Why You Should Embrace Failures? | Accepting and Embracing Failures in 2023

Why You Should Embrace Failures? | Accepting and Embracing Failures in 2023
"Failure is not the opposite of success. It's part of success. When you realize that, you free yourself from the fear of failure. In life, failure is inevitable." - William Ritter.

We've been told our entire lives that failure is the worst thing that can happen to us and that if we fail, we'll never go forward in life. This is what we're told at school, at home, and at work: if you fail at anything, you won't succeed in life.

The fear of failure traumatizes us and makes us feel that we will never succeed in life if we fail or are rejected. It might be difficult to battle when your prior mistakes and failures haunt you and convince you that you aren't good enough or don't have what it takes to continue whatever it is that you want to do, but you have to keep going no matter what. You owe it to yourself.

We can only learn some of life's most essential lessons via failure. Failure can lead to success, but it may also lead to further failure. You may learn to take advantage of each loss by allowing it to drive your future desire and accomplishment. You'll lose if you allow your prior failures to get in the way of your potentially bright future.

Still haven't had enough? Here are some additional reasons why you should welcome failure with open arms in 2023 and why failure isn't as bad as it seems.

Failure Instils Bravery in Us
Failure Teaches Us Humility
Failure Allows Us to Accept Responsibility
Failure has The Ability to Bring forth Our Greatest Qualities
Failure Can be Your Biggest Teacher
Why Do We Fail? Reasons Behind Our Failures

How does failure help to get success?

Failure Instils Bravery in Us

Embracing Failure Instils Bravery
Embracing Failure Instils Bravery

Failure not only helps us grow into better versions of ourselves but also makes us courageous. It takes bravery to accept and embrace failure, but it takes much more fortitude to get over your failure, learn from it, and strive for success after you've failed.

Because hardly everyone has the bravery, make the most of it by failing until you don't. When we fail repeatedly and become accustomed to it, we begin to believe that there is nothing more to lose, and we go all in, regardless of the consequences.

Failure Teaches Us Humility

People who haven't failed have had fewer opportunities to examine themselves closely and comprehend their reasons. They might come out as arrogant, even cocky, in their approach to what they're doing.

And we have a tendency to let success go to our heads when it comes early in our careers. When we allow our success to get the best of us, we become conceited, believing that we have accomplished everything there is to achieve in life and that nothing can knock us down. That is when our collapse begins, and it is only after we have reached rock bottom that we appreciate the value of what we have and how we should have maintained it. That is when we see the importance of appreciating our blessings and being grateful for what we have been given. Yes, boldness is fantastic. Knowing how far you'll fall before you hit rock bottom is preferable.

That way, if you do take a jump, you'll do it understanding what you're doing.

Failure Allows Us to Accept Responsibility

Only through failing can we learn to accept responsibility for our mistakes and accept our defects. We know exactly what we need to accomplish and which areas we need to improve on when we assume responsibility for our errors.

Accepting our flaws and failures takes bravery, but once we master it, no one will be able to raise a finger at us.

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Failure has The Ability to Bring forth Our Greatest Qualities

Failure has The Ability to Bring forth Our Greatest Qualities
Failure has The Ability to Bring forth Our Greatest Qualities

Failure allows us to try new things and shift our view of ourselves and our environment. It allows us to delve deep within ourselves and discover our genuine identities. Nothing is more powerful than discovering something about ourselves that we didn't know or were aware existed before. Those of us who talk about failure in a positive light probably do so because of what it has taught us. It doesn't imply the pain is any less intense or that the experience is any less unpleasant. The realization you get is that messing up isn't a detour from your trip; it's a necessary part of it.

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Failure Can be Your Biggest Teacher

When we fail, most of us become frustrated without recognizing that there is a valuable lesson to be learned. Make a positive return cycle out of your negative process. If you made a mistake, remember that there's nothing wrong with it. Consider the failure to be a helpful learning tool.

Use it to ensure that things are done correctly the following time.

Failure permits us to reflect in ways that we would not have been able to if we had succeeded. Take advantage of this! Determine what's keeping you from achieving your goals so you can close the gap.

Stop berating yourself and victimizing yourself; instead, consider what you should do differently next time to prevent making the same mistakes. If you don't see anything to be learned, you'll keep making the same mistakes until you figure out what you need to know from that failure.

Even those who appear to have learned nothing have had to confront aspects of themselves that they would not otherwise have had to face. Maybe they've made the same mistakes before since they weren't major red flags.

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Why Do We Fail? Reasons Behind Our Failures

Till now we have covered various aspects of failure and how we should embrace failures in life, but failing, again and again, should not be an option. There is an old saying, a mistake repeated more than once is not a mistake, it's a choice.

Therefore, we should look into other factors mentioned below that play equally important roles in our failure.

Failure Due to Fear

We always try to follow the herd mentality, and we end up doing something that we truly do not enjoy or fear losing social prestige. To know if we carry a fear of failure, we generally ask questions starting with What if?

Failure Due to Indiscipline

Many people believe that discipline takes our freedom, but it's a half-truth that people tell themselves. In reality, being disciplined allows us extra time to do things that we like or have fun with while doing.

Failure Due to Poor Self-Esteem

People who have thoughts of inferiority, tend to fall into the failure category all the time, they live in their poor thoughts of not having sufficient. They doubt their own abilities instead of working on them and that makes them focus on the wrong side of the aisle. People with low self-esteem end up doing nothing and quitting on everything they take into their hands.

Failure Due to Distractions

Monomaniacal, bloody-minded, ruthless focus on a solitary goal is key to success.- Dr. Roman Saini, Co-Founder, Unacademy Group

The above lines accurately sum up the amount of focus required for success in any undertaking and failing to maintain focus leads to failure.

Failure Due to Irresponsibility

Blaming others for your failure is called escaping or putting the fruits of your deeds into others' laps. If you want to drive your course of life in a successful direction, you should start taking responsibility for your actions as well as for your failures too.


Doing something that you have a chance of failing at indicates that you are doing something meaningful. Life would be monotonous and uninspired if you didn't push yourself or evolve into someone new on a route of ease and comfort. So, just because you made a mistake or failed at something, don't quit up; it's not the end of the world yet. Regroup, reassess, and strategies, and then make your move.


Why should we embrace failure?

Embracing failure means accepting our flaws and understanding the situation well. It leads to making us know what mistakes we need to avoid in the future and helps us in being a better version of ourselves.

What can you learn from failures?

Failures can teach us the below things:

  • Bravery
  • Humility
  • Responsibility

How does failure affect a person psychologically?

Failure can lead to psychological effects mentioned below on a person:

  • Helplessness
  • Hopelessness
  • Distortion
  • Fearful
  • Anxiety

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