Is Coding an Essential and Must-have Skill of the Future?

Is Coding an Essential and Must-have Skill of the Future?

Programming or Code is the language of the current world. Whether it is an app that carries messages or emails to a mobile or the car that knows how many miles to go until refuelling. Any smart device needs specific instructions or lines of code to tell the machine how to operate and communicate with the real world.

Coding has become so central to the business that the common mantra around technology experts is that today’s youth will have to learn how to code. AI-powered robots and programs are on course to be so sophisticated that as many as 400 million-800 million jobs are predicted to be lost due to the technology by the end of 2030.

With such a rapid growth of AI and hampering of future human jobs, it is not a surprise to know that more workers have decided to learn the coding languages. There are currently 23 million programmers in the world and the number will specifically reach to around 28 million within 5 years.

What is Coding?

Coding is the process of using a programming language to get a computer to behave how you want it to. It is a skill where you take instructions and translate it into a language the computer understands since computers do not talk like humans.

Why is Coding so important?

Today's world believes coding is an essential skill and have put together a list of just a few things that coding can help a child with. It’s not necessarily because they want to have a career in computing either, it is simply important to make the child understand what is going around him.

Coding Languages to learn in the beginning
Coding Languages to learn in the beginning 

Enhances Logical thinking

Most of the young generation, when well-equipped with the knowledge and know-how of the tech world, have the abilities to master computer coding.

Computer coding involves using the more rational side of the brain, which is used for linear thinking, sequencing and applying logic to most situations. Children in their young age use their right (logical) side of the brain in order to solve problems through visualisation and intuition.

To programme a machine, one needs to be able to relay a structured set of instructions and break down problems in a methodical way. Therefore, coding is an important skill as it teaches and inspires children to view the world differently.

Improves Creativity and Writing skills

Though the process of coding sounds a lot more technical, it does require some creativity in the path. If kids in a very young age know how to code, then they can develop any type and number of the machine in the world. The machines can be apps, video games, websites and more.

When it comes to writing, computer programming lets the beginner improve the written skills, developing a more concise and structured approach to storytelling and the English language.

When coding, a keen learner will often realise that there will be more than one way to resolve a problem. The more simple and efficient solution, the better the solution is. By analysing the critical thinking and the solving of problems, it can lead to more meaningful application of written and spoken language.

Top in-demand coding languages to learn
Top in-demand coding languages to learn

Greater Career Opportunities

Most jobs require employees to be more computer literate, whether it is for using a sale’s till or creating a corporate presentation. But competition in acquiring jobs is high and in order to stand out from the crowd, one needs to possess skills over and above those of other fellow peers.

Computer jobs are growing at over twice the national average, and rather than just being cool, coding is now becoming a vital skill set. Coding is an important skill as specialists are becoming increasingly sought after as the world continues to evolve based on a digital future.

Growth of Cyber Security

Private and business data is a valuable commodity considering its privacy and securing the data. Businesses can rise and fall on their data collection and manipulation. The number of cybersecurity jobs has increased by 16.9%. So, for people who are with a flair for programming and experience in coding, cybersecurity represents a very positive career option for them.

Programming Courses available at all levels

The majority of people currently working in coding jobs are educated till Bachelor's Degree or higher. For instance, 55.9% of Software and Applications Programmers hold a Bachelor Degree.

However, the great thing about coding jobs is that one can work their way up. Learning how to code can start at an early age both at home and at school. Studying from an online course can take any learning further towards industry standard and development.

Growth in Demand for Coding jobs

Programming is a growing occupation across the globe. For example, the job role of Software and Applications Programmers grew exponentially over the last five years and is expected to continue with the same upward trend. An impressive number of 16,000 new jobs a year are expected to open up in this job role alone, making coding a sought-after skill that is worth learning.

Increased Spendings on IT

Businesses are showing a desire to keep up with the latest developments in IT and hence want to invest more in the sector. By the end of the year 2019, spending on code-driven products reached an estimate of $93 billion.

One significant spending trend is the move towards cloud-based services for both business and home. This has taken over from spending on IT devices and it needs coding as a basic need.

Job Roles require coding skills

The number of jobs that don’t include coding skills are shrinking.

  • Graphic artists who create design elements of a website is no longer enough. Now graphic artists need a few web development skills to put their art into practical application.
  • Environmental scientist's knowledge is really important for environmental research but analysis of this research often relies on the development of appropriate computer models.
  • Business analysts can manipulate and understand big data is now key to business success.

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Coding is not only a skill that can give one access to an exciting and rewarding career and life, but it also opens up job opportunities in one of the fastest developing industry sectors.

Currently, programmers work across a wide range of industries and contribute to most aspects of our lives.


What is coding?

Coding is the process of using a programming language to get a computer to behave how you want it to.

Is coding an essential skill?


What is coding used for?

Coding is used for communicating with computers. People use coding to give computers and other machines instructions on what actions to perform. Further, we use it to program the websites, apps, and other technologies we interact with every day.

How difficult is coding?

Coding isn't hard, it just requires more time and practice than you might expect. To be a competent coder, you need to learn how to produce products, not just write code.

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