CRED's New Ad | Why CRED's Recent Ad Featuring Rahul Dravid Went Viral?

CRED's New Ad | Why CRED's Recent Ad Featuring Rahul Dravid Went Viral?
Rahul Dravid Cred ad

CRED is an Indian-based fintech startup and a Unicorn company. It was founded in the year 2018 and has its headquarters in Bengaluru, Karnataka. The main feature of this platform is letting users pay their credit card bills through the mobile application and providing rewards to the customers.

The company is very well known for its creative commercials which are quite different. As the recent advertisement starring Rahul Dravid went viral, Let’s understand more about Cred’s recent commercial and how it went viral over the internet.

The New Viral CRED Ad
How CRED Ad went Viral?
Does CRED Pay Celebrities to share their new Ads?

The New Viral CRED Ad

Rahul Dravid CRED Advertisement

The recent commercial which was rolled out by CRED has captured the limelight. The commercial has achieved what the best celebrities and advertisers couldn’t possibly do. It has left the advertising industry in a shock.

CRED's New Ad featuring Rahul Dravid

In the recent CRED advertisement, the former captain of the Indian Cricket Team is shown to become violent because of the Bengaluru, Indiranagar traffic. Indiranagar is one of the main places of Bengaluru city and it is widely known for its hours of traffic. It is also the place where the headquarters of CRED has located as well as the neighborhood where Rahul Dravid has spent his childhood.

In the advertisement, we can see that Rahul Dravid loses his cool personality and becomes violent. He takes his cricket bat and breaks the rear view mirror, acts like a maniac and throws coffee. He shouts saying that "Indiranagar ka Gunda" has caught the eyes of the audience.

In the description of the CRED new advertisement, Rahul Dravid says the following. Hi, this is Rahul Dravid writing the description for this video. Sorry, I lost my temper there and I am meditating these days. Well, I am writing this to let you know that CRED truly rewards you every time you pay your credit card bills through Cred. They are good people.

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How CRED Ad went Viral?

Rahul Dravid Cred ad
Rahul Dravid Cred ad

Rahul Dravid is known for his cool nature and personality. The always laughable and cool person losing his temper, shouting, and breaking the rearview mirrors is a brilliant play for his personality. The commercial has left a shock amongst individuals wondering whether Rahul Dravid would lose his cool nature.

The advertisement had managed to garner a million views across the social media platforms and has let a lot of people wondering “Rahul Dravid ko gussa bhi aata hai” (Translation: Does Rahul Dravid even get angry?). The commercial has amused a lot of people certainly the ones who know Rahul Dravid.

The commercial even grasped the attention of the current Indian captain, Virat Kohli, as he tweeted for the video saying that he had never seen this side of Rahul Bhai with an exploding head emoji.

The former test player and Karnataka teammate Dodda Ganesh had brought up the incident when Rahul Dravid had got angry last time. He said it was during the 1998 Ranji trophy Semi Finals against Hyderabad. He tweeted saying that the last time Rahul Dravid shouted like this was from the dressing room of the Karnataka cricket team and he was at the receiver’s end.

It was the current Indian Captain, Virat Kohli who first shared the CRED new ad and within seconds it became the viral video of 2021. Brands started tweeting about the commercials using it to promote their own brands. Brands such as Dunzo, Zomato, boat, Spotify, OYO, CARS24, Radio city, HDFC bank, Paytm, Pepsi India, Rajasthan Royals, etc. tweeted using the commercial. Here are some of the tweets from the famous brands to promote their own franchise.



Cars24 India

Rajasthan Royals

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Does CRED Pay Celebrities to share their new Ads?

Abhishek Ponia who is an Angel Investor from Mumbai tweeted on his Twitter handle saying that he thinks that Virat Kohli’s tweet sharing the CRED advertisement was a paid engagement. He adds on to this point by laying down reasons such as the CRED ad was not seen anywhere before and it did not even exist on the internet before Virat Kohli’s tweet. He has said that even CRED’s Twitter handle did not post the ad.

He also added on saying that Virat Kohli normally doesn’t tweet during the matchday as the day the video was released was the first IPL match between RCB and MI. He said that most of Virat Kohli’s tweets were after the match or on non-match days. He would rarely post during the match day and it would be about match prep talks and deciding to share something different all of a sudden raises doubts.

CRED is known for spending heavily on cricket. We can’t expect it to be a mere coincidence that the ad was released on the same day when Virat Kohli had his first match of the IPL 2021. What do you think about this? We would love to know your opinion. Do share your comments in the comments section below. Until then have a good time reading articles on Startuptalky. Happy Reading.

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What is CRED?

CRED is an fintech startup that is letting users pay their credit card bills through the mobile application and providing rewards to the customers.

Who is the owner of CRED?

Kunal Shah is the founder of CRED and he is also backing Carl Pei's upcoming venture, The Economic Times.

Is CRED an Indian company?

CRED is an Indian fintech startup and unicorn, based out of Bangalore, Karnataka, which was founded in 2018.

Is CRED a unicorn?

CRED is a Unicorn with a valuation of USD 2 Billion and it controls 22% Credit Card Payments In India.

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