Top 10 Social Media Management Tools for Businesses

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Jan 30, 2020 6 min read
Top 10 Social Media Management Tools for Businesses

Social media is a crucial part of everyone's life and for influencers and social media content creators, it is a very crucial part of their stardom and one can consider it as the office of such influencers. Now, social media has its own set of rules and regulations and one has to manage the accounts and posts, to keep the followers hooked and keeping new content coming, on the account. This the reason why social media management is given much importance in the field of social media. So, to help you out here we've listed the 10 best Social Media Management tools to choose from.

Best Social Media Management Tools

Top Social Media Management Tools


Founder Joel Gascoign
Developed in 2010
Pricing USD 15 TO USD 99 per month

Buffer enables one to effectively plan a schedule that helps in optimizing Social Media update simultaneously by helping to spread and schedule them across the various platforms. It used to manage accounts in social networks especially for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Instagram Stories, Pinterest and LinkedIn. It helps in analyze their results and engage with their community. It was released in 2010 and is available in the English language only. It allows users to schedule posts sent through the devotion to the user's social media accounts and the free version allows the application to posts 10 posts, at a given time.

Sprout Social

Founder Justyn Howard
Developed in 2010
Pricing USD 99 TO USD 249 per month

Sprout Social is known for it's effective ability to manage the social media and social care efforts and is being used by AMD, McDonald's, etc. It manages over 6 million social interactions per day and makes it easy for brands to stay connected. It is good for companies that have multiple accounts and also helps in managing social targets.

Sprout Social also allows posting into various social media and let us monitor the targets which the posts have to serve and also the responses that the posts are generating. It also connects business owners to the customers, and the owner can add or subtract the team members to manage the platform.

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Founder Daniel Maloney
Developed in 2011
Pricing USD 9.99 per month

Tailwind is known for being a smart way to schedule posts for social media websites like Pinterest and Instagram. It focuses on visual and multimedia content in general and allows us to monitor the growth and analysis of the post on Instagram and Pinterest.

Tailwind has a free trial that allows up to 30 posts on Instagram and 100 posts on Pinterest, then comes the pro-version, which has more advanced features for more analysis. For Pinterest it has analytics and reporting, content optimization, content marketing, and for Instagram, it has audience management, hashtag monitoring, etc as features.


Founder Fernando Cuscuela
Developed in 2012
Pricing USD 9.99 to USD 99.99 per month


Everypost is a great app for multimedia content, especially for pictures and videos. It allows us to create content and manage multimedia content across social media platforms. Everypost also allows that with every post, one can create different group access to the different accounts, so that one can monitor different aspects of the social media accounts and one can also customize the posts to meet the need of the targeted audience.

The app comes with a free plan to access the basic features and then there is 5 pre-pared plan with various sets of dynamic features, meeting one's need.

Zoho Social

Founder Sridhar Vembu and Tony Thomas
Developed in 1994
Pricing USD 8.39 to USD 251 per month

Zoho Social has a 9-star rating due to its features and is known as one of the best social media management app. It has a publishing tool and that is very helpful for creating very useful content and also to schedule the tasks. The features include automatic scheduling, bulk scheduling, repeat posts, twitter lists, real-time monitoring, keyword tracking, multi-channel, unified messages that are available for both iOS and Android devices. It has a free trial and there are four plans i.e Standard, Professional, Agency and Agency plan.


Founder Iain Dodsworth
Developed in 2008
Pricing FREE

TweetDeck is used basically by Twitter and is known for managing the multiple twitter accounts at a single time. One can use it to track down particular hashtags, events, and topics to keep a track of what's hot, new and trendy. It allows us to log in and can view multiple twitter accounts. It allows the difficulty to login to various accounts separately and can log in in all the accounts at one time.

TweetDeck also schedules the tweets of the accounts without any hassle and can be scheduled for instant delivery or can be published on a specific date mentioned. The messages can be included images also and it is currently free.

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Founder Nischal Shetty
Developed in 2010
Pricing USD 7.48 to USD 74.98 per month

Crowdfire is your Complete Social Media CRM solution with Advanced Social Analytics and added features like Post Scheduler, Social Listener, Content Curator all rolled into one social media management suite. Crowdfire works with Facebook Pages & Groups, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Wordpress, Etsy, Shopify, Medium, 500px, Vimeo and many more platforms. Crowdfire can help you with social listening, track, analyse and download your social reports, compose your own posts and schedule them to go out later. Crowdfire schedules all your posts in advance and post them automatically at the best times or at a time chosen by you.


Developed in 2008
Pricing USD 13.94 to USD 17.97 per month

SocialOomph is extremely useful for people who are interested in creating new and effective social connections in line with the needs and market strategy goals. It creates a platform to boost and to implement market strategies on the social groups. It has a free version that only manages the twitter account for a particular time and then the revenged versions have more interesting features. SocialOomph allows future posts schedules, has follow-up keywords and allows to generate results in little efforts.


Founder Emeric Ernoult
Developed in 2000
Pricing USD 79 to USD 399 per month

Agora pulse

Agora pulse is an app that is the first choice of a lot of social media workers. It allows for scheduling of posts for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and Google+. The app also allows us to check the presence of the post's analysis. One can also use hashtags to make the post more reachable to more people. The pricing involves small and medium plans for $39 and $79 respectively and has more pricing range for different business ventures.

Social Status

Founder Robert O'Farrel, Tim Hill
Developed in 2013
Pricing USD 29 to USD 1499

With a user satisfaction of 94% and has a score 8 out of 10, Social Status is a well-known app for social media management and the app offers in-depth insights of the profiles, ad accounts, competitors and also the influencers performances. It has features like of automates report generation, insights, competitor benchmarking, tagging, video metrics, etc. It has a free trial version and has three plans, small($49 per month), medium ($99 per month), large ($199 per month).

Salesforce Social Studio

Founder Salesforce Marketing Cloud
Developed in 2000
Pricing USD 1000 to USD 40000 per month

Salesforce Social Studio is known for administering marketing strategy across all media strategy a helps in tapping business into the power of social media in terms of marketing, customer services, and sales organizations. The features include social media management, campaign feedback, customer activity, reporting, market intelligence, etc and the pricing is vendor-based and there is no free trial.

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This is our list of top Social Media management tools. Do you have any more tools to suggest? Let us know in the comment below.

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