Using GeeksforGeeks for Practice and Learning Coding- A Guide

Using GeeksforGeeks for Practice and Learning Coding- A Guide

GeeksforGeeks is the best platform for people who are searching for useful articles dedicated to programming languages. This website includes well explained, well thought-out, and well written computer science and programming articles. This platform can help people have a good understanding of various programming languages, data structures, and algorithms.

GeeksforGeeks was developed by Sandeep Jain in 2009. He is an IIT Roorkee alumnus. Sandeep commenced it as a blog-based site with articles on programming questions. Later, he expanded it to courses. Currently, it is a portal including interview experiences, programming questions, and a coding platform. Let us discuss how to use GeeksforGeeks for practicing coding.

The platform provides you access to all types of training materials, from programming problems to practice for entrance exams, from basic to premium courses, etc. GeeksforGeeks shows an inclusive approach to all technical concepts and several ways to resolve programming problems that enable you to choose the appropriate solution.

How to Learn Programming
How to Use GeeksforGeeks for Practicing Coding
Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

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How to Learn Programming

The contents on GeeksforGeeks are divided into different categories for easy access by users. If you are interested in learning algorithms or data structures or a programming language, you can use this source. If you are searching for interview preparation material, GeeksforGeeks includes a bunch of company-wise interview experiences. Also, it acts as a great platform for users to share their knowledge through the contribution option.

Let us talk about the steps to learn programming and some ways for developing our problem-solving skills.

Sandeep Jain - Founder of GeeksforGeeks

1. Select a Language and Understand the Basic Concepts

Many beginners skip the basics and jump directly into technology and shiny tools. It won't work in interviews or building a project of any kind. If your basics are not clear, you will become more distracted and confused. Therefore, firstly select the programming language that you are comfortable working on C++, Python, Java, etc.

After that, learn the syntax and basic concepts (conditionals, variables, loops, operators, etc.). Create programs using the language and make a basic foundation. Some useful tips to pursue when you start with fundamentals are given below. It will also help to increase your problem-solving skills.

  • Most courses start with educating a programming language, which is good, but learn how to use the programming language to solve problems.
  • Stand firm in a language. Most beginners continue to jump from one language to another. It is a waste of time. In the beginning, it is better to stick with one language.
  • Try to build programs every day without making a gap. Firstly, try to build small programs. Later, move to more complicated ones, but keep consistency.
  • Adopt a good learning strategy. For example, Programs follow a 2: 1 ratio between conceptual learning and active learning instead of using all theories first.
  • Build a project or small application based on the basics you have learned. Also, understand how to google when you get stuck somewhere because of doubts.

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2. Learn Algorithms and Data Structure

Algorithms and data structure are the main part of programming.  Once you learnt any of the languages ​​and have created some basic programs, the next step is to learn the algorithms and data structures. Note that, we can't use some data structures everywhere. So, for any type of problem, you first need to implement an algorithm. After that, you need to select a suitable data structure to solve the problem. Some useful tips to follow while learning data structure and algorithms are given below.

  • Never try to consume all the concepts of algorithms and data structures at once. You can select a specific learning strategy that suits you.
  • If you are trying to solve a complex problem, break down those problems into smaller parts. After that, solve these parts to get the final solution.
  • Practicing is very important. Try to take part in competitive programming on various websites.  You will gain confidence through this.
  • Understand how to use these algorithms and data structures in projects. Web applications are an example. You can learn plenty of use of array and string.
  • Make an application based on what you have understood. Also, you can use these ideas to implement a feature in your previous project.

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3. Build Projects

Try to make a static website or a small project first. It can be a web application, your own portfolio, any kind of game, or an Android application. For example, if you want to build an e-commerce site, begin with making small features. You can begin from the login form. After that, you can go to the next feature like the navigation bar. So, analyze the whole project and break it down into smaller parts instead of doing everything at once. Some useful tips that you should follow when building a project are given below.

  • Learn to utilize some good tools, debuggers, or editors on your project. Understand how to use templates, developer tools (for web applications), library, and package where needed.
  • Don't avoid error messages. You can google the errors or problems that you are facing while building the project. In most cases, you can discover the answer in Stackoverflow, a community for developers.
  • Try to avoid making too much perfection in the project. Otherwise, it will be a reason for slow progress and procrastination of the project.

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4. Explore

Do more exploration after your project is completed. Explore the computer science field as much as you can. You can explore various fields such as cloud computing, machine learning, mobile app development, systems programming, web development, virtual reality, blockchain, etc. There are so many projects on GitHub. Also, so many resources are available on the Internet.

Check out the various methods and approaches from other developers. Try to make a habit to read the code on StackOverflow or GitHub. You can discover multiple ways to solve a single problem. Try to join in online tech communities, and participate in some competitions or make a contribution to open source projects.

How to Use GeeksforGeeks for Practicing Coding

GeeksforGeeks understands the importance of programming training in climbing the ladder of success in the field of computer science. Therefore, it provides an option for practicing programming problems. This big database of problems was made by programming experts. GeeksforGeeks' active team makes the learning method fun and interesting.

You are able to practice as many problems as you need without creating a login. But if you want to track the progress and your rank among other programmers, you need to register or login. You need to confirm your email address for completing the registration process. Start with solving basic problems like strings, arrays, and then move on to the easy, medium, and hard levels.

GeeksforGeeks for practicing programming problems
GeeksforGeeks for practicing programming problems

If you are not able to solve them, take a look at the available editorials. If you click on the editorial section, you will be redirected to the solution and detailed explanation of the given problem. Only click on the editorial if you can't resolve the problem yourself. Or you can start learning concepts first. Refer to basic tutorials such as data structures, C programming language, and algorithms for learning concepts.

After that, you can start practicing coding problems. If you don't wish to track your progress now, you can use IDE. It is different from the practice platform. Also, you can use IDE for any problem that you want to solve by using an online compiler. But, the practice platform provides company wise problems and well-designed topic. Once you have completed the basic Problems, move on to the easy level as a next step.

If you feel that you can't resolve problems, you can check the editorials. There is a maximum allowable time for each problem. It is called as time limit for the problem. Checking your code for multiple test cases will help to identify problems with your code. Some links are provided above the editor for different languages. You are able to click on a language to see the code with which your code is integrated.

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This was a small guide on how to practice coding in geeksforgeeks. They have had significant growth over the last few years. The Android app got more than 500000 downloads. Also, it is one of the most visited websites in the world. The content of GeeksforGeeks is concise, highly reliable, and holds great quality. So, it is a perfect place for tech lovers and coders to interact and discuss their knowledge and ideas.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

What is GeeksforGeeks?

GeeksforGeeks is a platform for people who are searching for useful articles dedicated to programming languages. This website includes well-explained, well-thought-out, and well-written computer science and programming articles. The platform provides you access to all types of training materials, from programming problems to practice for entrance exams, from basic to premium courses.

Who created GeeksforGeeks?

Sandeep Jain created GeekforGeeks. Sandeep started a blog page that turned into Geeksforgeeks.

Is GeeksforGeeks free?

Yes, GeekforGeeks is a free platform.

Is GeeksforGeeks Indian?

Yes, GeekforGeeks is a computer portal based in India.

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