Suchi Mukherjee: Founder & CEO of LimeRoad

Suchi Mukherjee is an Indian Entrepreneur who founded the online shopping site, Limeroad in 2012. She aimed at creating the largest women's-only marketplace in South East Asia. She has been conferred with various awards owing to her contributions in ascending business and comprehending consumer technology. Moreover, she is the Elected Member of Newnham Associates from University of Cambridge in 2008. In 2011, Global Women's Forum voted her 1 among 15 "Rising Talent- global leaders under 40" via World Women's Forum.

Suchi Mukherjee- Biography

Name Suchi Mukherjee
Born 6 July, 1973
Birthplace Haryana, India
Age 48 (2021)
Nationality Indian
Education University of Cambridge
Profession Entrepreneur
Position Founder & CEO, Limeroad
Marital Status Married
Children 2

Suchi Mukherjee- Personal Life
Suchi Mukherjee- Education
Suchi Mukherjee- Professional Life
Suchi Mukherjee- Present Career
Suchi Mukherjee- Founder & CEO of Limeroad
Suchi Mukherjee- Business idea
Suchi Mukherjee- Honors & Awards

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Suchi Mukherjee- Personal Life

Suchi came from a middle-class family of Haryana, India. She was a bright student in her school and college. She started her career at a very young age.

She got married to her long-time boyfriend and the couple bear two children. Until now, no controversies arose against her. This eventually shows that her husband and family supports her in conquering the corporate world of business.

Suchi Mukherjee- Education

Suchi graduated from St. Stephens College, Delhi. She then received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics with Maths  from University of Cambridge in 1998. She is a Cambridge Commonwealth Trust Scholar & Fellow and a Chadburn Scholar. She holds a University record in Development Economics.

She then pursued Masters in Finance & Economics from London School of Economics (LSE), which is one of the elite social sciences universities in the world. She is a British Chevening Scholar at LSE.

Suchi Mukherjee- Professional Life

Suchi started working at a sector specialized in telecoms media technology and financial institutions at Lehman Brothers Incorporation. She was a Senior Associate, Corporate Finance at the company and worked there for five years (July 1998 to June 2003).

Post that, she served as the Director of Change & Business Development at Virgin Media. She was the member of the Consumer Division Management Team of the firm. The company grossed a revenue of $2.5 billion under her vision of leadership. She worked there from June 2003 to May 2005.

She headed the business seller programs and CS at eBay Incorporation for one year (Feb 2006-2007). She was the member of the UK Operating Management Team of the e-commerce portal. She was prominently promoted in eBay, owing to her managerial and business skills.

She then became the Director & Member of Executive Management Team at Skype, which was then an eBay Inc company. She examined product and marketing, which includes planning, product / UI design, payments, brand and channels. She served at the company from July 2007 to December 2008.

In January 2009, she became the Managing Director & GM of GumTree, which as then an eBay Inc company. She served at the company for two years and left the job in August 2011. Under her leadership, the company escalated from No.3 to No.1 within a few years.

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Suchi Mukherjee- Present Career

After getting off with 8 past jobs, she eventually thought of establishing her own startup focusing on fashion and apparel for women. At present, Suchi is serving as the Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the e-commerce site, LimeRoad, which was established in 2012.

Suchi Mukherjee- Founder & CEO of Limeroad

LimeRoad Logo

Suchi founded the online shopping platform, LimeRoad in 2012. The company is headquartered in Gurugram, Haryana, India. She serves as the CEO of the company. LimeRoad is one of the fastest growing digital shopping platforms in India.

It is a social-commerce platform primarily made for woman with an improbable diameter of carefully selected retailers. It enables customers to discover the best of lifestyle products across categories like apparel, accessories, home and non-perishable food.

Bollywood Actor Neha Dhupia serves as the Art Director of LimeRoad. Ahti Heinla, Founding Architect of Skype and Michel V Swaaji, Ex-Chairman of Skype, serves as the Board of Advisors of LimeRoad. The investors of LimeRoad include, Matrix Partners, Lightspeed Venture Partners and Tiger Global.

Suchi Mukherjee- Business idea

Suchi thought of establishing a woman-only shopping site after the birth of her second child. She once saw an advertisement of a jewelry in a fashion magazine and she immediately wanted to have that piece. This is where she felt the need of the availability of such a market and the idea eventually culminated into the establishment of LimeRoad. She aimed to transform the fashion industry on the digital platform by manufacturing products from the South East Asia more eccentric.

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Suchi Mukherjee- Honors & Awards

  • LimeRoad received the Best startups from Business Today in 2015
  • Suchi won INFOCOM Women of the Year in 2015
  • NDTV conferred her with the Unicorn Startup Award in 2016
  • The Economic Times nominated her for the ET Startup Award in 2017
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