6 Brands That Do Not Advertise and Probably Never Will

Niharika Kalyankar Niharika Kalyankar
Mar 15, 2022 5 min read
6 Brands That Do Not Advertise and Probably Never Will

Advertising is an important marketing strategy to earn profits by keeping customers informed about products and services and thus resulting in massive sales. Advertising brings new customers and also creates awareness about your band Despite the catchy headlines "10 brands that do not advertise" or "10 brands so popular that they don't even need advertising!", there is no such thing as zero advertising.

Some brands oppose the accepted procedures that most advertisers live by today, and it separates them and creates buzz due to its innate uniqueness. Thus, here are 6 brands that don't do conventional marketing and what you can gain from every one of them.

Brands That Don't Advertise

  1. Lamborgini
  2. Zara
  3. Naturals Ice Cream
  4. Rolls-Royce
  5. Tupperware
  6. Ferrero Rocher

What makes these brands so unique?

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Lamborghini Advertising

Owning the fast, powerful and luxurious beast is a dream for many people. It costs around $0.5 to $6 Million. Lamborghini knows exactly who their potential buyers are, and they have learned how to convert them into owners. Lamborgini considers advertising via tv commercials as an expensive waste of time.

During a meeting, the CEO of Lamborgini was asked why the organization doesn't publicize?

He said, "The motivation behind why we don't see Lamborghini television commercials is that customers who can bear the cost of them don't sit the entire day sitting in front of the TV."

Lamborghini publicizes through a wide range of channels, yet overwhelmingly using web-based media, vehicle-based TV programs, engine shows, magazines, and vendor promotions.

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Zara's first retail design store opened in 1975 and, starting in 2016, it flaunted 2000 stores in 77 nations. Zara centers vigorously around its item, spot, and value instead of advancement.

To begin with, they target men, ladies, and kids in profoundly populated urban communities. Second, they produce modest, in vogue clothing, with a high scrupulousness.

Furthermore,  they just produce a limited number of pieces to make a sense of urgency among their shoppers. The uniqueness of Zara lies in the fact it spends just 0.3% of its sales advertising. It is fascinating to note that Zara never puts their image or logo on its items.

Naturals Ice Cream

Naturals Ice cream
Naturals Ice cream

New organic product-based grants and severe quality control are behind the achievement of Natural Ice Cream.

What sticks the buyers to this brand has been its USP itself-made of 'sugar, milk, foods grown from the ground else'. Their items are healthy and liberated from additives.

Personalization of the brand, as far as Indian flavors, has been an additional benefit. Naturals Ice cream has never been advertised and solely relies on mouth publicity even today. As of 2021, this company has a market share of just over 10%.



We are certain none of you would have seen this extravagant carmaker selling itself noisy to the crowd. It receives rewards from its standing among its well-off customer base. There is a quality of selectiveness that encompasses the brand name when just a modest bunch will claim it and obviously, a pride that it transmits.

Indeed, even without customary promotions, Rolls-Royce beat a 107-year-old deals record in 2012.

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Tupperware Print Advertisement
Tupperware Print Advertisement

Earl Tupper started selling family plastics and drastically changed the entire kitchenware market with his clever plans. Investigating an undiscovered market and picking direct selling over some other promoting strategy, aided Tupperware register a big achievement.

Tupperware India, with a turnover surpassing Rs 100 crore,  looks at its sales team as the leading force as opposed to publicizing or some other limited-time movement.

"Promoting through traditional media isn't the system, however speculation on the business power is", says Asha Gupta, General Manager, Tupperware India.

"We don't publicize through the traditional media since we accept that it is more beneficial to contribute to our solid deals power and vendors. We like to channel our assets in the outreach group and back it with limited-time offers. We need our group to be our mouthpiece.", Asha says.

Ferrero Rocher

Ferrero Rocher Advertisement
Ferrero Rocher Advertisement

Ferrero Rocher has sold chocolates for than 11.4 Billion Euros and 61.4 Million Dollars in 2019. The company made its items accessible in 170 nations around the world. Ferrero offers its clients results of superior grade and heavenly taste.

A significant component is that the result of the organization is of a similar taste all through the world. Moreover, the wrapping of the chocolate balls makes them more alluring and attractive.

Ferrero Rocher centers around client connections to fulfill their needs as far as quality, taste, uniqueness, form, and development. This company rarely does any TV commercials and solely relies on digital promotion only.

Ferrero believes the most ideal approach to grow its buyers is to be straightforward to them and to consistently continue to convey the USP of every item to the buyers.

What makes these brands so unique?

These brands believe in themselves. They let their products and services speak for them and keep their focus on the pain points of their buyers. These brands have made the most out of the digital boom and the new advances in the growth of digital. By using first-class digital strategies, these brands have met their reasonable goals.


Why do some brands do not advertise?

Successful companies use their products, reputations and stories to attract customers. Consumers buy from these brands because of the experiences and quality they offer.

Which brands don't advertise their products?

Popular brands that don't advertise their products are:

  • Rolls Royce
  • Tupperware
  • Ferrero Rocher
  • Zara
  • Lamborghini
  • Naturals Ice Cream

What are the Indian brands that don't advertise?

Indian brands that are popular without advertising are:

  • Naturals Ice Cream
  • Tupperware
  • Old Monk
  • Shahnaz Husain
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