Collection of the Best Diwali Advertisements of 2019 (The 3rd one Nailed it!)

Diwali should not be cliched just as the 'Festival of Lights'. It is more of a festival which unites family, bring age-old friends together and add value to some unnamed relations which we forget in our regular, busy life. Diwali brings with it, the essence of togetherness, the beauty of happiness and the colours of joyfulness.

This realisation of Diwali, being a festival of sentiments, is always smartly exploited by genius marketers, with amazing advertisements. And, with the advent of social media, these ads get wider coverage and greater audience, especially, the trend of Hashtags adds to it. Few of the most creative ads which grabbed people's attention or penetrated straight into their hearts are as follows:

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Vivo India #HarDilRoshan

Vivo India Youtube channel uploaded this video on 22nd October 2019, which focussed on social inequality and portrayed a story of two children, who witnessed these differences, which showed an effect on their tender minds too.

The characteristics of this advertisement, which made it worth noticing are quite many. For example, having children in lead, always makes it attractive for the added innocence and affection towards the characters. Also, the relevant background music and parallel usage of beautiful lines(for an instance,'' what's a festival where happiness is a victim of classes), succeeded in making a perfect influence on the viewers.

Samsonite India #DiwaliKaSafar

Samsonite is quite a renowned brand, known for its durable and innovative luggage, business cases, backpacks and travel accessories. This ad takes up a unique campaign, which acknowledges the selfless services of our travel enablers and shows gratitude to them for sacrificing their Diwali, in order to make us meet our loved ones and enjoy this festival. Samsonite has given a really powerful message which has the capacity to make you heavy at heart. It does have an unspoken link with their brand's products, but got more appreciation for the concept and the ideology behind this commercial.

Axis Bank #SalaryBeforeDiwali

This one is a really relatable advertisement, showcased in a hilarious manner. As we know, Diwali this year is in month-end, and millennials being millennials usually face the problem of cash crunch at this time. So, buying exclusive Diwali gifts for the family becomes quite difficult. Axis Bank launched the campaign #SalaryBeforeDiwali, to make things easier for their employees. It emphasises on the delight which comes when our banks send us this beautiful message, ''Salary credited to your A/c no. 616XXXXXX.'' before time.

Vodafone #YourWordsNotForwards

Vodafone is known for giving beautiful messages through its advertisements. The latest one strikes a cord by showcasing the affection a grandmother shows to wish a unique message to her grandson, unlike an ordinary forwarded one.

Vodafone’s last year’s campaign #LookUp urges people to look up from their digital screens and witness the beauty of this festival and celebrate it the way, it should be. The presence of your loved ones should not be there for mere festival sake but should be a source of love and joy. Its tagline was “Apno Ko Kareeb Laaye”.

Sabhyata #CelebrateAChange

Sabhyata is known for promoting gender equality through its Diwali commercials. Sacred Games fame Jatin Sarna already brings the needed attention. This advertisement, which begins with the supposed rivalry between Saas-Bahu, secretly teams up and turns the tables around. The purpose of this ad highlights that household responsibilities should not lie one-sided.

Last year, Sabhyata’s campaign was #RedefiningTheCelebration.

This ad was focused on the restrictions, a girl is bounded in and the liberties a boy enjoys. But seldom, we realise, it's the boys, who need to be controlled and limited. The father here apprehends his daughter’s freedom and does not discriminate between his daughter and son for the provision of this right.

Swiggy #HappyDiwaliWithSwiggy

Instead of sending stale Diwali messages, Swiggy is here to share your true love to your family living far by distance, but close at heart, by sending sweets across 500+ cities. This sweet ad brings awareness among consumers about this facility of Swiggy, which might not have thought by many. This commercial aims to bring your dear ones close to you.

Tanishq Jewellers #TanishqWaliDiwali

Tanishq never loses the opportunity to attract all the potential customers at the time of Diwali, because it is the occasion when this market is at its peak. People, as a matter of fact, though comical, wait for the Diwali ad by Tanishq. This ad highlights the cultural diversity of India which gets united by this festival and how gifting jewellery to loved ones is common in every culture. This sweet ad has a slight influence on the viewers which instigate them to buy jewellery and bring a smile on the face of their dear ones.

HP Printers #GoLocal

“Tu Jashan Ban Kisi Ki Zindagi Ka, Ek Ujla Diya Kisi Ki Diwali Ka”

This advertisement undoubtedly won many hearts with its purely original concept and more of an eye-opener for the so-called high standard society. With the coming of Chinese fairy lights, torches and bulbs in the market, we are forgetting the true essence of Diwali, i.e. earthen diyas and the sufferers of this development, are the potters whose generations have survived on this art. This ad did not only get acclamation on television media but got millions of shares on Whatsapp, Facebook, etc. Although released in 2018, Usage of the child’s innocence, stirring emotions and amazing theme, this ad still has its imprint on people’s mind. HP Printers indeed has advanced printing technology.

Coca-Cola #HarRishtaRoshan

Coca-Cola is known for playing quite well in the game of marketing its products. A 25-second star-studded ad, Ranbir Kapoor pulling Paresh Rawal’s leg, sharing laughs with the splendid blend of Coca-Cola, adding flavours to the sweetness of this festival makes this commercial an instant hit. This Hashtag #HarRishtaRoshan brings in light, the uncommonly common bond shared between landlord and tenant.

This was our collection of the Best Diwali Commercials of 2019. If you come across any other commercial which worth sharing, please share it on our Facebook Group.

Wish you a Very Happy Diwali from the whole team of StartupTalky!

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