Successful Women Entrepreneurs in India [2019 Exhaustive List]

With the development in the Startup ecosystem of the country, more and more women are pursuing their careers towards becoming entrepreneurs, which is really a good thing for the society and self. However, according to a report, only two Indian cities have made it to a recent ranking of the 50 most favourable global places for women to work at. India’s Silicon Valley, Bengaluru, ranked 40th, while Delhi came in at 49 in the ranking by technology major Dell and consultancy firm IHS Markit. The ranking is based on inputs from female entrepreneurs, policymakers, venture capitalists, the media, and academics, and measures a city’s ability to attract and support women who want to grow their businesses.

According to the National Sample Survey, only 14% of businesses are run by women entrepreneurs in India. In which most of the companies are bootstrapped and small scale. Taking a global report, today nearly 126 million women have their own business and whereas in India 8 million women run their own business.

Importance of Women in an organisation by Jack Ma | Women Entrepreneurs in India

Interesting stats of Women entrepreneurship in India

  1. About 58% female entrepreneurs in India started their own in the ages of 20-30
  2. Nearly 73% of all women entrepreneurs reports revenue of Rs 10 Lakh in one financial year
  3. Almost 57% of women started their business alone
  4. About 35% of women had a co-founder
  5. Roughly 71% of female entrepreneurs employ 5 or less people.

In the country like India where some of the Indian women are much neglected, there are some who have soared higher. Thanks to these powerful ladies, that they have faced struggles and challenges which is inspiring other women of India start their own venture. This has not only helped the society economically but also has done a lot in terms of exposing the potential that a woman holds.

Successful Women Entrepreneurs in India

Aditi Gupta
Anisha Singh
Upasana Taku
Neeru Sharma
Sugandha Agarwal
Malika Sadani
Ruchi Garg
Ankita Gaba
Ashwini Asokan
Chitra Gurnani Daga
Debadutta Upadhyaya
Gurleen Kaur
Jaya Jha
Neha Behani
Megha Malik

Aditi Gupta

Founder- Menstrupedia

Aditi Gupta, Founder of Menstrupedia | Women Entrepreneurs in India

Aditi Gupta is a social woman entrepreneur and co-founder of Menstrupedia which works towards spreading awareness about menstruation. She started this venture along with her husband, Tuhin Paul. This venture came out due to her personal life experiences. She used to have menstrual problems that were quite disturbing for her. After finding out many women have the similar experience as her, she decided to make the website and make comics with illustrations, educating women on menstruation. This venture has become very helpful to women in India.

Aditi helped women understand proper hygiene especially when menstruation comes and not tolerating taboos. She is really one of a kind. She aspires and believes to create a future where menstruation is not a taboo but a welcoming change in a girl's life. She hails from Garhwa in Jharkhand. She is a post-graduate from National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad.

Anisha Singh


Anisha Singh, Founder of | Women Entrepreneurs in India

Anisha Singh had gone through many ups and downs in life before she was able to achieve success. She is the co-founder and CEO of India’s biggest deals platform, Mydala. Anisha's long journey started when she worked in Capitol Hill, helping entrepreneurs. After that, she worked for a software company in Boston, designing e-learning ecosystems. Anisha Singh is known for being supportive to women. She always speaks her mind and dares to face her fears.  

Anisha hails from New Delhi, India. She has pursued her Master’s degree in political communication and an MBA in Information Systems from American University, Washington DC. Anisha Singh is one of the most successful female entrepreneurs of India and was a judge in an Indian reality show based on Entrepreneurs.

Upasana Taku

Founder: Mobikwik

Upasana Taku, Founder of Mobikwik | Women Entrepreneurs in India

Upasana Taku co-founded Mobikwik with her husband, Bipin Preet Singh. Mobikwik is a fintech startup. It has a virtual wallet which is associated with many companies and products. They provide supercash which is a form of cashback in Mobikwik wallet. People can recharge and pay at many places with the help of Mobikwik wallet.

Upasana has a strong fintech background as she worked as a senior product manager at PayPal (an eBay company) in Silicon Valley and prior to that with HSBC at San Diego. She graduated with a Bachelors in Engineering from NIT Jalandhar and a Masters in Management Science from Stanford University. Read the Startup Story of Mobikwik to know more about her journey.

Neeru Sharma

Founder- Infibeam

Neeru Sharma, Founder of Infibeam | Women Entrepreneurs in India

Neeru Sharma is the co-founder and director of Infibeam, India’s leading e-commerce portal. Neeru is really one of the most successful businesswomen who were able to conduct market research and financial diligence for investments.

Neeru Sharma holds an MBA degree in Finance and Strategy from Carnegie Mellon University Tepper School of Business. She has previously worked for TCS, Nokia, and Amazon.

Sugandha Agarwal

Founder- Docttocare

Sugandha Agarwal, Founder of Docttocare | Women Entrepreneurs in India

Sugandha is a young and passionate entrepreneur. Sugandha is the solo founder Docttocare. Docttocare is an online healthcare service provider which provides information to its users about the best doctors, clinics, hospitals and diagnostic centers. Docttocare also offers virtual walkthroughs of the ambiance to showcase hospitality and their facilities.

Sugandha has worked with companies like Infosys, Oracle and Google Maps before founding Docttocare. Sugandha is an electrical & communication engineer by qualification. She has a team of 15 people who she manages and make Docttocare better everyday. You can check out the Startup Story of Docttocare to know more about Sugandha and her journey

Malika Sadani

Founder- The Moms Co.

Malika Sadani, Founder of The Moms Co. | Women Entrepreneurs in India

Banker-turned-entrepreneur, Malika Sadani is the Founder & CEO of The Moms Co., a leading homegrown brand for toxin-free, natural and effective products for pre and post natal care, babies and conscious consumers seeking personal care solutions. It was when Sadani had her first child and moved back to India from the UK, that she personally experienced how hard it was to find chemical-free, quality products in the country. There was a huge gap in the baby-care market that had not been addressed. With The Moms Co., she has embarked on a mission to help moms in India and across the world make safe choices for themselves and their loved ones. The team works with experts from around the globe and though a native brand, all the products have Australian certifications.

Ruchi Garg

Founder- Venuelook

Ruchi Garg, Founder of VenueLook | Women Entrepreneurs in India

Ruchi Garg founded Venuelook in 2014. VenueLook is a Noida based O2O platform for venue aggregation, recommendation and booking. Venuelook is making venue booking seamless and awesome across 16 cities in India. It helps organisations to manage their events effectively and promote it.

Ruchi holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science. She has an experience of more than 15 years of building products and team. Ruchi manages a team of 50 people in Venuelook. Even though she is in Event management industry, she still likes to solve business problems with technology. You can read the Startup Story of Venuelook to know more about her.

Ankita Gaba

Founder- Social Samosa

Ankita Gaba, Founder of Social Samosa | Women Entrepreneurs in India

Ankita Gaba is a consultant, lecturer, entrepreneur, and a media strategist who is known for being excellent in multitasking. She co-founded Socialsamosa in 2013. Socialsamosa is a website which describes as a knowledge repository for thoughts, ideas and dialogues about social media scenario in India. She started her career in a Public Relations Industry for celebrities and movies. Socialsamosa has become famous for many for they are able to freely express their thoughts, ideas, and dialogues.

Born on 4 April 1985, Ankita hails from Mumbai. Ankita Gaba has won "The Social Media Entrepreneur of the Year Award" by Wat Awards for the year 2013. She also started her first venture, Superchooha which is one of India’s first social media agencies.

Ashwini Asokan


Ashwini Asokan, Founder of Mad Street Den | Women Entrepreneurs in India

Ashwini Asokan struggled for her success with her husband, Anand Chandrasekaran by her side. She started it when she led the mobile innovation team in Silicon Valley that made her interested in Artificial Intelligence. After coming back to India, they built up their success together by creating Mad Street Den. Mad Street Den is a platform that uses artificial intelligence and enables users to capture smiles, detect facial expressions and emotions in their smartphone cameras. The company is located in the Bay Area, California with offices in Seattle and Chennai (India).

Later they also founded, an Image recognition platform for retail industry. works with marquee retailers, brands, and marketplaces across the globe, transforming the fashion industry's operations through intelligent automation. She is an innovative female tech entrepreneur of India.

Chitra Gurnani Daga


Chitra Gurnani Daga, Chairman of Thillophilia | Women Entrepreneurs in India

Chitra Gurnani and her husband Abhishek Daga created Thrillophilia in 2009. This was their passion from the very start. Thrillophilia is a travel company that provides the best local experiences and makes the customers really enjoy the fun. Her inspiration is to make the people of India be aware of the beauty of their beloved country.

Chitra Gurnani hails from Bangalore. She has an MBA degree in Marketing from Indian School of Business. Chitra previously worked at SAP and Infosys as a Software Engineer. She worked passionately focusing on building an organization that adds value to both its customers and employees rather than earning a chunk of money.

Debadutta Upadhyaya

Founder- Timesaverz

Debadutta Upadhyaya, Founder of Timesaverz | Women Entrepreneurs in India

Debadutta Upadhyaya believes in never stopping, even in failure. In fact, she always finds a solution to every problem. She founded Timesaverz, an online portal that helps people find solutions to their handyman problems at home. It assists homemakers to solve the home repair problems.

Debadutta was born in the steel city of Odisha, Rourkela, India. She has graduated from IIM, Calcutta and worked for Yahoo India.

Life is as you would like to make of it. All of us have a choice and the easy or hard part is just a derivative of what one has chosen. - Debadutta Upadhyaya, Founder of Timesaverz

Gurleen Kaur

Founder- Hareepatti

Gurleen Kaur, Founder of Hareepatti | Women Entrepreneurs in India

Gurleen Kaur Tikku is the CEO of Hareepatti. Hareepatti is a financial advisory firm which gives its customers financial wisdom. It is an extension of the parent company, Trilok Singh & Associates, incepted by Gurleen’s father, Late Shri Trilok Singh Jee.

Gurleen Kaur has pursued PGDBM in Finance from Institute of Management Technology, Ghaziabad. She has been awarded to be one amongst the Top 30 Women Entrepreneurs from Delhi.

Jaya Jha

Founder- InstaScribe & Pothi

Jaya Jha, Founder of InstaScribe & Pothi | Women Entrepreneurs in India

Jaya Jha is another successful women entrepreneur in India. She has founded 2 startups, InstaScribe and These platforms enable users to create their own eBooks and print their own books.

Jaya is highly educated and got graduated from the prestigious IIT in Computer Science and IIM in Marketing and Strategy. She previously worked for Google as an Assitant Product Manager and for IBM as an Assitant Manager.

Neha Behani

Founder- Moojic

Neha Behani, Founder of Moojic | Women Entrepreneurs in India

Neha is a dazzling pretty woman. She is a successful Indian female Entrepreneurs and co-founder of Moojic. Moojic is like a radio or jukebox for restaurants or cafes. It allows customers to alter and customize playlists according to what they want to listen. She encountered a lot of failures but learned to rise again and shine.

She hails from Mumbai. She pursued her MBA degree in Marketing from the Asian Institute of Management. She was previously working as an Assitant Product Manager for HP.

Megha Malik

Founder: DesignerPeople

Megha Malik, Founder of DesignerPeople | Women Entrepreneurs in India

Megha Malik started her journey as an entrepreneur a decade back and co-founded DesignerPeople. Her vision is to transform the way product packaging, designing and positioning are looked at by young brands. As Creative Director at Designer People, Megha's responsibility is to provide proactive practical and contemporary brand advertising solutions, support a futuristic brand presentation in tune with global trends. She has worked with over 500 brands over the span of one decade to help them build their branding portfolio. Megha holds an MBA degree in Marketing Strategies and a bachelor's degree in Fine Arts. Read the success story of DesignerPeople to know more about it.

Such inspiring successful female entrepreneurs in the world of business are what the country needs. These are some of the most successful women of India everyone should be proud of and follow.

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