7 Reasons Brands Should Change Product Packaging

7 Reasons Brands Should Change Product Packaging

Packaging industry is more than just packaging to consumers today. Consumers, distributors, retailers and food producers are looking for fresher, more thoughtful packaging solutions that has minimum negative impact on the environment. The right kind of packaging will catch the eye of consumers, and it will also differentiate the product from the potential business competitors. A strong packaging strategy will also act as a marketing tool, informing the consumer what the brand is about.

Better packaging creates brand identity in the market. A dedicated consumer can recognize it from anywhere in the environment, that’s a winning situation for the brand. The company must adapt to the needs and demands of the customer and the generation in order to attract more customers. This has been evident in the packaging changes over the years, as companies adapt the packaging to the generation.

Product Packaging during Covid-19
Reasons to Change Product Packaging
Benefits of Changing Product Packaging

Product Packaging during Covid-19

During the pandemic, brands are redefining their packaging and design strategy to cater to safety-concerned consumers. For instance, Swiggy introduced extra protective double-layered packaging to the food keeping it fresh and safe, while Nature’s Basket are switching to single-use paper bags that can be disposed after use.

Some are delivering sanitizers with the goods, while others are facilitating digital payments through QR codes. India’s packaging industry has seen a boost during the pandemic due to lockdown on physical stores and higher adoption of e-commerce. Brands are trying to make changes in their packaging and design, in an attempt to make it safer during the pandemic. The importance for immunity and safer packaging grows stronger.

Reasons to Change Product Packaging

The most important aspects of the marketing is arguably the product packaging. In most cases, businesses with physical products, the packaging design is the deciding factor on whether the item is purchased or not. In today’s design-focused environment, customers give equal importance on the quality of the packaging design of the product. To stand out in the product competition, companies need to invest on the product packaging.

Evolution of Coca Cola's Packaging

When to consider a product packaging redesign is the concern? There are several instances when the change in the Product Packaging needs to be considered.

1. Budget Problems

Every Organization experiences financial and budget constraints. There are some expenses that eat the organization's revenue. Also, some product packaging can be costly. Organizations can be excessively financially invested in their product packaging design without any noticeable return on investment. Moreover, Organizations have to consider changes in the product packaging if they want to cut costs.

2. Outdated Product Packaging Design

The Packaging Design trends are always evolving and most of the product packaging designs during this decade feature bright colors and a lot of design elements. Today’s design standards tend to go the minimalist route. Designers emphasize a huge deal on white space, that is the blank space around the text and symbols. Check when the product design was created. Compare the design to the current trends in your industry’s product packaging. The change in the product packaging is definitely needed if it's too old and the product should be launched with a new face.

3. Advanced Product Packaging Technology

New technology has more efficient product packaging methods. Furthermore, there are new ways to design the packaging. The organizations can have greater updates on their branding by using new technologies on product packaging. There are new styles to choose that may be a better fit for the products. Businesses can incorporate the latest ones in their design to create a more powerful packaging redesign. Thus, advancements in packaging technology demand changes in product packaging.

4. Change in Product Formula

Product formula change with time and new ingredients become available. Latest technologies changes product’s functionalities and specifications. The product may even need a new size or a new shape. To work on these changes, businesses also need to change the product packaging design. Beside from the obvious need to change ingredients or change the packaging shape and size, it is also a good opportunity to advertise the improvements on the product formula.

5. Customer Relations Crisis

Customer relations nightmares can happen even to the best of organizations. Especially when customer interaction happens almost immediately through social media, one bad piece of publicity could be fatal to the brand. It takes time to recover from the effect of the negative publicity. That is why an organization should take the time to consider and change the product packaging. It would show that the organization is actively trying to improve their product and image, starting with the design.

6. Emotional Connection To The Brand

If Organizations are asked the reason of picking up the specific product as opposed to the other five on the shelf. More often, they won’t be able to articulate the accurate reason. It is always the emotional connections that keep a target market loyal and coming back to the brand.  These are the relationships the brand should strive to develop. These relationships can help achieve longevity and a sustainable competitive advantage. Therefore, to differentiate their products from the competition, a company needs to change their packaging constantly.

7. Test New Product Packaging with Research

Test new packaging with qualitative and quantitative research. Guess the packaging redesign by actually implementing and having people's reaction to it. Analyzing what is working well to communicate the desired message and what is not. It can cost ample amount of resources and budget to test, but ultimately it can save mega wealth in the long run and increase the chances for sales success. Continuous research will help an organization make changes to the product packaging.

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Benefits of changing Product Packaging

The most important job in a business is change which is always constant. Transforming how the target audience feel about the brand, it is important to know what makes the customer purchase the product. The customer starts to love the product at first sight which is crucial for a brand.

Attract New Audience

The designs influences the audience. The product and its plain packaging attracts consumers with a minimalist. If in organization want to emphasize their commitment to sustainability, consider adding more colors to the packaging. This attracts younger, eco-focused consumer who cares about what goes into the products they buy. Be exact with who you’re trying to attract. Therefore, product packaging needs some regular changes in order to attract new customers.

Make the Product Recognizable

To consumers, changes can seem random but they are also looking forward to what new the businesses are capable of. Changed or updated Product Packaging design can even make the audience recognize the brand's logo, the unique color scheme Product Packaging is way too catchy compared to a product next on the shelf. These techniques will help organizations increase sales and attract more customers.

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All the brands in the market almost try to be out of the box in terms of packaging. Brands can't play safe with their innovation whether it be the product itself or the packaging. If you see sales stagnant, maybe it isn’t your product as much as it is your packaging.

Ultimately, the brand has to stand out, communicate key messages and foster emotional connections with the brand through packaging.


Why is a change in product packaging necessary?

Choosing the right packaging will appeal to consumers and act as a marketing tool by informing them of the brand's values.

What are the benefits of changing product packaging?

Change in product packaging bring in new audiences and make the product recognizable.

What are the changes in product packaging during Covid-19?

As consumers become more conscious of their safety, brands are redefining their packaging and design strategy to comply with their needs.

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