Top 6 Marketing Automation Software

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Aug 10, 2022 9 min read
Top 6 Marketing Automation Software

Marketing is a very important aspect of any business. If your marketing efforts are in the right direction it can increase your brand awareness and conversion rate. Marketers do a lot of things from strategizing content, capturing and nurturing leads, managing customer information, creating advertising campaigns, scheduling tasks and a lot more.

All these tasks require a lot of time and energy. Although if you want to save time and boost your productivity and sales you can use marketing automation tools to put these tedious tasks on autopilot.

In 2021, about 51% of companies were using the marketing automation tool and were able to boost their sales productivity by 14.5%. Β 

80% of marketers saw an increase in their leads and 77% saw an increase in their conversion rates.

All these stats show us that you should use marketing automation tools in your business. Although finding out a perfect marketing automation tool that matches your business needs is a tough job. Don’t worry we are here to help.

In this article, we will tell you the 6 best marketing automation tools.

Marketing Automation

HubSpot Marketing Hub

When you think of a marketing automation tool HubSpot comes first to mind. The tool has an immense reputation in the market. Using this tool you can streamline your entire business workflow in a single place. No need to switch between different software!

Using the easy-to-use visual editor you can make targeted workflows for your email campaigns or multi-stage journeys. Advanced segmentation allows you to decide which audience will get enrolled in which workflows and when.


  • Starter - $45/mo
  • Professional - $800/mo
  • Enterprise - $3,200/mo
HubSpot Marketing Hub Software- Automation Marketing Tool
HubSpot Marketing Hub Software

The tool provides you with customizable email templates that you can use to write personalized emails with no coding skills. Automate your email campaigns, generate more leads and move your prospects further down the funnel. To send emails to the right people at the right time HubSpot gives you numerous triggers, conditions, and action parameters.

HubSpot goes beyond the traditional email automation and provides you with all the tools using which you can score leads, rotate leads to sales, set up webhooks and automate data transfer from one team to another.

Your team will automatically receive notifications if a user performs an important action like putting up a business query in your forum. This will help your team to quickly message the users and convert them into customers.

HubSpot also provides you with a set of SEO and blog tools. You can set up a drip campaign, manage your social media, build Al-powered live chat, and create forms and landing pages all in one place. The tool integrates with other HubSpot solutions which makes it a killer deal.

You will also get access to HubSpot Academy where you can learn how to use the tool efficiently and easily. As you can see HubSpot is a stellar marketing automation tool.

Oracle Eloqua

Oracle Eloqua is an all-in-one marketing tool using which you can nurture your leads, get detailed analytics, automate workflows and manage cross-channel B2B marketing campaigns. Segment your users based on web visits, specific attributes, interests and geography.

Easily create campaigns using the drag and drop editor. Get stats on what users are doing on your website in real-time. Use SMS messaging to send event reminders, product updates or to get feedback.


  • Basic - Β $2,000/mo
  • Standard - $4,000/mo
Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation Tool
Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation Tool

Lead scores are updated in real-time across multiple campaigns based on customer profiles. For accurate lead scores, the tool analyzes the most recent activity of the user and adjusts the scores in real-time.

Oracle Eloqua has built-in Al that suggests what action you should take for each contact. Find your best-performing products and content. Using Eloqua's account engagement scoring, find the most engaged users.

Automate your email campaigns, improve your subject lines using the Al suggestions and find the best time to send emails. Build responsive emails, landing pages and forms without the need to learn HTML code. Save blocks of content that you often use so you can use them in future campaigns.

Create dynamic content for your landing pages and emails that adapts and personalises the messaging based on the user's behavioural pattern and location. After launching the campaign analyse metrics such as email opens, clickthroughs, form submissions, and more.

To help your brand in increasing sales Eloqua will automatically identify and prioritise top-tier accounts that show high-buying opportunities. Get detailed statistics on your dashboard and analyse usage metrics like bulk API activity, native CRM activity, email sends, form submissions, page views and much more. Monitor and compare all your campaigns.


If you are in a B2B business then Pardot by Salesforce is a perfect marketing automation tool. Using this tool you can build relationships with your customers and boost your revenue. Pardot provides you with real-time sales alerts, prospect activity tracking and sales campaign tracking.

Using the drag and drop editor you can build landing pages and forms. Get highly profitable leads using Pardot’s automated lead scoring functionality. Put your common marketing and sales tasks on autopilot.


  • Growth - $1,250/mo
  • Plus - $2,500/mo
  • Advanced - $4,000/mo
Marketing Automation Tool Pardot by Salesforce

Create dynamic campaigns that adapt to each customer’s activity and buying signals and move them further in the sales funnel. Using built-in sales alerts and assignment triggers your sales team can contact the prospects at the right time.

Segment your audience based on their preferences and send the right email at the right time using Pardot’s intuitive email editor. The platform has an in-built SPAM analysis tool that will check your email copy against common spam filters.

Personalise your email copy based on the prospect’s score, grade, title, industry and job. You can also perform email A/B testing to understand which of your content is resonating more with your target audience.

The visual reports help you analyse the ROI of your campaigns and empower you to maximise your marketing efforts. Using the engagement and lifecycle reports you can understand your sales performance and analyse where your prospects are getting stuck in the funnel.


Using SendinBlue you can automate all of your tedious marketing efforts, capture leads, segment your audience and send the right message at the right time using email and SMS.

You can set up a workflow and build a set of rules that triggers an action that you want to take for your prospects. This includes automatically sending emails and SMS, organising contacts into different lists and updating your database in real-time. Automate lead scoring and perform A/B split testing.


  • Lite - $25/mo
  • Premium - $65/mo
SendinBlue Marketing Automation Tool
SendinBlue Marketing Automation Tool

Set up a CRM in no time and upload all the information that you have about your contacts directly into the CRM contact profile. Create and assign tasks to your teammates and set up deadlines using the CRM.

Create custom landing pages and forms without any coding skills. Choose from 40+ responsive email templates and easily edit your emails easily using the drag and drop editor. Personalise your email copy by adding your prospect's name into the text.

You can also use prospects database attributes to make your email more personalised. For example, if you know that a particular contact loves the colour yellow you can show different product images with yellow colour in the background.

Segment your contacts list based on the prospect’s preferences, previous engagement or purchase history and socio-economic or geographical characteristics. You can automatically update your contacts list based on actions your contacts take on your website and email.

Get detailed email marketing stats and using the in-built Al find the best time to send emails to each recipient. Visually see how your recipients interact with your email using the email heat map functionality.

Send bulk SMS marketing campaigns to your contacts directly from your database. You can also send transactional SMS order confirmations, shipping updates, password reset and much more.

Install a chatbox on your website and answer your user's questions via Sendinblue Chat Inbox. You can even see on which page of the website the user is currently on directly from the chat box. You can directly use the Facebook ads tool inside SendinBlue.


Most of the tools on this list focus on automating marketing and sales efforts. But, EngageBay automates your support system as well. This allows you to provide top-notch after-sales service to your customers.

You can set up live chat software on your website. Whenever users initiate a chat your sales team would be instantly notified. Find all the tickets raised by your customers on your dashboard. You can set up standard responses for the tickets. Create support groups based on department or skills and direct your support tickets to the right support groups.


  • Basic - $11.99/mo
  • Growth - $39.99/mo
  • Pro - $79.99/mo
Engagebay automation marketing software
Engagebay automation marketing software

From the live chat itself you can find out customers' location, total pages visited and time spent on the website. Get powerful stats on support tickets and understand what common problems your customers are facing.

Using EngageBay's CRM you can send leads from marketing to the sales team, automate your workflow and data entry, schedule meetings, create follow-ups for each lead and do much more.

Every interaction with your customer like emails, calls, and meetings gets automatically recorded in the system and presented to you in a timeline format.

Using the drag and drop visual builder you can create marketing and sales workflows. Automate lead scoring based on email opens, link clicks, website visits, etc.

Create drip email campaigns and personalise emails with contacts' names, companies, locations, interests and more. Get notified when users open your email or click a specific link and engage with your customers at the right time to increase the conversion rate.

Landing pages and forms can also be created easily. You can also send push notifications. Set up pop-ups on your website and show them to your customers when they are about to leave the website.

Automatically segment your customer's list based on what actions they take or do not take. Tag customers based on behavioural patterns and run smart personalised marketing campaigns.

Active Campaign

If you are specifically looking to automate your email marketing efforts then Active Campaign is for you. Most of the tools on this list will help you in automating your email campaigns but, Active Campaign takes email marketing to the next level.

Active Campaign allows you to send a wide variety of emails to your customers: broadcast emails, triggered emails, targeted emails, transactional emails, scheduled emails and email autoresponders.


  • Lite - Β $29/mo
  • Plus - $49/mo
  • Professional - $149/mo
Active Campaign- Marketing Automation Tool
Active Campaign- Marketing Automation Tool

Using the drag and drop editor you can create beautiful email campaigns within a few minutes. Segment your audience based on their personal interests, job function, geographic location, website visits, email clicks, products purchased, quiz results and time since last purchase.

You can automatically add tags to your list based on what pages or links they clicked on your website or email.

Set up forms on your website and collect customers' personal information, preferences, and more through standard and custom fields. Show forms at the right time based on the user's behavioural pattern and interests. You can automate email sequences so that as soon as the form is filled the customers will get a series of emails that will nurture them to buy your products.

Send personalised emails with customers' personal information like name, city, preferences, purchase history and a lot more. Active Campaign has 6 email deliverability best practices to ensure that your email lands in the subscriber’s inbox.

To achieve the highest email deliverability the tool will automatically review and remove inactive email addresses. It has pre-built automations and re-engagement campaigns that help you in engaging with your customers constantly. The tool has an in-built spam checker as well.

You can easily send double-opt-in emails to your customers to make sure only the interested ones get added to your email list. Notify your team to follow up with high-value leads.


As you can see all of the tools will help you in automating your work but, you shouldn’t choose a software randomly. Understand your business needs, budget and technical expertise and you will soon find out the right tool. Since most of the tools come with a free trial you can use test them first and once you are satisfied you can buy them.


What is the difference between marketing automation and CRM?

Marketing automation helps you to generate and score leads and automates your digital campaigns and email marketing efforts. On the other hand, CRM helps you to track leads and convert them into customers.

What is the most common use of marketing automation?

Marketing automation tools are majorly used for generating leads, automating email marketing, social media posting and ultimately increasing the conversion rate.

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