Local SEO | How Local SEO Helps Attract New Customers?

Local SEO | How Local SEO Helps Attract New Customers?

Managing a local business is not an easy task to do and then to attract gain new customers is like competing with larger companies. Competition with larger companies makes it almost impossible to reach the audience you want unless you invest in Digital Marketing. Strategies like Content Marketing allow companies of all sizes to compete for the same organic audience.

For this, it is important to know that what is Local SEO? With a small investment, you can use the reach of search engines, such as Google, to increase traffic to your internet channels. To achieve this goal, of course, you need to master the concept of Local SEO. But how local SEO can help you gain new customers?

Local SEO is one of the most effective ways to reach customers online and increase traffic to both your website and physical location.

What Is Local SEO?

In an era of the digital world, it has put us more in a convenient position to make a purchase, visit a new location, or hire someone. Since the internet is a source of all the information, and users look for information in search engines. Big data companies have been trying to improve the user experience to feature the most relevant results and attract customers.

What is Local SEO?
What is Local SEO?

And that’s where Local SEO comes in. so, when you search “a coffee shop near me” then that near me is going to direct you to local businesses. Many users of Google and other search engines have the habit of using such tools to find local businesses.  All it takes is adding something like “near me” to the search, and the results will bring together the main business options within a given range of miles.

Searches that include location activate a so-called local search algorithm, which changes the way results are displayed. Thus, in addition to standard criteria such as authority and relevance, the distance from the business to the customer’s location also makes a difference in the filtering of results.

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Mobile Local SEO

It’s nothing new that the use of tablets and smartphones for digital experiences increases every day. These devices tend to track the user’s location in real-time. In fact, they are most important in the context of Local SEO. For instance, Google has access to your location for 24*7, it’ll definitely indicate the nearest businesses to them.

However, in order for your company to appear as a suggestion on the Internet, you must be effective in providing the algorithm with information about its address and service regions, as well as detailing what kind of service it offers.

The top tip for you to improve your Local SEO results is to use Google My Business.

Local SEO Process

Technical SEO On-Site Optimization Off-Site Optimization
Website Speed Title Tags Links
Coding Meta Description Content
CSS Head Tags Google My Business
JavaScript Content Strategy PR
Internal Linking Page Hierarchy Social Media
Mobile Friendliness Keywords Reviews
URL Structure Image Optimization
Local SEO in 2020 | How To Rank #1

How Local SEO Help Achieve Your Goals Of New Customers?

1. Keep Your Information Up-To-Date

Outdated information about your products and hours of service can result in the loss of good opportunities. So be committed to constantly updating your channels and ensure the relevance of information, especially on Google My Business.

2. Invest In Organic SEO

Investing in traditional SEO remains imperative. Therefore, structure your blog posts with a focus on the visitors’ experience, optimizing URL, title tags, headers, and meta-description. Also, use high-quality videos and images to increase engagement. It’s also important to apply link building techniques to increase the authority of your domain.

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3. Add Location Pages To Your Website

Inserting local pages on your website is a way to guide the consumer to your establishment. More than the address, it should bring information such as contact phone numbers, store hours, parking information, and testimonials from other customers.

Add location pages to your website
Add location pages to your website

A good idea is to use interactive content to make the experience even more enjoyable. Maps, for example, can connect with the customer’s GPS service and provide detailed directions for them to find you.

4. Be Mobile-Friendly

There’s no escape: to make a good SEO site, you need to be mobile-friendly. Mobile devices are responsible for most of the local searches, so if you don’t have responsive channels, you won’t appear in any kind of ranking.

5. Maintain Consistency With Different Channels

Business is consistent with what you pass on in your other channels. Different addresses, phone numbers, and store hours can make the user suspicious and scare them away. It’s also important to care about your visual identity. Your company’s colors and logos should be predominant on all your Internet channels.

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6. Encourage Customer Evaluation

If your company is not well evaluated on the Internet, users cannot know if the service is qualified, so they opt for other alternatives. The problem is that often low ratings happen because few customers remember to leave a review. Subway, for example, provides a link and code on their receipts so that consumers can leave their opinion and earn a free cookie.

So, create calls-to-action focused on encouraging the client to leave an evaluation. You can even create campaigns focused on that.

Essential Factors Of Local SEO

1. Proximity

The proximity creation factors refer to the distance of the business from the user. If the user does not specify a region in the search terms, Google itself calculates the distances using the location information provided by GPS technologies installed on smartphones.

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2. Popularity

This factor has to do with the level of approval of a business in its region. So, Google analyses the brand’s popularity on the web and in the offline world. Here the brand reputation I measured by criteria such as links referring to the brand.

3. Relevance

The relevance criteria consider the correspondence between the business and the term the user searched for. For this, Google analyses the company’s data available in Google My Business.

Invest in Local SEO to generate new opportunities for your business, increase your local relevance, and consolidate your brand image on the Internet. The strategy can be executed with little investment as long as you produce quality content. The listed strategies will not only help small or medium-sized businesses, but multi-location companies can grow their business and attract more customers using Local SEO.

After working on small-small areas, you can have an impressive local SEO strategy in no time!

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