

The battle between these two continued and reached the high-end product by Campbell which concluded a national taste test campaign that showed around 70% of the total customers prefers its soup over Select Harvest.

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With the immensely growing market and industries nowadays, the competition among the brands is becoming tougher and more challenging. Through advertising, the company needs not only to serve the audience but also, entertain them to have better customer engagement. And when it comes to the biggest brands, one needs to look after all the aspects and bring out the best of services and offerings.

That's why they are relying on advertising to impress the customers and bring down its competitors. Stay tuned for more updates!


Which were some of the biggest brand wars?

Coca-Cola vs. PepsiCo, Burger King vs. McDonald's, Microsoft vs. Apple, and BMW vs. Audi were some of the biggest advertisement wars.

What is the battle of the brands?

Termed as brand wars, big brands often compete with each other for a specific market segment and on the same market share.

What are some of the biggest brand wars?

BMW vs Audi, Pepsi vs Coca Cola, McDonald's vs Burger King and Samsung vs Apple are some of the biggest brand wars.

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