Master The Art Of Newspaper Advertisement

Master The Art Of Newspaper Advertisement

Marketing is an area where every company owner will have to look at, regardless of what part of the business they are at. There are many options available in the market. One of the most common of these for the past few decades is newspaper advertising. The ads can do a lot more than just advertise one item or one sale. They are a good way to reach large numbers of people, especially those aged 45-plus age group who tend to read the paper while younger groups tend to get their news from television.

Like all form of advertising the print ad depend on lots of things the size of ad(s), name of the publication(s), at what section of the paper the ads in, the frequency of adds run, and whether color use in ads or not. When we look at the newspaper is divided into columns. The newspaper ads are sized according to a very set formula which is a certain number of columns wide and a certain number of inches long. Multiplying these two numbers will give the number of “column inches” of the ad, which determine the ad’s cost.

What is Newspaper Advertisement?

Newspaper display advertising is a form of newspaper advertisement. A  Newspaper advertisement is the longest-running form of advertising available for business to market their products and service. In terms of small readership, companies will be target a specific group of people that may be interested in their products and service. As the name suggests that involve running an ad for business in any publication.

Types of Newspaper Advertisement

To start with a newspaper advertisement it is very much essential to know the types of newspaper advertisement i.e. Text Classified Ad, Classified Display Ad, and Display Ad. Let’s discuss these types of ads.

1.Text Classified Ad

These ads are an economical way to go about a newspaper advertisement. It has only texts classified section of the newspaper. These types of ads are commonly used by some job openings, matrimony, name change, lost, and found.

2.Classified Display Ad

These are the short text messages that contain different destination information. Mostly the ads are private-label information. This ad type of format has no limit of text or words or characters. This category of advertisements is an impressive and eye-catchy way of advertising.

3.Display Ad

Display advertising is defined by ads(graphic, or text) that appear in specifically designated areas of the newspaper. Display ads can take various forms including banners, images, buttons, videos, rich media, and more.

Indian media companies
Indian media companies

Advantages of Newspaper Advertising

There are many advantages of newspaper advertising. Below are some advantages:

1.Better Reach

The printed media like newspapers and magazines are the most inclined to pay attention to more extended periods of time.

Almost 70-80 % of the citizen in a country read newspapers every month. This shows that print advertising has massive potential to reach the message to the readers and encouraging them to act.

2.More Focused on Targeting

Depending on the types of publications, many newspapers offer ways in which businesses can target particular audience groups. Another way for getting more focused is by using a niche population to target a specific demographic.

3. Affordability

Newspaper advertising costs vary and can get expensive if don't do it in the right way. When done well newspaper advertising costs less per thousands of readers.

4. Flexibility

There are many types of newspaper ads like classified, inserts, and boxes. Also , inserts vary in several ways like catalogs, cards, single sheets, and more.

Then each of these is further customized to come in large or small formats. The ads publishers have the flexibility to choose the exact size, location, and design of the ad. More newspapers have a lot of team of designers who are work with the client to create the ads.

5. Better Engagement

It is similar to better reach, the majority of newspaper readers are much more engaged with newspapers because they value the news more Whether it's print or digital, newspaper readers are highly engaged and super attentive.

6. Inspires Action

A lot of people take action after seeing a newspaper ad especially the insert- in a study, 30% of the users went online or to go to the store to acquire more information.

7.Bridges the Gap Between Online and Offline

Even the newspapers are print still in this digital age 34 % of the consumers trust print advertisements more than search engine ads.

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Newspaper Advertising Costs

Newspaper advertising cost depends on many factor. Following are the list of factors:

  • Size of the ad itself- Newspaper ads are sold in column inch, so larger ones which require more print or digital real estate is going to cost more than the smaller ones.
  • Ad placement- putting the ad on the front page is more costly than the back page or any other page. Also, the position of the ad is very much an important factor.
  • Frequency of ad running- Daily running the ad in the newspaper or running the ad in monthly and weekly is a factor. Daily newspapers cost more than the monthly or weekly, but more the ad run it will cost less over time. In the world of newspaper advertisement more a person willing to buy that person will get more discounts.
  • Ad types- Different types of add have different rates. For example, the Service classified add cost less than box ad on an editorial page.
  • Circulation- The higher circulation of the newspaper more spending on advertising will be profitable. The national newspapers ad have more cost than an ad in local newspapers.
Top Spenders in Indian Advertising
Top Spenders in Indian Advertising

Secrets for Effective Newspaper Advertising

  • Choose the newspapers carefully
  • Pay attention to your competition
  • Not Including Contact Details
  • Not Including a Call-to-Action
  • Creating Information Overload
  • Including Meaningless Imagery
  • Forgetting to Create Urgency
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Tips to Good Ad Layout of Newspaper Advertising

  • Grab the Reader’s Attention - Newspaper advertisements are easy to miss if the ads don’t stand out. Normally readers look at the current news and events; in this, if you grab the reader’s attention with the ad, there is a higher chance that the readers will respond.
  • Focus on Flow - An effective ad layout must flow together. Most readers skip the body of the advertisement if their eyes do not flow automatically to the title. Factors that affect this are the amount of whitespace, the size and location of the logo, and the placement of the copy.  Following points keep in mind:
The largest part of the advertisement is a picture that must be 60% to 70% of the ads space.
People read from top to bottom and left to right so you must place the body copy below the main picture which is 15% of the ads space.
In the bottom right corner of the page, you should place the company logo which is 5% of the page.
  • Choose Simple, Readable Fonts - The fonts you choose are central to your design and layout. Never use fonts that are difficult to read; instead, choose ones that are easily picked up but by the eye.
  • Keep Font Sizes Consistent- Be consistent. Instead of using large fonts within your text, use it for your call to action or your title. Random large words have impact on readers and it will be visually distracting.
  • Minimalist Designs - One more important tip is that when creating your newspaper ad is to choose a minimalist design. Don't let your ad will look too crowded or busy if possible make use of the white space where you can.
  • Color Schemes- Color have the effectiveness of the ad. Too many colors make the ad messy and disorganized. Find that color which will be well suitable.
  • Choose the Flat Look- When developing the ad avoid the 3-D effects, too many shadows. These type of ads are popular before 10 years ago. Now days flat ads are more impactful to the readers.
  • Pay Attention to Alignment- If the ad is aligned well it will look more superior and professional compared to those around it. Since a newspaper is aligned with columns, pictures, titles, horizontal and vertical spacing, and picture aspect ratios, your ad should follow this system.
  • Manage Free Space with Care- White space is important to making the ad more crisp and well arranged but too much empty space create a problem. Large holes and more spaces makes the ad unprofessional. The white space should be in such way it stands out and looks fresh and elegant.

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