Sudha Murthy Success Story: Career, Early Life, Personal Life, Books, and Awards

Sudha Murthy Success Story: Career, Early Life, Personal Life, Books, and Awards

Mother Teresa, Kalpana Chawla, Sarojini Naidu, and many other women have been the epitome of inspiration to Indian society. Today women have uplifted society and their contribution to our nation has been inseparable from the history of our success. There is one such woman whose contribution to the people of our country has been remarkable. She is Sudha Murthy

A  prolific writer who is known for her simplicity. Sudha has been greatly revered for her writings, her philanthropy, and her impact on society. She has been dynamic, revolutionary, strong, and obedient. To know more about this astonishing lady, read the article ahead.

Sudha Murthy - Early Life
Sudha Murthy - Education
Sudha Murthy - Career
Sudha Murthy - Personal Life
Sudha Murthy - Social Work
Sudha Murthy - Writings and Books
Sudha Murthy - Awards and Accolades

Sudha Murthy - Early Life

Sudha Murthy was born in Shiggaon, Karnataka to her parents Dr. R. H. Kulkarni and Vimla Kulkarni. Her father was a surgeon and his brother Srinivas Kulkarni is a renowned astronomer. He had also received Dan David prize in the year 2017.

Sudha's mother always supported her children to achieve high endeavors. It was the family of Sudha Murthy who instilled in her the passion to make enormous achievements and achieve extraordinary things in life.

Sudha Murthy - Education

She completed her graduation from B.V.B College of Engineering and Technology. She opted for a Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical Engineering and obtained the first rank for which she got a gold medal from Sri Devaraj Urs, former Chief Minister of Karnataka. After completing graduation she joined the Indian Institute of Science for pursuing Masters in Engineering in Computer Science.

Sudha Murthy - Career

It was after Sudha completed her studies, she was hired at Tata Engineering and Locomotive Company (TELCO) which is now known as Tata motors. Sudha Murthy was is the first female engineer in India who was hired by India's largest auto manufacturer then. She had written to the chairman of TELCO and complained that there are gender biases in the company. Hearing about this, she was called for a special interview.

Sudha has also worked as a senior system analyst in Walchand Group of Industries in Pune where she lived for seven years (1974 - 1981). Her husband, Narayan Murthy was a Research Assistant when he started his career.

While they planned to shift to Mumbai in 1981, Narayan shared his dream of creating a software company that could be the biggest venture of the country in the technology industry.

Sudha supported Narayan Murthy in every possible way and also shared Rs. 10,000 which were her sole savings. She was the strongest pillar of Infosys and the career of Narayan Murthy in those days.

For a few years, both Sudha Murthy and Narayan Murthy worked together for Infosys, but they were compromising on their family life. That is when Sudha decided to continue her role as a homemaker.

Sudha also started Infosys Foundation in the year 1996 and continued to be the trustee of the company. She has built 2300 houses with the help of this foundation in the areas which were affected by floods. Also, she helps the society where there are problems of poverty, public hygiene, healthcare, education, and art and culture. Her foundation has built more than 70,000 libraries in schools and 16,000 toilets.

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Sudha Murthy - Personal Life

Sudha Murthy with her Family
Sudha Murthy with her Family

While Sudha was working in TELCO, Pune, she met Mr. Narayana Murthy and got married to him. Rohan and Akshata are their kids. She is known for her social and philanthropic contribution and also her excellent service to literature in English and Kannada language.

Sudha Murthy was also fond of acting. Based on her novel Rhun, she made her debut in a Marathi Film named Pitruroon. She is very fond of movies and says that she watches 265 movies in a year. She also mentioned in one of the interviews that if she would have not chosen Engineering she would have opted for the profession of a Film Journalist.

Sudha Murthy - Social Work

Sudha is known for her philanthropic work. She has helped society in enormous ways. From public hygiene, poverty alleviation to spreading awareness about rural education and women empowerment; she has worked for all. She aims and dreams about a clean India hence she works on building up toilets for the public. She has also been very passionate about aiding the people with all necessary resources who suffer due to floods.

Sudha has been working with the Gates Foundation for many years now. She thinks that education is the key to the nation well being. She has helped many orphans by building orphanages, and kids with computers at schools too.

Sudha Murthy - Writings and Books

Sudha Murthy is a wonderful and well-renowned author. Her writings revolve around her life experiences, her realizing views, hospitality, and charity. Many of her Kannada Books were translated into English books and television series.

When she was 29, she had her first book published for which she visited the USA, and dedicated her first book to her husband Narayana Murthy. It was at the age of 50 when she started writing books in the English language. To date, she has scribbled many short stories, children's books, fiction, novels, and a lot more.

Sudha Murthy Books
Sudha Murthy Books

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Here are a few famous books written by Sudha Murthy:

Books in the Kannada language -

  • Dollar Sose
  • Runa
  • Kaveri inda Mekaangige
  • Hakkiya Teradalli
  • Athirikthe
  • Guttondu Heluve
  • Mahashweta
  • Tumla
  • Nooniya Sahasagalu
  • Samanyralli Asamanyaru
  • Compuer lokadalli

Books in the English language -

  • The Mother I Never Knew
  • Three Thousand Stitches
  • The Man from the Egg
  • Here, There, Everywhere
  • Magic of the Lost Temple
  • How I Taught My Grandmother to Read and other stories
  • The Old Man And His God
  • Dollar Bahu
  • Wise and Otherwise
  • Mahashweta

Sudha Murthy - Awards and Accolades

Sudha Murthy has received many recognitions in her long career. She has been an inspiration to many and is the epitome of voluntary service.

  • Sudha Murthy won Padma Shri in the year 2006, India's fourth-highest civilian honour.
  • Cash Prize for securing highest marks in SSLC. Sri Devaraj Urs, Chief Minister of Karnataka then honored her with a Gold Medal since Sudha secured the highest marks in the state in B.E.
  • Indian Institute of Engineers honored Sudha Murthy with a gold medal for having secured the 1st Rank in MTech.
  • Sudha was honored with R.K. Narayana's Award of Literature.
  • In the year 2000, she was awarded the 'Ojaswini' award for her excellent social work.
  • In the year 1995, she was awarded the Millenium Mahila Shiromani Award.
  • The Rotary Club of Karnataka gave her the award of Best Teacher.
  • At the Crossword-Raymond Books Awards, Sudha got the Lifetime Achievement Award.
  • She was awarded Honorary Degree of Doctor of Science awarded by IIT Kanpur.

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Sudha Murthy is a person who has worked towards her vision, as no one else. She has been consistent and determined towards her work to change society for the greater good. Her writings and her philanthropic work have impacted many in society and inspired people to do good for others.


What is the net worth of Sudha Murthy?

The net worth of Sudha Murthy is approximately $7.75 billion.

What is the age of Sudha Murthy?

Sudha Murthy was born on 19 August, 1950 and is 71 years old.

What is the qualification of Sudha Murthy?

Sudha Murthy completed a B.Eng. in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from the B.V.B. College of Engineering & Technology.

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