ADmyBRAND - The Google of Offline Advertisement

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Apr 10, 2021 11 min read
ADmyBRAND - The Google of Offline Advertisement

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In the absence of the concept of online marketing, offline marketing has for decades been very important to businesses. Today, owing to its highly targeted nature, and availability of accurate analytics data, online marketing is gaining much popularity. But, that does not undermine the importance of offline ads. In fact, an ideal marketing strategy should be a combination of both online and offline ads. In 2018, Google spent half of its total ad spend on offline advertisements.

However, despite being so vital, the offline ad space Industry is still unorganized, broken and lack transparency and has zero analytics. ADmyBRAND, a Bangalore based startup is disrupting the offline ad industry by letting you invent, plan, book, execute, manage and analyze your offline ads, online.

ADmyBrand - Company Highlights

Startup Name ADmyBRAND
Headquarter Bangalore (For India)
Founder Sudhanshu Goyal
Sector Enterprise Tech / Marketplace for Adspaces
Founded 2017(For India)
Parent Organization Sorcerer Technologies India Private Limited (For India)

Advertising Industry Details
ADmyBRAND Founder
How was ADmyBRAND Started
ADmyBRAND - Name and Logo
What is ADmyBRAND
ADmyBRAND - Launching Startup
ADmyBRAND - Revenue Model
ADmyBRAND - Funding and Investors
ADmyBRAND - User Acquisition
ADmyBRAND - Startup Challenges
ADmyBRAND - Competitors
ADmyBRAND - Growth
ADmyBRAND - Awards
ADmyBRAND - Future Plans


ADmyBRAND is a one-stop portal for buying and selling offline ad spaces. It is an analytics-driven ad exchange that lets you book ad on outdoor media, hoardings, mobile, radio, TV and newspaper. ADmyBRAND makes offline advertising hassle-free by letting you

  • Discover information on ad spaces online.
  • Book best ad spaces in real time along with standardized experience of campaign execution.
  • Measure the ROI of campaigns with the number of views/impressions, facilitating targeting and place β€œcall to action” in offline ads. Β 

The objective of creating ADmyBRAND is to organize and standardize the offline ad space industry bridging the gap between offline and online ad bookings. It strives to provide its users the same user experience and analytics for offline ads which they get for Facebook/google ads.

Our aim is to become a virtual assistant of every marketer. How startups like redbus, uber have helped make transportation (mobility) Industry online, we want to repeat it with advertisement Industry.

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Advertising Industry Details

According to a report by GroupM, ad spends in India is expected to grow higher in 2019, as compared to the 13% growth recorded in 2014-2018. The report also says that offline media will continue to grow in India and contribute about 80% of the total ad spends.

Global Advertising Industry Scenario
Indian Advertising Industry Scenario


Sudhanshu Goyal is the founder and CEO of ADmyBRAND.

Founder & CEO, ADmyBrand
Sudhanshu Goyal - Founder, ADmyBrand

Sudhanshu is an alumnus of IIM Calcutta. He is a serial entrepreneur who besides ADmyBRAND also founded several startups like, and He also worked as the CEO of Kotted, a building materials and building solution provider from 2010-2014 and with reputed brands like Adani Group and Zee Media.

How was ADmyBRAND Started

The idea started to form in Sudhanshu’s mind while he was studying. As a student of IIM Calcutta, Sudhanshu got an opportunity to interact with different brand managers of HUL. There he got an opportunity to learn about the challenges of offline marketing. Meanwhile, Sudhanshu also completed an internship with Zee News, where he had practical experience with the challenges associated with offline advertising.

Sudhanshu realized that there is a huge scope of innovation in offline marketing. He perceived that immense value can be created by solving problems of the offline ad industry and facilitating online booking and management of offline ads. Owing to the high ticket size of transactions and marketing being a must activity for almost all brands, there is immense scope of making profit in the offline ad industry. Inspired by the idea, Sudhanshu started experimenting in this domain.

In 2015, Sudhanshu even started a mobile advertising platform, Chikoop, which somehow didn’t work. Though after this failure Sudhanshu took up a job in Adani Group but he kept researching on new ways to make a difference in the offline advertisement segment. He met many alumni in marketing domain to research this space and for validating his idea with respect to various stakeholders of the Industry. He also continued working on the ADmyBRAND portal. Finally, in early 2017, Sudhanshu quit his job and started ADmyBRAND India, registering Sorcerer Technologies.

The name ADmyBRAND was selected because it matches with the services provided by the company and also because the domain name was available.

Six Phases of Marketing Ad Campaign Managed by AdmyBrand

Each color in the logo represents the six phases of the marketing ad campaign.

Admybrand Logo

What is ADmyBRAND

ADmyBRAND is a one-stop platform for buying, selling and analyzing ads across all media. The ADmyBRAND portal currently has 32+ products to completely automate marketing. There are various products for searching ad spaces, and booking and analyzing ads. Some products of ADmyBRAND are-

Products for booking and selling ad space

  • 8Hoarding- a hoarding and fixed media advertising platform
  • Ad8OOH- Avenue and movable media advertising platform
  • 8Digiad- for booking and selling ads on digital screens & LCDs
  • Ad8Mobi- Mobile advertising platform
  • Ad8Paper- Newspaper advertising platform
  • Ad8Radio- Radio advertising platform
  • Ad8TV- Television advertising platform
  • Ad8Social- Web and social media platform
  • Ad8plan- Platform for managing inventory and lead generation for media sellers.

Products for searching and exploring ad spaces

  • Calci- A search engine for Ad spaces
  • 8 Surface – A DIY tool for creating ads
  • Ambicode – Allocating ad spaces with universal codes.
  • Pages- Gives the ad sellers the advantage of an online presence.
  • Search Seller – Search Engine for ad spaces sellers
  • InventMyAd- lets users create and design advertisement campaign
  • Console – A single dashboard to monitor all campaigns Products for Ad Analytics
  • ARP – It provides real-time rating and analytics for ad spaces
  • AnalyzeMyAd – For analyzing and strategizing Ad campaigns
  • Ambicash – A Blockchain based solution for mobile ad analytics
  • Boost – For TV & radio ad analytics
  • VIA – Offers visibility scores for outdoor and OOH ad media
  • Social Media listing – Lets users see what's trending on social media.

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IOT and AI Related Products

  • Listen – Lets users identify radio ad audience with audio QR codes
  • Adify – It’s an AI-based personal assistant to plan, book and manage ads
  • Pixel – Lets users identify and retarget TV Β ads to viewers on other ad platforms
  • Box – Big data solution for retargeting TV and Radio ads to mobile devices.

Products for growing the business

  • Zeedback – Lets users get feedback and generate surveys for ad viewers and clients
  • 8Chat – Professional Networking platform for marketing professionals
  • Clicko – A single platform for social media management. Β 

Besides, ADmyBRAND offers Ambloan- working capital loan for marketing campaigns, And Ambsure- a plan to insure marketing campaigns against uncertainties.

We have improved portal and added inventory on the supply side in 2018 and for the last 4 months, we are now doing aggressive marketing campaigns receiving 4-5 campaigns in a week. Prior to that we did more than 100 campaigns but those are offline mainly as I am acting as an agency manually connecting demand and supply side, but now we have a complete automatic portal with 32+ products to completely automate marketing. Just like Google Suite and Microsoft office, ADmyBRAND is a suite of products and not a single product.
What Admybrand Does

ADmyBRAND - Launching Startup

In 2017 Initially, Sudhanshu worked on the product for 4-5 months in Indore which is his hometown, renting up an office in Silicon City. However, soon he realized that Indore does not have a startup ecosystem, which made him move to Hyderabad, where he met various seller including leadspace – leading outdoor ads player, Sakshi TV, leading Media Company in Newspaper and TV. This gave Sudhanshu an opportunity to understand their problems and tweak ADmyBRAND's product accordingly. Recently ADmyBRAND has also opened its tech office in Bangalore.

ADmyBRAND - Revenue Model

For every transaction through its portal ADmyBRAND charges a convenience fee of INR 199 per media or INR 2499 per campaign (whichever is higher) from advertisers.

It charges a 5-15% commission from ad-space sellers.

There are also other services like premium analytics and design support that come at extra cost but DIY drag and drop style tool to create ad designs along with basic analytics module for each campaign is free of cost.

If sellers want to show their listing on top of search results there is a separate fee.

ADmyBRAND assigns a unique six-digit code to each ad media, if sellers want a premium code for their media, there is an additional cost.

Besides, ADmyBRAND provides an Inventory management system to sellers on freemium based subscription plans. Similarly, for agencies, white-labeling solution is available on a freemium based subscription model.

Admybrand revenue model

ADmyBRAND - Funding and Investors

ADmyBRAND raised angel funding in the year 2017.

Funding Date Funding Stage Funding Amount Investors
2017 Angel Round INR 3.5 Crore Angel Investors

ADmyBRAND - User Acquisition

On the demand side, the initial set of customers were acquired through Sudhanshu’s personal network. ADmyBRAND did not do any serious marketing of its products until August 2019.

β€œI think we are on our strategy to refrain doing our own marketing till August 2019. We are a media-shy company for the time being, you will not find much of our mention in any key media outlets, the reason is simple because we want to first create a big entry barrier creating a superior non-replicable product and then move aggressively to capture 80% market share as what our online counterpart Google is doing to online ad industry” says Sudhanshu.

ADmyBRAND - Startup Challenges

As Sudhanshu says, formulating analytics and finding suitable manpower for platform development was the most challenging part of starting ADmyBRAND.

At first, I hired a web development company for creating my portal but wasted a lot of time and money on it. Then I experimented with a lot of other models, freelancers, etc. Finally, I understood one thing that for tech startup you cannot outsource technology now we have in-house design, technology and analytics team.

ADmyBRAND - Competitors

ADmyBRAND is one of its kind startup, the services it provides in the field of offline marketing is vast and unique. As such, there is no direct competition for ADmyBRAND. ADmyBRAND enjoys first mover advantage in its field and has a wide scope for profitable expansion in other parts of the globe.

We are probably India’s first pure tech company that is not a replica of any other startup. In fact, because of this first mover advantage of ours, we look forward to moving to other geographies as well. I had a discussion with one ex-director of Softbank and He suggested me to plan our company’s tech architecture and technology stack planning International expansion from day one, thus, you see the current version of ADmyBRAND. We thought about many things from day 01 which many companies think later on. We are working to create a robust product Β 

ADmyBRAND envisions to become a global technology company in the next few years and has implemented features like single sign-on and multiple login that helps it stand out from the competition. It has also enabled country wise different admins and different customer care team for different countries.

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ADmyBRAND - Growth

In India, ADmyBRAND is now managing inventory from all over the country and have regional offices in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata. In the supply side, ADmyBRAND is handling Β 10 lac + inventory with 5lac + inventory available for booking.

ADmyBRAND is currently running 4-5 campaigns of ticket size 10-12 lacs per month.

Besides, ADmyBRAND tied up with major media companies like Spotify, Verizon Media (Yahoo, AOL, Tumblr), Twitter for its mobile and digital advertising platform. The company has partnered with almost all TV and radio companies to book ad spaces on them.

ADmyBRAND also has international presence and is operating in countries like Singapore, China, United Kingdom, United States, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Macau, Nepal, Thailand and Vietnam.

ADmyBRAND - Awards

Being a single founder, Sudhanshu believes that its more important to concentrate on up-scaling the startup from all aspects rather than diverting attention to compete for awards. Β 

The founder won various competitions at IIM Calcutta and was mentored by IIM Calcutta Innovation Park and Times Group. He even won a competition and received INR 30,000 prize money from Times Group to start

I participated in lots of events and competitions for my previous startup, but then I realize that all these competitions are of no use and generally pull away focus of startup founder. For me being single founder, it's necessary to skip on everything and focus on one thing at a time. Last 2 years I focused on product development and for the next 1.5 years I want to focus on building huge supply (real-time inventory) for the venture.

ADmyBRAND - Future Plans

ADmyBRAND is looking to move aggressively on supply side after its next funding round. It is also coming up with the idea of unique QR code-based marketing campaign. The company is looking forward to capture 40-60% market share on the supply side in newspaper and outdoor advertising vertical.

As you see Paytm QR codes outside every retail store similarly we want each ad space to assign unique AMB QR code. Currently, on empty billboards, you see some random numbers written to contact them and book space but we want to replace it assigning unique QR code and unique checkout page for each media. Each outdoor media to carry this code and you can book it online by simply scanning that QR code.


What is ADmyBRAND?

ADmyBRAND is a one-stop platform for buying, selling and analyzing ads across all media. The ADmyBRAND portal currently has 32+ products to completely automate marketing.

Who is the founder of ADmyBRAND?

Sudhanshu Goyal

When was ADmyBRAND founded?


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