Cred - All You Need Is a Credit Card

Purbalee Dutta Purbalee Dutta
Feb 7, 2021 5 min read
Cred - All You Need Is a Credit Card

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Credit cards are of great comfort. It is a small plastic card that is tied to the personal bank account of the beholder. With the rise of e-commerce on the earth the use of credit cards is also becoming famous every day.

Cred is a platform where the consumers receive Cred coins on every time the bill is paid through Cred. It helps the users to win exclusive rewards. Money is an asset so the money matters of the users are taken very seriously. Read the Cred success story below.

Cred - Company Highlights

Startup Name Cred
Headquarters Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
Sector Financial Services
Founder Kunal Shah
Founded 2018

Cred - About
Cred - Startup Story
Cred - Founder and Team
Cred - Tagline, Slogan and Logo
Cred - Business Model
Cred - Revenue Model
Cred - Funding and Investors
Cred - Growth
Cred - Competitors
Cred - FAQs

Cred - About

Cred is a Bangalore based startup. It offers rewards to the consumers whoever uses the platform for paying their credit card bills. It is a bill payments app. The company protects the data and the information of the users very safely. Hence, the app is completely safe and secure.

Cred - Startup Story

The goal was very simple. It was to create a platform where life could be made better and systematic. The founder wanted to allow more and more privileges and benefits to come to people for having good credit scores. And therefore, creating a flywheel effect for more people was important to improve the scores. Everybody starting from the startups to governments have focused on the masses. The founder of the company wanted to focus on the others, the ones who pay taxes. He feels nobody has been solving their problems.

'If you look at history, nobody has been rewarded for paying back on time. We want to fix that.'

Said Kunal Shah, Founder and CEO, Cred.

In order to solve the above mentioned problems Cred was created.

Cred - Founder and Team

Kunal Shah is the founder and the CEO of the company Cred. He is an Indian entrepreneur. He is a philosophy graduate from Wilson College, Mumbai and an MBA dropout from Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai. He is also the founder of the companies like PaisaBack and FreeCharge. PaisaBack was shut down, in order to set up FreeCharge. Kunal Shah left FreeCharge in October 2016. He was born in 1983. He is currently a man of 37 years.

Kunal Shah, Founder & CEO, Cred

The tagline of the company is 'Suraksha Aur Bharosa Dono'.

Logo, Cred

Cred - Business Model

The business model of the company consists of three parts :

  • The Cred app
  • Businesses which provides offers on the app
  • Users who pay credit card bills

The Cred app is designed so beautifully that the users do not find any problems at all to sign up and view the offers after paying the bills.

Users pay their bills with the help of the credit cards directly through the bank. But with Cred the customers earn more benefits by performing the same activity.

Cred - Revenue Model

Cred makes money by charging an amount from the businesses list of products and offers on the app. Cred partners with various other businesses to provide the offers to consumers. This enables visibility on the platform where people spend time. This way Cred gets more offers for displaying in numerous platforms. As a result, it gains more and more visitors to join and pay the bills using Cred.

Cred - Funding and Investors

Cred has raised a total amount of $256.5 million in funding over the 5 funding rounds.

Date Transaction Name Money Raised Lead Investors
November 30, 2020 Series C $81 million DST Global
July 26, 2019 Series B $120 million Gemini Investments, Ribbit Capital and Sequoia Capital India
April 16, 2019 Series A Rs 1.8 billion -
January 1, 2019 Seed Round - Rainmatter Technology
November 6, 2018 Seed Round $30 million Sequoia Capital India

Cred is funded by 5 investors. DST Global is the most recent investor.

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Cred - Growth

Cred is really going good because it is just a 2018 startup and has raised $80 million in a new financing round.

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Cred - Competitors

The top competitors of the company are Paytm, PhonePe and MobiKwik.

  • Paytm is the top competitor of Cred. It is headquartered at Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India and was founded in 2010. It works in the Fintech field.
  • PhonePe is also one of the top competitors of Cred. It is headquartered at Mumbai, Maharashtra, India and was founded in 2015. This company also competes in the Fintech industry.
  • MobiKwik is perceived as one of the top competitors of Cred. It is headquartered at Gurugram, Haryana, India and was founded in 2009. It operates in the Fintech field.

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Cred - FAQs

Is Cred app safe?

The founder of the company has got prior experience in handling users on FreeCharge. Hence, the app is totally safe and secured.

Is Cred approved by RBI?

The service that Cred provides to its users it do not require RBI approval.

What is Cred?

The app helps users to earn amazing rewards and it saves all credit card details safely once registered into the platform.

Is Cred protect free?

Yes, it is free.

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