Effective Marketing Ideas To Boost Sales During Diwali

Tanusha Verma Tanusha Verma
Oct 19, 2020 7 min read
Effective Marketing Ideas To Boost Sales During Diwali

In order to make the most appropriate strategies for increasing sales during the festive season, we interacted with top executives from different companies across the country.

With the festival season round the corner, businesses, brands and companies are gearing up to launch their festive sales and analyse the marketing strategies that that can be used to amplify their sales during this period. These festivals provide an opportunity to increase their profit margin as despite all odds, people prefer to shop during auspicious festivals like Deepawali.

As the COVID-19 pandemic has almost severely impacted every economy across the globe, Indian markets are also struggling to make a comeback in these tough times. Thus, in order to make the most appropriate strategies for increasing sales during the festive season, we interacted with top executives from different companies across the country. They shared their valuable suggestions and endorsed their views on the 'Most effective marketing ideas to increase sales during Diwali'.

Husain Habib - Co-founder and CMO, Hats Off

With a grim year this has been, it is important to share a ray of light and hope in peoples lives. There is not one person who has not experienced a financial crunch this year, be it the rich or the poor. People are now thinking ten times before making any purchase prioritizing their needs. The first thing that needs to be done is to create a need. Keeping offers, discounts and also giving a good package deal as well would work.

Chatbots are now an effective tool to be in direct touch with the customers and assist them with their needs and queries. Retaining customers is key and to send out newsletters, emails and being in touch via Whatsapp, and also making things convenient such as banking services now being done at a mere Whatsapp click makes it more user friendly for customers. Offering home delivery encouraging the concept of staying home and staying safe is also the need of the hour. Boosting posts on social media is working much better than before as people are spending alot of their time on social media and living the virtual world.

How AI Chatbot Increases Sales/ Sales Boost by AI Chatbot
Artificial intelligence chatbots mainly distinguish themselves from other chatbots by their ability to understand the intentions behind the customer’s questions. Chatbots provide the precise information customers are looking for.

Gauging keywords and understanding the customers search requirement would also help one better their customer offerings through SEO marketing. Blogs, articles where one shares an experience that is more relatable is also working out, showing that the brand cares and abides by the safety and hygiene standards and being responsible on the whole. Big fashion labels have switched to producing masks and gloves as this is the new requirement attached with the new normal.

Many brands are sending out products maintaining safety norms to influences who are able to promote it on their social media page. So this Diwali, where everyone will be indoors, it is important to create an emotion, connection, need and mutual understanding to boost sales during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Anurag Chaudhary

Email marketing is the fastest way to communicate with your clients. It can also help expand the scope and improve sales. If email marketing is successful, it can mean more skilled leadership for an online company. Make sure that all of your mailers convey the best Diwali offers and deals to your customers. By integrating value proposition into the minds of your customers, you will build excitement and attract more traffic to your website.

Make your loyal customers feel special this festive season. Segregate your premium and regular customers who have already brought a lot of business to your brand. Target the top 100 of your customers. Focus on them and give them special attention by offering them personalised and special deals. Make sure they have a personal connection to you and your brand. Call them and have a one-on-one chat and let them know that these deals are specifically for them.

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Dheer Shah - CEO, Samaara Tea

We are one of the first tea brands in India to have an online presence, solely. Although we are present in over 25 countries, entering the diverse market of India has helped us gain perspective towards our marketing plans. To stay relevant and generate sales it is crucial to be active on the right platform at the right time.

Our key focus has always been to provide our customers with quality as well as stay pertinent in the ever changing market scenario.

Khyati - Director, Trailblazers PR

Considering the status quo, most of us are relying on digital platforms for promotions and to save costs. Running ads for special offers, new campaigns etc is an effective means for greater reach and is also cost effective. To boost sales, new and innovative ideas that are both feasible for customers and owners is what we are looking at this season.

Arpan Biswas - VP Marketing, Housejoy

Focus on customer's needs and not on wants as most are delaying non-essential spends. Create content that's useful or inspirational so that customers share them with their network. Cut back ATL spends and focus more on digital as screen time is increasing.

Shekhar Gupta - Founder & Marketing Head, Vastrique

Measuring the ROI in marketing is Science, and marketing without measuring ROI of few things is an Art!

Kuldeep Chaudhary - CEO, Adohm Adohm Pvt Ltd.

Seller should use AI based omnichannel optimisation platforms to find the right customers for their products and beat the competition . Also segmenting audience on can help reduce ROAS as the right audience can be targeted using mutiple options from Remarketing ads to, push notification on web as well as app notifications. Sending out business emailers are a great way to boost sales during festivities. Email marketing helps create a strong bond between the customer and the brand. Two thirds of customers have already been encouraged to buy via a marketing email. The more interesting and relevant the content of the emailer is , the more customers it will attract.

It is important to remember that segmentation is crucial  while sending out emailers so that the content can be personalised. Companies that use email marketing as one of the key approaches, benefit more in terms of ROI, than companies who do not. ADOHM Adtech Pvt. Ltd, uses artificial intelligence to provide an email marketing solution that allows seamless campaigning that reaches a specific list of targeted  audience through a simplified process.

Veer Mishra - Co-Founder, CMO, Veda Labs

The Indian e-commerce landscape has been on the cusp of a major revolution as the COVID-19 lockdown puts the onus on e-commerce to fulfill all the requirements of a consumer at their doorstep. For the direct to consumer brands, which depend on brand awareness for growth, the burden on supply chain and even restricted operations due to operational issues for non-essentials, the Covid-19 period brought the focus on reviewing the company strategy.

For most brands, today, doing digital marketing, having an ecommerce storefront and delivering the product in a D2C network isn’t really a strategic advantage anymore. At this point, the retention marketing strategy comes into play and it becomes more about bringing back existing customers than paying through the nose to acquire new ones.

As logic dictates, anyone who has used the product or transacted through a D2C ecommerce platform would be easier to convince for repeat business, especially if the product meets the quality criteria. So in the new battleground for D2C brands, retention marketing is playing a huge role.

As for us at Veda labs, since we are a B2B focussed company, we focussed on creating a messaging in the market in a way that explains all the businesses, be it Retail or real estate or any other, that our products can enable them to ensure a proper and safe environment.

We used our existing technology and tweaked it in a way that it makes it more efficient in COVID times, thus we introduced COVID Safety Kit which enables businesses to have proper vigilance on their premises with social distancing and other key parameters.

Our major focus was to reach out to as many key decision makers as possible and within a month, we were able to establish : 200+ virtual demos, 50+ follow on meetings , 2 Key Partnerships.

And looking forward to the next two quarters, we plan to expand our reach in Housing societies and corporate parks with our solutions. All the people we reached out to through marketing campaigns or emailers or in some past events, they all live at some condos with few 100s of other families and thus breaching that market with our product here is the goal.

We believe that the campaigns perform pretty well when the messaging is extremely simple, clear and focussed."

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