5 Best Landing Page Builders and Their Features

Ansh Mehrey Ansh Mehrey
Jun 6, 2022 10 min read
5 Best Landing Page Builders and Their Features

We are living in the digital age, and to evolve one has to cope with the new age. Digital marketing is taking the world by storm, almost everyone uses the internet and has come across various digital marketing campaigns.

Landing pages have become one integral part of digital marketing campaigns, and if you are an expert digital marketer, you know how important landing pages can be, and how much they can boost a digital campaign. As important and effective, as they can be, one must be careful while building a landing page as a good page can amass hundreds and thousands of CTAs (Call to Actions) and can make a good number of conversions for you.

In this article, we will talk about Top Landing Pages and their features. So, let's take a look at them.

What Is a Landing Page?
Top Landing Page Builders

What Is a Landing Page?

Before diving deep into the tools used for building landing pages, let us first talk about what landing pages are. Landing pages, by definition, are standalone pages that are built for advertising or a marketing campaign. The user is taken to them through a link on an email or a social media or some other web page. They are very different from a web page, which might have several clickable links and attached pages. This very feature of a landing page, 'the focus on a single objective', also called the CTA, is what causes a higher percentage of conversion.

There are two different types of Landing pages, namely Lead Generation Landing pages and Clickthrough Landing pages. The Lead Generation Landing pages are mostly used by B2B marketing companies to collect the user data such as email and names, which can be further used to build a list of emails as their prospective clients. Clickthrough pages are much more direct as their main objective is to sell a product or a subscription-based service, and these pages are mostly used by E-Commerce websites and SaaS services.

Top Landing Page Builders

There are several landing page builders that are used by businesses for their digital marketing. Some of the most popular landing page builders are:


HubSpot Website
HubSpot Website

HubSpot is a sales, marketing and service software that offers an all-around CRM platform with different tools and services required to armour your business with best-in-class marketing tactics. With services in every domain of sales and marketing, HubSpot offers users free courses, eBooks and guides along with services such as Onboarding, Consulting and that of a Service Provider. Tools offered by HubSpot include Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, Services Hub, and CMS Hub.

  • Marketing Hub is a marketing software offered by HubSpot, that helps users grow visitors, enhance traffic, surge the conversion rate, and lead marketing campaigns. It helps the user generate leads, and automate marketing campaigns, and marketing analytics through Email marketing, forms, and Landing pages.
  • Sales Hub is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool which helps users study their prospective customers by giving insights into them, automating marketing tasks, and cutting deals swiftly. With advanced CRM tools and scheduled meetings, Sales Hub helps users enhance productivity and achieve goals through custom reporting and objects.
  • Service Hub is a customer support service that helps users to interact with their customers and prospects. This is a great help in marketing, as personal interaction turns customers into marketers and provides promotion of business without costs. With features such as feedback surveys and customer service automation, Service Hub is suited for both, marketers and customers.
  • CMS Hub is a Content Management Software, that helps marketers with SEO, website themes, and giving users a secure and personalized experience. With a multi-language content editor which comes in a drag-and-drop interface and adaptable testing, CMS Hub offers content, source and campaign suggestions, to get the most leads.

Features offered by HubSpot

  • To make content relevant today, it needs to be optimized for mobile devices, and through HubSpot, you get optimized content from the get-go.
  • Since both, the marketing tools, as well as the channel, are made available at the same place, customers do not have to waste time navigating between sites, hence better customer satisfaction and retention.
  • The CRM software offered by HubSpot comes free of cost, while the COS is quite affordable.
  • Smart pages offer a high conversion rate and better CTA, tailored to cater to unique leads.
  • Content on HubSpot pages is SEO optimized, making your site land on the top spots in each search and attract new customers.

Pricing Model for HubSpot

Software Starter Professional Enterprise
Marketing Costs $50 per month, and offers tools such as landing pages, email marketing, and ad retargeting Costs $890 per month and offers marketing automation, SEO recommendations, and custom reports with campaign reporting Costs $3200 per month and offers services such as team management and advanced reporting with predictive leads
CRM and Sales Costs $50 per month and comes with customizable sales properties, meeting scheduling, and other basic features Costs $500 per month and offers sales analytics, custom reporting, eSignature and some personalization features Costs $1200 per month and offers webhooks, custom objects, scalability, and reporting dashboard
Customer Service Costs $50 per month and comes with live chats, conversational bots, and simple automation Costs $400 per month and comes with ticket status and routing, and offers a better customer service with custom reporting and insight dashboard Costs $1200 per month and helps user manage multiple teams slack integration along with webhooks


Unbounce Website
Unbounce Website

Unbounce is a landing page builder with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface, that helps you seamlessly build landing pages, lead marketing campaigns for eCommerce, and run social ads, and email marketing. It helps users build one goal-focused and dedicated landing page, without an ounce of coding, to convert traffic into revenue.

With over 100 different landing page templates to choose from, and an easy drag and drop interface, Unbounce offers to build an interactive Landing page with customizable JavaScript and CSS, which can be used to make the page all the more responsive and fit for both, a mobile device or a desktop. Also, the built-in AI support helps you test your landing page design to see exactly how it works and what else is needed.

Features Offered by Unbounce

  • Seamless account management allows users to deal with multiple clients, and store records efficiently.
  • The single sign-on (SSO) feature makes it easy to manage usernames and permissions, while you can also choose who gets access.
  • Unbounce offers re-usability of templates which works effectively while also allowing you to share templates among other Unbounce users.
  • Shaped to load pages quicker than usual, Unbounce pages are designed to load swiftly, without any time delay.
  • With utmost care for privacy, the pages also display a green padlock on the URL bar, assuring the user of complete privacy.

The pricing model for Unbounce

Launch plan Optimise plan Accelerate plan Scale plan
Costs $81 per month and built for small businesses starting with digital marketing and landing pages Costs $122 per month and built for business ready to optimise landing pages Costs $203 per month and built for fast growing businesses who need to boost traffic Costs $300 per month and built for huge interprises looking for greater traffic and conversion rate
Offers upto 20000 visitors and 500 conversions with 1 connected domain Offers upto 30000 visitors and 1000 conversions with 1 connected domain Offers upto 50000 visitors and 2500 conversions with 7 connected domain Offers upto 50000 visitors and 3000 conversions with 15 connected domain


Instapage Website
Instapage Website

Instapage is more than just a landing page builder; it is an Advertising Conversion Cloud, with the ability to automate a personalized post-click page creation through conversion intelligence. Instapage helps users to integrate post-click landing pages and ads through marketing campaign visualization, which helps create a personalized experience for the customer.

Furthermore, Instablocks offers its users a variety of page blocks comprising CTA forms, overviews, and more so you can manipulate the content of your page, globally. The conversion-optimized templates help you pump up the conversion rate, and with the availability of quick mobile pages, it reduces bounce rates and does not let mobile browsing hinder your marketing campaign.

Features Offered by Instapage

  • Offers personalized experience to users with the use of specific keywords to maximize conversions.
  • Allows users to feature their own images with an Image Asset Manager.
  • Instapage allows users to add custom coding through JavaScript, CSS and other scripts, to enhance the functionality of the page.
  • Modern design features such as Parallax scrolling also come in handy in the design of a landing page.
  • Overwrite protection makes sure two different users working on the same template do not make a fuss.

The pricing model for Instapage

Business plan Enterprise plan
Costs $149 per month Cost is variable depending on your usage and needs
Offers features such as no conversion limit, post click score conversion analytics and many more features All features of Business plan with 1:1 ad to page personalization, visual collaboration, and editable blocks
Integrations for Zapier, HubSpot, Salesforce, and Marketo All integrations offered by Business Plan along with page migration and customer manager


Leadpages Website
Leadpages Website

Leadpages is one of the first choices for small businesses and online enterprises, that are trying to build a brand and make an online presence. It lets the users build websites, landing pages, pop-up alerts and much more without using any code. Leadpages helps you choose from over 200 different templates to create websites and landing pages with a high conversion rate, connect CRM and email, and build traffic with leads, guidance and increase conversions.

Leadpages has a simple and seamless set of tools making it effortless to create, update and deploy your pages, quick and accurate, ridding you of extra costs of freelancers and time delays. You also get to make mobile responsive pages and deploy them in a matter of minutes, using state-of-the-art templates and an easy drag-and-drop interface.

Features Offered by Leadpages

  • Leadpages allows you to view your page across different screen sizes hence, identifying if something needs to be rectified.
  • Hidden form fields allow you to pass data to your CRM, through prepopulated fields.
  • Leadpages makes a backup of all opt-in data in case any of the integrations experience downtime.
  • Offers checkout with Stripe, allowing users to accept payments and deliver products from any page.
  • Offers an image library where you can add and remove images to use in your page designs, the way you deem fit.

The pricing model for Leadpages

Advanced plan Pro plan Standard plan
Costs $299 per month billed annually Costs $74 per month billed annually Costs $37 per month billed annually
Can be used to build up to 50 sites and including landing pages, traffic leads and hosting Can be used to build up to 3 sites and including landing pages, traffic leads and hosting Can be used to build up to 1 sites and including landing pages, traffic leads and hosting
Priority phone tech support with over 40 integrations and online sales and payment Chat and email tech support with over 40 standard integrations and email trigger links Email tech support with no email triggers or online sales and payments


GetResponse Website
GetResponse Website

GetResponse is a digital marketing platform used for sending emails, creating web and landing pages, and automating marketing. It offers to grow your audience with lead generation and targeted online communication that helps users boost their conversion rates. Moreover, GetResponse helps you deploy your skillset into an asset that you can use to grow revenue with about a thousand daily webinars and deliver an amazing customer experience to create a loyal following.

Whether you wish to propel your business online, or you are in need of personalized tools to cater to your needs for scalability, GetResponse helps you communicate with your potential clients and increase return on investment. Moreover, with the help of sales funnels, popup forms, and marketing automation, GetResponse helps in online marketing and generating revenue from anywhere in the world.

Features Offered by GetResponse

  • With images from Shutterstock and gifs from Giphy, GetResponse helps create mobile-responsive pages for a high conversion rate.
  • Popup forms for signups and data collection, GetResponse helps you send targeted emails to prospective clients and customers.
  • Ready-made sales funnel helps you display your products and services to your customers, helping you sell more.
  • Drag and drop interface helps customize your page, so it suits both, the desktop view as well as the mobile device view.
  • GetResponse also offers insights into the pages along with conversion rate and other details. This allows you to choose the best designs and achieve high conversion rates.

The pricing model for GetResponse

Basic plan Plus plan Professional plan Max plan
Costs $19 per month and used for sending emails and building contact base Costs $59 per month and used for generating leads Costs $119 per month and used for marketing automation and integrations Used for evolving marketing strategy and comes with a variable pricing
Comes with tools for email marketing, unlimited marketing pages, templates, and lead funds Offers everything that comes with basic plan along with automation builder and sales and webinar funnels Offers everything that comes with plus plan along with unlimited sales and webinar funnels and work together for 5 users Offers everything that comes with professional plan along with dedicated support and IP and Microsoft Dynamic Integration


The landing page helps you in boosting your ad campaign. In fact, it is an important step in a digital marketing campaign. Landing page builders help in building the perfect web page that will help your potential customer or customers to take an action by buying the products of your business. With the increase in Digital marketing,m landing page builders are also getting popular.


What is a landing page?

Landing pages, by definition, are web pages that are built for advertising or a marketing campaign.

What are the two different types of Landing pages?

The two different types of Landing pages are Lead Generation Landing pages and Clickthrough Landing pages.

What are the top landing page builders?

  • HubSpot
  • Unbounce
  • Instapage
  • Leadpages
  • GetResponse

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