How AI Chatbot Helps In Boosting Sales

Artificial intelligence chatbots mainly distinguish themselves from other chatbots by their ability to understand the intentions behind the customer’s questions. Chatbots provide the precise information customers are looking for.

How AI Chatbot Helps In Boosting Sales

We live in an era where smart companies make use of AI bots to enhance their customer service experience. An AI chatbot is nothing but a software that engages the customer in conversations and provides rather specific answers to their immediate queries. The companies mainly make use of chat bots so they can increase their online sales but the question is, do AI chatbots really help in boosting sales?

Artificial intelligence chatbots mainly distinguish themselves from other chatbots by their ability to understand the intentions behind the customer’s questions. In this way, chatbots provide the precise information customers are looking for at that moment, whenever they need it, not only this but also providing solid opportunities for initial sales, cross-selling and up-selling.

Working of AI Chatbot
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Talking about my own start-up venture, SleepyCat that has come a long way since 2017, we started making the use of an AI chatbot in the early 2020 and have witnessed constant growth since then.

Kabir Siddiq, CEO and Founder SleepyCat

Our system is built to have a more contextual conversation with users meaning it will show results on context to the previous chain of questions answered.

Here are some ways an AI chatbot can be used to your advantage and increase sales –

1.  Conversion from visitors into leads

All the people who visit your website are potential customers and chatbots should be able to store any kind of data that the users provide. Generation, qualification and conversion of leads are one of the features that distinguish all smart chatbots.
This will also result in increase of your lead database and will create greater possibilities to generate sales.

2. Customer interaction

Your customers expect to not only have their queries resolved but also be treated in an empathetic, humane manner. Oh and not to forget; 24x7 availability of someone behind the screen, only if these conditions are fulfilled they will stay with you and keep engaging.

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Smart chatbots have already stored answers and they respond to the customers based on the keywords mentioned in their question. Moreover, AI chatbots are aligned with web services or APIs to offer quick and personalized solutions.

3. Increase in Sales

The best part about AI chatbots is that it can not only be used to entertain new customers but also drive more sales from the existing customers. Once a chatbot has interacted with a particular customer and has the history stored, it can cross-sell or up-sell products to the existing customer. This is one very efficient way to boost sales. Also, this helps in gaining loyalty of the customers and improves customer relationships.

Chatbots can offer solutions to a multitude of information based on the requirements of the business. Talking about us at SleepyCat, we use our chatbot to answer questions mainly about order tracking i.e. customers asking for tracking details of their orders, all answers regarding the delivery of orders and off-course queries pertaining to product specifications.

We have had more than 5000 successful interaction sessions with the AI chatbot. The average duration lasts for a good 3.5 minutes which adds to the retention quality of users that managed to land on the website and use the chatbot. This brings us a steady conversion rate of 2% and we’ve had over 200+ conversions using this feature within 7 months.

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Making use of the AI chatbot for a business is not an option anymore; rather it has become more about staying competitive in the market since more than 20% of the enterprises globally make use of this technology to scale up their businesses. The greatest and most important benefit of the AI chatbot is that it helps in revolutionising the customer experience, let’s dive a little deeper into this –

With time companies have realised the importance of personalisation and that the most important tools in a business is one that can effectively collect user data along with offering a personal touch that the modern-day consumers are looking for.

Chatbots powered by Artificial Intelligence are great for attracting customers and also holding their attention. There are several advancements happening in big data analytics and tracking users past purchasing behaviour, chatbots can simplify the customers experience with an unmatched level of personalisation. This makes the customers feel important and they also start trusting the chatbots recommendations based on the quality of their interactions.

That time is not too far when chatbots will take over social media; answering comments and replying to the inbox messages will become absolutely normal by a chatbot. We are able to accomplish this because the tremendous potential that chatbots bring to the business helping businesses to boost their sales and providing an enriching experience to the consumers. This bot phase has just started gaining traction; it will be one hell of a ride till we reach its highest potential.

This article is contributed by Kabir Siddiq CEO & Founder of SleepyCat.

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