Success Story of Vineeta Singh - Founder of Sugar Cosmetics

Success Story of Vineeta Singh - Founder of Sugar Cosmetics

Prior to the development of the D2C and e-commerce section of India, the Indian market was hugely dominated by the cosmetic-giants, leaving less or no space for the newbies. In the last decade, work done by startups, namely, WOW Skin, Plum, Nykaa, and Sugar, and their reach, cannot be overlooked. Today these options are at the top of the go-to list of Indian customers. The service provided by them, and the quality of the products are nowhere less than those of the cosmetic giants.

One of the top premium cosmetic brands in India, Sugar Cosmetics has a cult following among millennials. Thanks to its clutter-breaking attitude, distinctive low-poly attractive packaging, and bestsellers, Sugar is the cosmetics brand of choice for strong, independent women who reject any boundaries or parameters they are being fit into. With a cruelty-free collection that is strong in design and high in quality, the company is committed to creating products that are a perfect fit for every Indian skin tone throughout the seasons and throughout the calendar, which is a rare sight.

Vineeta, the co-founder of Sugar and a strong independent woman who's an inspiration to many little girls out there, established Sugar by making it accessible, inexpensive, and ideal for Indian skin. The company's products and excellent marketing methods have elevated the brand to the top of the list of Indian women's preferences.

Read this article further, to learn about the journey of Vineeta Singh starting from her early life, her education, her current state, and much more.

Vineeta Singh - Biography

Name Vineeta Singh
YOB 1984
Nationality Indian
Spouse Kaushik Mukherjee
Home Town Delhi, India
Occupation Entrepreneur
Educational Qualification Post Graduate
Alma Mater IIT Madras(BTech), IIM Ahmedabad(MBA)

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Vineeta Singh - Early Life, and Education

Vinita Singh was born in Delhi, India, in 1991. She finished her schooling at the Delhi Public School, R.K. Puram, in Delhi.

Vineeta received her undergraduate degree in the course of  Electrical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology Madras in 2005. Later, she got herself into IIM Ahmedabad to pursue her MBA in 2007.

Vineeta Singh - Family

Tej Singh, Vineeta Singh's father, was a scientist at the "All India Institute of Medical Sciences." Her father is highly passionate about his work. There is no doubt that her parents had a significant impact on her and helped shape who she is today. Her post-graduate MBA program introduced her to Kaushik Mukherjee, whom she married shortly after graduating in 2011.

Founders of Sugar - Vineeta and Kaushik
Founders of Sugar - Vineeta and Kaushik

Kaushik, Sugar Cosmetics' President, and Chief Operating Officer is both her business and life partner. The couple is known as the "Ironman couple" because they completed the world's longest race. The couple has two sons, Vikrant and Kaushik.

Sugar Cosmetics - Company Profile | Founders | Funding | Business Model
Sugar Cosmetics is one of India’s fastest-growing premium cosmetic companies, with a cult following among millennials. Know more about it here.

Vineeta Singh - Career

Vineeta Singh is the co-founder and CEO of SUGAR and Fab Bag. FabBags is a grooming subscription service that was established in 2012. Nykaa cosmetics, Kay by Katrina, and Starlust are the other companies that compete in the cosmetics market along with Sugar Cosmetics.

Her first summer job at Deutsche Bank was as a student in 2006. Vineeta Singh's extensive experience in the banking and financial industry has earned her the position of Director for Quetzal Verify Private Limited. Her tenure in that position, however, was for five years.

Vineeta Singh founded Sugar after failing to launch two previous firms and turning down a job offer of "one crore" from a multinational investment company. That's correct. Instead of creating something for others, she desired to do something for herself. Singh founded her third startup Sugar, alongside her husband, Kaushik Mukherjee.

Back then, the behemoths, Lakmé, L'Oréal, and MAC Cosmetics controlled the Indian cosmetics industry. Then, in 2012, SUGAR was created, defeating a slew of national and global competitors to become India's fastest-growing cosmetics brand. Sugar has become India's fastest-growing cosmetics brand in only five years. The company has over 2500 branded locations in over 130 cities and generates more than 100 crores in sales.

A cosmetic brand established by the artisans of German, Italian, Indian, American, and Korean cities, Sugar Cosmetics, is presently winning across the spectrum. Revenues increased by a huge margin from INR 57 crores in 2020 to INR 104 crores in FY21, with a 15% rise in sales globally.

Vineeta Singh - Sugar Cosmetics

Company Logo of Sugar
Company Logo of Sugar

Sugar Cosmetics is a cult favorite among millennials and one of India's fastest-growing premium cosmetic firms. Sugar, with its clutter-breaking attitude, distinctive minimal packaging, and distinctly good products, is the cosmetics of choice for courageous independent women who refuse to be stereotyped by stereotypes. Bestsellers in the Lips, Eyes, Face, Nails, and Skin categories are sent all over the world from the brand's cutting-edge facilities in Germany, Italy, India, the United States, and Korea.

“My savings were diminishing; I’d hardly ever go out because I was on a strict budget. But I pushed on. I even started a venture, but it didn’t work as planned. After a year, I felt brave enough to give entrepreneurship another shot with Fab Bag, a beauty subscription company. But after research, I realized the need for quality cosmetics for Indian women–that’s how Sugar Cosmetics was born."
Products of Sugar
Products of Sugar

With a cruelty-free range that is excellent in appearance and strong in functionality, the brand is dedicated to developing products that are a wonderful fit for every Indian skin tone throughout the seasons and across the calendar. Sugar Cosmetics is rapidly extending its powerful presence, to reach the doorsteps of every cosmetics consumer in the country by 2021, supported by the trust of marquee investors and the enthusiasm of millions of beauty devotees.

Vineeta Singh - Shark Tank

Shark Tank India introduced us to a plethora of individuals who are responsible for the success of major companies. Vineeta Singh, the co-founder of women's favorite Sugar Cosmetics, is one such name. This woman has set a terrific example for aspiring female entrepreneurs. She has not only earned success for herself, but she also serves as an inspiration to many aspiring enterprise founders.

She invested in several of the firms featured on the show. Vineeta has invested in the following startups:

  1. Skippi Ice Popsicles
  2. CosIQ
  3. BluePine Foods
  4. Booz
  5. NOCD
  6. Heart Up My Sleeves
  7. Sunfox Technologies
  8. The Quirky Naari
  9. Humpy A2 Milk & Organic Farms
  10. Wakao
  11. Kabaddi Adda
  12. Jain Shikanji Masala
  13. Nomad Food Project
  14. Get-A-Whey

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Vineeta Singh - Personal Life

Vineeta Singh, Co-Founder, and CEO of SUGAR Cosmetics was an outgoing child. At 23, she learned how passionate she had been about fitness while studying at IIM-Ahmedabad. She had never raced more than a kilometer before until she was challenged to compete in the Mumbai Full Marathon, and she ended up signing up for the 42-kilometer marathon. She gained so much from the experience that the CEO became obsessed with the concept of becoming a lifetime runner.

Vineeta's running resume includes 20 marathons, ultramarathons, and roughly a dozen half-marathons. She has also participated in various triathlons, the most notable of which being the renowned Ironman, which she finished in Austria in 2017. The Ironman, popularised in India by Milind Soman, consists of a 3.8-kilometer swim, a 180-kilometer bicycle ride, and a 42-kilometer full marathon. This is not something you decide to do one morning. But that's not all; she also ran the 89-kilometer Comrades Ultramarathon from 2012 to 2014.

Even though her life is slowly returning to normal following quarantine, she still makes it a point to devote an hour each day to her training program. She works out in the morning to get the day started well and to get in a workout before the stressful hours catch up with her. Vineeta gets the 'me-time' she needs to relieve mental tension while also enhancing productivity and optimism throughout the day with an hour of exercise.

Vineeta is a huge supporter of any exercise or sport that takes her outside, and in addition to jogging, she swims and bikes whenever she has the chance. Another activity she enjoys is badminton; she competed in several tournaments during her undergrad and B-school years.

"When it comes to nutrition, I never was one to follow a strict diet or restrict myself, when it comes to nutrition. I'm not a fan of diet fads so I stick to everyday home food at regular intervals. I make it a point to always stay hydrated and do simple portion control while eating," says Vineeta. - Company Profile | Beauty Startup
Purplle is a multi-brand beauty retailer selling cosmetic and wellness products. Know more about its company profile, business model, success story, etc.

Vineeta Singh - Investments

Vineeta Singh has invested in four companies. Her TheirHer most recent investment was Series A - Josh Talks, having raised 270M on May 10, 2022.

Date Organization Name Round Amount
May 10, 2022 Josh Talks Series A ₹270M
Jan 31, 2022 Humpy Farms Angel Round ₹10M
Dec 28, 2021 Skippi Ice Pops Seed Round ₹10M
Dec 23, 2021 CosIQ Seed Round ₹5M

Vineeta - Awards and Recognitions

  • Vineeta was an academic gold medalist between 1993 and 2001. She is also an excellent athlete.
  • She won two gold medals and two silver medals in the IIT Madras Badminton Tournament.
  • She received the Dulari Mattu Award for the finest female all-rounder at IIM Ahmedabad in 2007.
  • In 2012 and 2013, she received back-to-back medals from the Comrades Marathon Association for completing both the Ups and Downs (89 km) and Comrades Back-to-Back (89 km), South Africa's highest Ultra-Marathon.
  • In 2020, she was named one of India's 40 Under Forty business leaders by the Economic Times.
  • According to Forbes India, she will be one of India's most powerful women in 2021.
  • Amitabh Bachchan's most successful show, Kon Banega Crore Pati (KBC), featured her as an expert, in the context of one of the questions.
  • Furthermore, for more than a decade now, Vineeta has been manufacturing best-selling cosmetic products, making millions of dollars in sales each year.


What is Vineeta Singh's net worth?

The net worth of Vineeta Singh is about $8 Millions.

How much salary does Vineeta Singh get from Sugar?

Vineeta Singh's annual salary from Sugar Cosmetics is approx 14-15 Crores.

How many companies did Vineeta Singh Co-found?

Vineeta Singh is a co-founder of 2 companies; Sugar Cosmetics & Fab Bags.

Is Sugar Cosmetics a Unicorn?

No, Sugar Costemics is not a Unicorn yet.

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