Top Most Innovative Yet Cost-effective Ad Campaigns Ever

Top Most Innovative Yet Cost-effective Ad Campaigns Ever
Cost effective innovative ad campaigns

Advertising plays a huge role in making a business shine. The root of a business is no doubt the product and service. But what makes these roots grow is a great marketing strategy.

The big brands in the market were not born big. They had their share of struggles. It is difficult for everyone to enter the markets and stay relevant. So, it is important for brands to keep up with the trends.

There are many ways to advertise something. Everyone has their own take on it. One of the effective ways is to indulge in campaigns.

A great and successful ad campaign is that which creates a bigger and more effective impact. But at the same time, does not cost much.

What are Ad Campaigns?
What are the Benefits of an Ad Campaign?
Most Innovative Yet Low-Cost Ad Campaigns Ever

What are Ad Campaigns?

It is a collection of different commercials with the same message. The base of these commercials possesses a single belief and theme. It helps businesses to meet a specific goal.

When a business wants to make an impactful difference in terms of size and success, they have to focus on customer demographics. A campaign gives the business a focused edge.

A campaign consists of many layers. These include design elements, sales focuses, and other strategies. When all these works together for a single idea, it makes for a successful campaign.

Thus, an ad campaign is a strategy that enables a business to target the right people. It can be used for many reasons. For example- to increase brand awareness, to drive sales of a particular product or service, and more.

What are the Benefits of an Ad Campaign?

Creating a campaign comes with many benefits. The following are some of its benefits:

  • The foremost benefit is that helps to build awareness. Awareness of a particular product or service or brand as a whole.
  • A creative campaign has the capability to make a business stand out from the rest.
  • When a campaign is made with a relatable and appealing theme, it helps to attract more potential customers.
  • It helps to deliver a strong message along with the promotions.
  • This helps a business to build a strong image.
  • The most important benefit is that it helps in increasing sales.‌

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Most Innovative Yet Low-Cost Ad Campaigns Ever

Campaigns have always been a great choice when it comes to marketing. It not only helps a brand to advertise but also creates a bigger impact on people.

Here are some of the top most low cost & creative ad campaigns of all time:

Dove's Ad Campaign

Dove' Ad Campaign
Dove' Ad Campaign

Dove- the brand has been with us since long back. In 2004, they launched a campaign, ‘ Real Beauty ’. This campaign’s target audience was women and young girls. It aimed to deepen self-love, acceptance, and confidence in them.

One of the most popular ads they made was in 2013. In this, a sketch artist draws two sketches of a person. One from the person’s own description and the other from someone else’s description.

The final result showed that so many women don’t see beauty in themselves. Thus, the main idea of Dove's marketing was to encourage women to accept and embrace their originality.

This real beauty campaign was innovative, impactful, and cost-effective.

Dove Real beauty ad

Coca-Cola's Ad Campaign

Coca cola Ad Campaign
Coca cola Ad Campaign

Coca Cola is super popular among people around the world. In 2011, they introduced a campaign named, ‘Share a Coke’. This started in Australia and in no time was spread in other countries too.

For this campaign, the Coca Cola replaced their original logo with ‘share a coke with’ and a name on it. They made this personalized product to develop a strong connection with the consumers.

This campaign was creative and encouraged people to share their happiness with a coke. It had a low price point, so it was quite easy to convince consumers to make a buy.

It was the simple yet innovative idea that made this campaign a huge success for the company.

Coca cola- Share a Coke Campaign

Apple’s Ad Campaign

Apples's Ad Campaign
Apples's Ad Campaign

Another creative and effective campaign is by Apple. They created an ad campaign in 1997, ‘ Think Different ’. The main idea was to show the differentiation and supremacy of the apple products.

The brand made an ad that showcased old videos of certain idols. These were the idols who were considered different and insane in their time. But they brought massive changes with their work like Edison, Martin Luther, etc.

Apple made their individuality stand out by relating the brand with the crazy yet the most idol figures. This showed that the brand is different and is bound to bring change to the world.

This was a simple campaign with black and white photographs. But the innovativeness in the theme proved to be of great success.

Apple Think Different Ad

Always Ad Campaign

Always' Ad Campaign
Always' Ad Campaign

This menstrual hygiene brand made an ad campaign and addressed the most relevant yet ignored stigma. In 2014, the brand started a campaign, ‘Like A Girl.’ The main idea was to encourage young girls to feel confident.

The campaign did not use any fancy environment or people. But they involved regular people for it. In the ad, people are asked to do things like run, fight like a girl. Everyone does it in a mocking way.

After that, young girls are asked to do the same. They do it in the most regular and appropriate way. By the end, a clear message gets delivered that girls are as fit as the boys, and ‘ like a girl ’ is not an insult.

The campaign imparted a sense of empowerment among the girls during puberty. It was a great success and its hashtag continues to be trending.

Always Like a girl Ad

Volkswagen Ad Campaign

Volkswagen's Ad Campaign
Volkswagen's Ad Campaign

Volkwagen created an effective ad campaign, in an early era that made the brand so popular. In 1960, they launched a campaign, ‘Think Small’. The idea was to grab the people’s attention towards their car.

It was a super simple idea but it was full of innovation. They made prints of their car. In the print, there was this car in the smallest size in the entire white blank paper.

Volkswagen presented its product, the way it was, small. This idea of representing oneself with the utmost individuality gained people’s attention and trust.

Their idea was simple, innovative, and cost-effective. It was one of the most popular and effective ad campaigns that won many awards too.

Volkswagen's think small ad


An advertisement campaign holds a great place in the marketing strategy. It not only attracts customers and sales but also tries to deliver an innovative message along. These messages are impactful and related to the brand. Thus, helps them to connect with a bigger audience.

Over time, many ads have come that occupied a big place in the people’s hearts. Apart from the above-mentioned campaigns, there are more that gained great popularity. For example- Nike- Just do it, Pepsi- Is Pepsi Ok? and many more.


Which media is most economical?

Social media is the most cost-effective and efficient channel.

What are the types of advertising campaign?

Different types of marketing campaigns are:

  • Brand awareness campaign
  • Social media marketing campaign
  • User-Generated Content (UGC) marketing campaign
  • Email marketing campaign
  • Public relations campaign

What are some examples of innovative ad campaigns?

Some innovative ad campaigns are:

  • Dove's Ad Campaign - You are more beautiful than you Think
  • Coca-Cola's Ad Campaign - Share a coke
  • Apple’s Ad Campaign - Think Different
  • Always Ad Campaign - Like A Girl
  • Volkswagen Ad Campaign - Think Small

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