Brand Positioning Strategies for Business | How to Make Customers Loyal?

Brand Positioning Strategies for Business | How to Make Customers Loyal?

This is the 21st century. You cannot expect a good profit unless customers think about you. Although there is nothing like negative marketing, you still have to make people think about you. It can be anything. They just have to think about your brand. And all this comes under the term “brand positioning”.

Brand positioning refers to the reason for people buying your product. Or how your brand is different from your competitors. 89% of B2B marketers say brand awareness and positioning is the most important goal, followed by sales and lead generation. To describe brand positioning, let’s look at some examples. Patanjali is known for organic products, even though they are literally in every product line. Mercedez is known for its class and luxury whereas BMW has its power and performance. If you think brand positioning is important for your brand, then these are some ideas to position your brand in the market.

Reason for Brand positioning
Things To Remember For Brand Positioning
5 Ways to Get Your Customers to Actively Promote Your Brand
How to Make Customers Loyal to Your Brand

Reason for Brand positioning

  • Strengthens the positions of the brand.
  • Helps to specific target method.
  • Helps in making creating decisions more effective.
  • Targets a specific market.
  • Creates a well market differentiation.

Things To Remember For Brand Positioning


To position your brand in the market, make sure you have something unique to deliver. If you are doing the same thing as everyone is doing, then you will be just “another” brand in the market. You don’t want to be that “another” brand in the market, you have to be that “wow” brand in the market. Even though you are not selling something new, add something which will make it unique. If there is nothing unique in your product, then you can make people think it is unique, like just give it a unique look. Remember that people should need your “unique” feature. Because no one needed a juicer which runs while connected to wi-fi. Millions were spent on marketing and launching this juicer. But the investors faced a very big loss. So, don’t solve the problems which are not there.

Brand strategy

Brand Strategy
Brand Strategy

The brand strategy or the tagline you use for your product should be relevant to your product. If the customer has your tagline in his/her head but doesn’t remember your brand, then how can they even buy your product.

Make It Clear

Your slogan or tagline should always be clear and easy to understand. If the customers had to think too much to understand your brand, then there is a strong possibility that they are going for another brand, even for that brand which has no slogan at all. Just make it easy to understand, thinking that all your customers are stupid.


Point out the difference between your brand and the competitor’s one. Your customer should be able to make his/her decision quickly. They should not need to do a deep research to decide the brand they want. Focus on your selected category, and of course, your strength.

It Should Be Recognizable

You have to make your brand recognizable. Create an amazing logo. Add awesome features to your product which scream for attention. People should quickly remind of your slogan and your advertisement as soon as they see your logo anywhere. Make people think of your brand again and again.

Create A Buzz

Create an advertisement which can be controversial. Not in a negative way, but something like funny or which can touch people’s emotions. Just make sure people talk about it. Giant companies do not advertise to show their product, but all they want is to create a buzz among people. It is strongly possible that Patanjali’s messenger app, “Kimbho” was launched just to create a buzz. When people talk about a brand, they get attracted to that brand. For instance, imagine you go to the market to buy a chocolate, in the days when “kimbho” messenger launched.

You might ask for Patanjali’s chocolate. Why? Because you want to talk about that buzz. You will subconsciously try to show off your general knowledge and your humor. Be Updated Keep analyzing the new trends on social media. Create something which is very popular among millennials. It is more or less similar to creating buzz. As of these days, you can focus on creating memes. Try to make it funny, because if you can make them smile, you can make them buy.

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Don’t Be Creepy

Being funny does not mean you make fun of your customers. If anything makes your brand creepy, customers may talk about you a lot, but will never come to you. The following image says it all.

Re-frame The Market

Use the brand to re-frame the market to what it actually looks like , by being creative and solving a problem which the product  is not fulfilling. This will give the product more visibility than the other products, making it more on the shelves or  more on the talks.

5 Ways to Get Your Customers to Actively Promote Your Brand

Entrepreneurs are fanatical with their creation. They time and again set out new goals for themselves and then make sure that those are achieved. In the start-up arena, there are some doctrine principles which are responsible for the overall success. Entrepreneurs today understand the value of their brand. Entrepreneurs are perusing something called as branding strategy, which till now was completely neglected. Companies today are spending with deep pockets on marketing, advertising, public relations and more. The best way to promote your brand is to let your customers do it for you – and the only way to do that is by addressing the pain points of the customer by giving them a practical solution to their pain points. Once this is done by anyone, the customer will go on his rooftop and do nothing but will shout your name.

Differentiate your brand

Anyone and everyone want his or her brand to be different and stand out. Brands say that they want to be different and distinctive in the eyes of their customers, but in reality, the brands just want to align themselves with their competition. To differentiate from others, the enterprise can depict themselves as an enterprise away from its competition or rival. Over a period of time, if the same continues combined with disciplined efforts, the brand can be marked different. Standing out from the competition is not making them enemies. But, with persistence, the consumer can make out the difference noticeable.

Focus on loyalty

A customer or a consumer telling about you to someone is in the Last leg of his experience. It starts with brand familiarity coupled with loyalty. The sky-scraping cost of bringing in fresh business compared to retaining existing clients is unquestionable. Increasing the customer retention can extensively heighten the profit bar. Customer loyalty schemes are an effective way to improve your customer retention levels. If you want to build a loyal clientele – the trick is simple, keep the customer satisfied. Apart from that, the customer needs to be rewarded. A loyalty scheme can be used to incentivise and delight the customers.

Create a community

Build Community - Brand Positioning
Build Community - Brand Positioning

Having a customer community built offers the customers a hub to interact and support one another. Customer communities are platforms for customers to unreservedly exchange opinion, reactions and pose questions about products and services. A highly busy customer community helps to improve customer retention and encourage acts of advocating. These customers community acts as a news source about products and company and a place to gather tips from the users. Customer communities also breed ideas to improve products or services. Giving the customers a say on a product or service gives them a deeper connection with the company. These days the community can be online. This increases preservation rate and overall profitability.

Incorporate Feedbacks

Getting and generating feedback from clients is the most important thing for a business builder. It helps the company at all levels of brand building and management.  It helps in knowing the existing position of the business in the market and also helps in the future prospects of the business. Feedback helps clients and entrepreneurs to communicate with each other. Most of the feedback is to draw the data about the sales, performance, drawbacks about products and services. Owing to thriving technology and internet, the importance of feedback has been highly soared. Internet has become the principal instrument for promoting business and branding. It plays a pivotal role in reaching to the mass and endorsing products beyond the international boundaries.

Make it easy to be an evangelist

Consumers have a hell lot of things to do. The last thing they would do is to be an evangelist. Even if they become, they won’t go out of their way to evangelize or promote your brand. So it has to be an easy task for them to do it. The easiest way to promote evangelist is to give as many as opportunities. The same can be done with contests, discussion opportunities on the social media channels of the brand.  The participant has to be rewarded in some or the other way.

These tips are not the only way to make the customers work for you. But these tips will equip your startup by starting the community of brand evangelists. Also, it is important to understand that every customer you make cannot be your brand evangelist. However, with efforts in the right direction, a community of brand evangelists is certainly to make a huge difference and would be certainly effective on the profitability.

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How to Make Customers Loyal to Your Brand

The soul of every business is their customers. Your customers can make you or break you. Even though the inflow and outflow of the customers are the basis of business but having loyal customers is also essential. Loyal customers are the reason a business or a brand becomes what it is. So, here are a few small but highly impactful ways in which you can make customers loyal to your brand.

Making personal relations

Treating your customers like your family is the way to get them to like you and your services. Getting to know your customer will give you an idea about their likes and dislikes which will eventually help you in serving them better. It has been found in a recent study that the customer remembers the first and the last part of your conversation. So it is very important for you to strike a conversation on a happy cheerful note and also end it in a happy goodbye. Send them greetings on their special days. Or if you find out anything they like, mail it to them. This will only take a little effort on your side but will have a big impact on your customer.

Know your customer

If you have a blog or a site or any other social media account of your business, make a note of what kind of customers does your business or brand attract. Get to know about their likes and dislikes and then post content on your sites according to that. If you are a beauty brand, posting easy tutorials and looks with your products can be good. Similarly, if you are a clothing brand, styling tips etc. can be done. Also keep posting about the various offers so that your customers are not left uninformed. Also, communicate with the customer in a way they prefer. If your customer wants to communicate through email do it. If they prefer social media attend to their queries there. Keep all your options open.

Invest in your customer

Invest in your Customer
Invest in your Customer

If you have a regular customer that visits you or uses your services, try knowing theirs likes and dislikes. Research about them and then do things that they least expect like send them small gifts as a thank you for their loyalty. Or give them a free upgrade if you have a customer upgrade program. You could even give them small goodies or small things like hand written notes with every purchase. This will not only make your customer fond of you but this will also help you gain more customers. If you do not want to invest in giving them anything, you can always provide your customers with special services like the first preview to your latest collection, or bend some of your policies for them if they have a genuine issue.

Take customer advice and feedback seriously

Feedback -Brand Positioning
Feedback - Brand Positioning

It is very important to take customer feedback on your services. But it is even more important to implement those feedback in improving your services. Also, having a FAQs section on your websites or blogs where customers can resolve their queries and give you feedback is very helpful.  If you have employees who take care of the customers, ask them to be on proper behavior and solve customer issues without creating any problems.

Maintain quality

The most important part of keeping your customers loyal is maintaining the quality of your product. Many companies sell good quality products at the start of their business and then degradation the quality to earn profits. This only helps in making short term profits. Because your customer keeps leaving you and in the end, you have no customer to earn profits. So it is very important to maintain the quality of your product throughout so that people want to buy it again and again.


These were some roads to brand positioning. You can use some of them, or all of them, it depends on your business. Digital marketing is the ultimate tool for brand positioning. Although, these were some ideas from our side, you can also comment on your one below. And also, keep exploring new ways to position your brand. Brand positioning helps you to reach the potential customer. And also remember, being at number 2 is not very bad. But, keep trying to come in 1st position. If there is too much competition in the category of your product, then create your own subcategory and position your brand.

With these little changes in your public dealing methods, you will have a strong loyal customer base in no time. If you know any hack to make customers loyal to your brand please comment down below!


What is customer loyalty?

Customer loyalty is the act of choosing one company's products and services consistently over their competitors. When a customer is loyal to one company, they aren't easily swayed by price or availability.

Why is customer loyalty important?

Loyalty can stem from many things, but in general, a loyal customer will associate favourable experiences with a brand, therefore, increasing their likelihood to make repeat purchases with that business. Loyal customers spend 67% more on products and services than new customers.

How to gain customer loyalty?

Ways to Increase Customer Loyalty

  • Make customer service a priority
  • Reward your customers
  • Ask for advice and listen to it
  • Offer conveniences
  • Don't just ask for money

How to maintain customer loyalty?

  • Provide outstanding customer service
  • Reward customers with special offers and discounts
  • Leverage user-generated content (UGC)
  • Create a unique customer loyalty program
  • Know your customers
  • Create a sense of community

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