Top Types of Video Ads Marketers can use to Promote their Brand (With Examples)

Top Types of Video Ads Marketers can use to Promote their Brand (With Examples)

It is the day and age of marketing and advertising. Anything from a business to a job needs advertising. Everyone has to advertise to market their products and services.

The demand for strategic advertising is increasing day by day. Advertising includes television advertising, radio advertising, direct mail, podcast, social media, etc. One of the most popular modes nowadays is video advertising. A video ad intrigues interest among the customers to know about the product and services.

People are now keener to know about something shortly and interestingly. Thus, video advertising is here to help the owner as well as the customers, in the best possible way. So, if you are planning to promote your brand with the help of video advertisements this is a complete guide for you.

What are Video Advertisements?
What are the Types of Digital Video Advertisements?
Types of Video Ads for Marketing
Top 6 Video Ideas for Advertisements (With Examples)

What are Video Advertisements?

A video advertisement means framing the desired content in the form of a video. It is a way how a company or an organization takes the help of video content to market itself.

In today’s digital age, video advertising plays a vital role in marketing a product. It helps to present the company’s content in an explaining and interesting manner.

Video ads help in brand promotions. It displays how-to guides, shares customer reviews, and recommendations, or live stream events. These often appear before, during, or after a video stream on the internet. But now they have taken up the centre stage as well.

Video ads include web series, explainer videos, unboxing videos, Behind the scene videos, and more.

What are the Types of Digital Video Advertisements?

Linear Video Ads:

It is like age-old television commercials. These also appear before, during, or after the mainstreaming content.

These ads tend to promote a brand. It can also display new offers or discounts. These ads can also include interactive options for the audience.

Example- YouTube ads

Non-Linear Video Ads:

These ads often include texts and images. Unlike linear video ads, these do not disrupt the user’s content view.

Non-Linear video ads appear along with the content. These ads should be short, clear, and crisp. These qualities ensure brand promotion without interrupting a customer’s view.

Example- In-article videos, In-feed videos, etc.

Types of Video Ads for Marketing

Interactive Videos:

These are some of the most popular types of video advertising. The best part is that it helps to increase engagement. It can include options like sign up link, app link, click to know more, etc. Interactive video ads pause the user’s content and occupy the whole screen.

In-Page Videos:

These videos do not need a specific video streaming platform. These are placed on the web pages. Such video ads have embedded video players that allow a video to play automatically.

In-Text Videos:

In-text video ads are placed within the text. It appears between any two paragraphs of an article. It auto-plays when you reach the video and pauses when you scroll further.

Event Videos:

Event Videos help to promote business and motivate the employees. Event videos include a company’s meetings, announcements, social events, and parties. Such videos help in business promotion by highlighting a company’s atmosphere.

Customer Success Stories Videos:

It promotes a business by showing its advantages from the customer’s perspective. In this video, customers speak about their successful experience with the brand.

These type of videos builds trust among the customers. The potential customers can look at the advantages of existing customers. This encourages them to trust the brand and give it a try.

Q&A Videos:

Question and Answer videos play an integral role in advertising. It not only promotes a company but also helps the company to know its customers better.

A company collects questions from customers and answers them in the video. This is a great method of marketing as it builds the customer-company relationship.

Behind the Scene Videos:

These videos show the scenes that are not displayed on the face of a brand. How a company works, the fun behind the making process, the inside jokes, and more.

These videos should be interesting and fun-loving. It helps the customers to feel the company’s atmosphere through a video. Thus, a good way to advertise.

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Top 6 Video Ideas for Advertisements (With Examples)

Branded Short film:

This is one of the most effective video ideas for advertising. You have to create a short story related to your brand. Then you have to include your product or service between the story.

A story helps the audience to relate to the brand. Thus, a branded short film creates an emotional connection with the audience.

Descriptive or Unboxing Video:

If your product or service has many features then this video advertisement is perfect for you. You can make an explanatory video for it. In the video, you can describe how your product or service works, its specifications, and more.

You can also make an unboxing video. This helps the customers to know about your products on a first-hand basis. Such videos help to build a sense of trust and authenticity among the customers.

Customer Review Videos:

Another popular video-making idea is customer review videos. You can ask your customers to send their video reviews about your brand. The customers can share their experience with the brand through videos. These videos develop trust and attract new customers.

Comic Content Videos:

We all know that the idea of stand-up comedy is getting more and more popular. These comedians not only make us laugh but also know how to promote a brand in between.

You can create funny dialogues, stories, or animation and relate them to your brand. It is always a good idea to advertise your business in a fun-loving manner.

Web Series:

This idea is effective but also expensive. You can conceptualize a short series revolving around your brand or business. Example- For a clothing store, you can make a series called ‘Diaries of a fashionista’.

This video advertisement idea can be difficult for conceptualization and production. But it is super quirky and unique.

Reels, Stories, and Shorts:

We all know that social media advertising is super lucrative. The customers are all over the social media apps. All these platforms have now introduced short-form videos. These are Instagram reels, Facebook stories, YouTube shorts.

So, if you want to advertise your brand and attract new customers, this idea is a must. On one hand, you can create these videos yourself. On another, you can pay influencers to make videos for your brand. This is very profitable as you can leverage their audience as well.

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Advertising is the most important part of any business or brand. People cannot find time to read and research about brands. They prefer videos over other mediums.

Videos are more understandable and interesting. This helps the customers to know about a business or brand in a fun and easy way. So, every business should invest in video making for advertisements. Also, it is always better to keep the videos short, crisp, understanding to keep the interest alive.


What kind of videos are used for marketing purposes?

An explainer video, product demonstration video, company culture video, behind-the-scenes video and customer testimonial video are some of the videos used for marketing purposes.

How to Make an Effective Video Ad?

Your first few seconds are important, make them count, Highlight what makes your brand stand out, and Use a call to action are some of the ideas you can use to make an effective video ad.

What are the types of advertising?

Display Advertising, Video Advertising, Mobile Advertising, and Native Advertising are some of the types of advertising.

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