How to Buy Advertising on Telegram?

How to Buy Advertising on Telegram?

Telegram remains a free messenger, with more than 500 million users all across the globe. It is also an alluring channel for advertisers. Some paid functions were announced in December 2020, and advertisements began to appear on channels with more than 1000 followers in October 2021.

Pavel Durov, the founder of Telegram, states that “Telegram became the most downloaded mobile app in the world in January 2021. For the last 7.5 years, Telegram has steadily climbed the rankings for popular apps. Since its launch in 2013, Telegram’s user base has grown over 40% each year.”

According to exchange research, the Russian-speaking market capacity of Telegram channels touched $168.9M.

Did you know that 74.7% of total advertising traffic is allocated among the 10 most popular categories, which include “Business and Finance” (20.1%), “Women’s Section” (9%), “Mass Media” (7.9%), “Culture, Education and Arts” (6.1%), “Sports” (5.9%) and “Internet and Marketing” (5.9%)?

Daniel Zee, a visionary with and the author of the free Telegram promotion video series, talked of introducing advertisements in the messenger. Besides, Pavel Dorov, the Telegram founder has publicly shared the plan to introduce ads on the platform in December 2020. News reported that the first advertisements appeared on Telegram during the first week of November 2021.  

Why should you post your advertisements on Telegram?

Telegram paid promotion has been a rage ever since the launch of ads on Telegram. Advertising on Telegram is easy and the most important fact is that the Telegram promotion offers numerous advantages. These are:

Advertising transactions cost less

Find a targeted audience cheaper than Instagram and YouTube. You would get access to the same core target group that follows and trusts a blogger that they follow.  

Native screen allocation and instant message format

Almost every Telegram subscriber is a reader. Marketing content is allocated naturally, and thanks to instant notifications, the message can’t be lost in the feed, which is something that you always have problems with on Facebook or Instagram.

A marketing message occupies 100% of the screen space in Telegram, unlike some decent, three-columned sites where it would occupy only 2%. Taking into account a relatively high CPM (Cost Per Mille, meaning cost per 1k of views), such posting conversion is also higher.

International market entering

According to App Annie study, Telegram is the most popular in India, followed by Indonesia, and Russia occupies third place. And after that, we have the USA, Malaysia, Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Brazil, Egypt, and UAE. IT entrepreneurs can now promote their products easier and faster, even in most winning markets.

How do I haggle, write a quality post, and measure efficiency? And what do I pay attention to when choosing a channel?

How to Pay for an Ad and Manage Paperwork?

Some Telegram channel owners are self-employed. And the majority prefer remittance: Paypal, Visa/MasterCard, etc.

If you deal with a channel admin, be sure to compare his username to the one in the channel description. They must match. If they don’t, it can be fraud, which happens rather often. Notice that in order to contact a true channel admin, you should follow a link in the channel description. Never search for it online.

Legal entities have a bit more trouble posting an ad in Telegram, as they need some confirmation papers. Here, the most convenient and easy way to get confirmation is to use the Ad Exchange services. They offer all the necessary papers to confirm each case.

How to Write Quality Post?

It is really important to adapt your content for the channel, and mostly people tend to overlook this part. However, there are admins who rewrite texts following their own unique style, but those aren’t common. In most cases, you should send text ready to post.

Here are a few pieces of advice regarding text editing:

-          Create a clear call to action and introduce the link into the text or a button
-          Think post allocation through (eye-catching heading, bullets, paragraphs)
-          Make text useful, as it must not resemble an intrusive advertisement
-          Prepare some quality images
-          Don’t overuse emojis
-          Add some attractive offers (a promo code or some free stuff on subscription)
-          Be sure to remove previews in YouTube videos if you want to increase views
-          Make text more legible using allocation, italics, and/or listing
-          Apply software to proofread and finalize the text, as mistakes are irritating

How to Check Ad Efficiency?

Checking the advertisement efficiency is vital if you think that you should advertise on a media like Telegram. Here are some of the easy ways you can check Telegram ad efficiency:

In case you promote other channels

The core value here is the value of follower acquisition. You pay $50 and you get 25 users; that makes it $2 per subscriber (and it is cheap). There are no pricing standards here, as it depends on the channel, content, topic, and season. Test different channels, and over time, you will understand the cost of a subscriber in your topic.

In case you have a website or apps to advertise

Utilize UTM to view some business intelligence, such as the lead amount. However, transferring users from your main platform isn’t the best solution, and it is better to revert to Telegram.

Firstly, a site can be poorly optimized for mobile access. Secondly, redirection to another site often results in 90% traffic loss. People aren’t particularly happy to move somewhere, especially after receiving dozens of notifications and a message from Mom on top of that.

What is best?

Keep in mind that you can sell almost any services or goods via Telegram. A chatbot is a perfect tool for that. Conversion goes up immediately, and statistics provide you with advert feedback (the number of users who launched the bot and use it on a regular basis).

Telegram First. And this statement holds true for a brand new marketing campaign or a new company. You create a channel first and then a bot for it. Some mobile support sites and apps are to be launched later on when the company (or campaign) is a success.

You can then launch another channel, transfer all the landing data to it, and add a purchase button.

How to avoid the wastage of marketing funds?

You should test your content before posting. Choose 1–3 channels, publish it, and monitor the feedback (subscribers, purchases, clicks, and bot accessing).

Next, edit the text and try to purchase all the relevant channels. There aren’t many truly quality ones, and posting will still be cheaper than on various other sites.

If you are not bound by geography, try to purchase your Telegram topic in advance (six months ahead would be great). And neighboring niche purchases are to be stretched ahead for three months. Update your main niches once in 30 days and once in three months in neighboring ones.

What should those with limited funds do?

It is the same. Test your post, improve it, and purchase on the 2–3 best channels (pretest them too). Some online services or exchanges will help you compare sites and choose the best there is to offer.

A lower Telegram ad test funding limit is $1,000 ($2,000 would do better, though). It would enable you to purchase just enough posts to find out whether it is worth following a chosen strategy.

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