Anisha Singh - Founder Of Mydala And She Capital

Anisha Singh is known for co-founding Mydala, an e-commerce platform, with the assistance of Arjun Basu and Ashish Bhatnagar in 2009. Mydala is a merchant marketing platform that helps businesses get users with almost no upfront cost.

Anisha was born in a joint family in Delhi; her father is an ex-force member and runs a business, while her mother is a dentist. She studied in a boarding school. Anisha did her graduation and MBA from American University.

She recently founded She Capital, an early-stage fund investing in women-led or women-centric ventures with high growth potential.

Anisha Singh - Biography

Name Anisha Singh
Birthplace Delhi
Nationality India
Organisation founded Mydala, SHE Capital
Education American University
Net worth ~$150 Million
Husband Arjun Basu

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Anisha Singh - Professional Life
Anisha Singh - Mydala
Anisha Singh - She Capital
Anisha Singh's Views on Entrepreneurship
Book Mentions
Anisha Singh - Recognition

Anisha Singh - Professional Life

Unlike many children, Anisha never had a childhood dream about what to do in life. No clue at all! She wasn't even sure of what to do in life. It was one of her professors who believed that she could achieve a lot, introduced her to entrepreneurs, and said her to go for an MBA. This led her to intern at an amazing company in DC that was run by a woman named Julie Holdren. How Julie was spearheading a startup of 400 people inspired Anisha.

Anisha's professional journey began as a Strategic Alliance Manager for a prominent software company in the United States. In 2004, Anisha started a company that provided digital content marketing solutions for the real estate and e-learning industry to US companies. Later, she moved to India and launched Mydala.

Anisha Singh, Founding Member, She Capital

She also worked for the Clinton Administration in helping women entrepreneurs raise funding for innovative women-led businesses. Anisha almost spent 12 years on the East coast, mostly in Washington DC, Boston, and New York.

Anisha Singh - Mydala

Anisha has a thing for unusual names as evident by her first venture's name, Kinis. Mydala comes from a Sanskrit word “dala” which means group, thus Mydala translates to 'my group'; the idea was to provide deals to customers in a group setting.

Anisha Singh is the founder and CEO at Mydala. She was looking for ideas, and she once came across a Chinese get-together seeking discounts, and this trend was evolving in the United States as well. She thought to give this idea a try in the Indian market as no one had tested it yet. She then started a group buying deals site which she never knew had such tremendous potential in the Indian sector.

Anisha wants to see Mydala as the de-facto provider of coupons and loyalty programs. She plans to extend her network into a big platform where every Indian would first visit Mydala for anything to be searched, be it food, shopping, or anything. Mydala has made significant strides and now has a network in 196 cities with over 165,000 merchants and have over 38 million registered users.

She believes it is a good time for the online coupons and discount marketing industry with a huge scope for innovation. Recently, Mydala has stepped into product listings from categories such as eatables, personal care, and household items. She assures bringing many other changes in the and adds many new features.

Mydala founder Anisha says that a person can learn more about oneself as an entrepreneur than any other vocation. The challenging aspect was to get people to use the new service.

Anisha Singh - She Capital

Anisha Singh founded She Capital with a belief to help the next generation of phenomenal female-led businesses scale to their maximum potential. Studies have proven that women-led startups generate more revenue for every dollar invested yet venture investment to women-led ventures continues to be marginal. Her goal is to change that by investing behind stellar entrepreneurs building great businesses.

Anisha Singh's She Capital offers:

  • Mentorship to help your venture reach its full potential
  • The financial support you need for growth
  • Strong networking opportunities within your chosen industry
  • An opportunity to contribute to the future of economic growth in India
  • A brighter future for female entrepreneurs in India

Anisha Singh's Views on Entrepreneurship

Anisha believes if you talk sensible, people will listen to you and things go as planned. She feels that an entrepreneur has a lot more opportunities in general.

Anisha is firm on her stance that being a woman entrepreneur is not tough. After several conversations with many aspiring womanpreneurs, she realized that women are held back by themselves. She thinks women, in general, hesitate to speak and tend to doubt and guess. Anisha wants women to encourage their colleagues of the same gender and achieve great heights.


Anisha says her two daughters as the greatest source of motivation and considers herself to be fortunate as she married her best friend. With the support of her parents and in-laws, she stays motivated.

Book Mentions

Anisha has been mentioned in a few books, and people interested to learn more about her journey should read them:

  • Super Women, Inspiring Stories of 20 Women Entrepreneurs - Prachi Garg
  • Dare to Be: 14 Fearless Women Who Gave Wings to Their Dreams - Rinku Paul

Anisha Singh - Recognition

Anisha is known for speaking her mind and is an advocate of women's rights. She has delivered talks on a range of topics—entrepreneurship, women leadership, the startup ecosystem in India, and more—in various national and global events.

She has spoken in these events and many others:

  • Founders Forum, (London, June 2016)
  • India Unlimited Conference, Sweden (May 2016)
  • MIT India Conference (USA, Apr 2016)

Anisha has been a motivation for many women entrepreneurs and keeps motivating others while advocating innovation. Anisha focuses on constantly improving her business and reach out to the masses.


Who is Anisha Singh?

Anisha Singh is known for co-founding Mydala, an e-commerce platform. Mydala is a merchant marketing platform that helps businesses get users with almost no upfront cost. She also founded She Capital, an early-stage fund investing in women-led or women-centric ventures with high growth potential.

What is She Capital?

Anisha Singh founded She Capital, an early-stage fund investing in women-led or women-centric ventures with high growth potential.

Who is CEO of MyDala?

Anisha Singh is the founder and CEO at Mydala

How much Funding was raised by Mydala till date?

MyDala has bagged Rs 28 crore of funding to date, of which Rs 27 crore came from Info Edge India Ltd, owner of and

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