List of Best Project Management Tools

Niku Mandal Niku Mandal
Jan 21, 2020 8 min read
List of Best Project Management Tools

A project is any type of work that has to be done within a defined beginning and end time. The work is short term or temporary therefore has defined scope and resources. A project is a kind of singular goal which requires no routine operation but to accomplish the goal, a specific set of operations has to be designed. To complete a project some people from different organisation and multiple geographic works together. A project must be managed expertly which includes on-budget results, learning and integration as per the need of organizations. With all this effort one can deliver a project on-time.

Project management is what the team to meet the project requirements which itself includes the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to project activities.

According to some sources, only 58% of organizations fully understand the value of project management. As per Wellingtone's survey, only 22% of organizations use project management software which is very low. According to some sources, 77% of high-performing projects use project management software and 66% of project managers are willing to use these software more extensively if they get support from their organizations.

Management is a crucial factor of a successful business. Organizing makes everything very smooth and saves a lot of time for the business. So, here we've listed the best project management software for startups.

Best Project Management Tools for Startups

Zoho Projects

Zoho Logo
Zoho Logo

Zoho is the most popular brand to provide different kind of tools for startups. Their Zoho Projects stands out as one of the best and simple projects management tools. It can be very helpful for streamlining the upcoming work and tasks, in just a click. Zoho Projects has four monthly pricing plans which are extremely affordable, Standard at INR 1,260 for 6 users, Express at INR 3,500 for 15 users, Premium at INR 7,000 for 20 users and Enterprise at 10,500 for 25 users. Only except the Standard plan, all the other three plans offer unlimited projects. The features of the Zoho Projects include task list with multiple tasks and milestones, has a time tracking and timesheets. It also has documents and file management. The best part of Zoho Projects is that it can be integrated with Zoho CRM and another tool to manage all the aspects of the agency in one system.

Plan Users Projects Client Users Price
STANDARD 6 10 10 ₹10,500/year
EXPRESS 15 Unlimited 15 ₹33,600/year
PREMIUM 20 Unlimited 20 ₹71,400/year
ENTERPRISE 25 Unlimited 25 ₹1,05,000/year

You can check out everything abot Zoho Projects here: (Note: It is an affiliate link)

You can also check out its reviews on the same page.


ClickUp Logo
ClickUp Logo

ClickUp is a project management platform that focused on efficient task management and it is built for teams of all sizes and industries. It is one the best project management tool used by a lot of companies and startups. ClickUp has fully customizable features which makes it a must-have project management tool for the teams. The top features include 3 different views for every purpose which are Board view, Box view, List view, assign comments, 52 customizable features for each project, elegant hierarchy to keep projects simple as they expand and more. ClickUp has a free plan which is limited up to 100MB storage and Unlimited plan at INR 643.76 per month for per user. The Unlimited plan also has a free trial with unlimited storage and views.

| Plan | Storage | Client Users | Price |
|--- |--- |--- |--- |---
| Free | 100 MB | 0 | Free Forever |
| Unlimited | Unlimited | 5 | ₹355.35/user/month |
| Business | Unlimited | 10 | ₹639.63/user/month |
| Eenterprise | NA | NA | NA |

You can check everything about ClickUp here: (Note: It is an affiliate link)


Scoro Logo
Scoro Logo

Scoro is a comprehensive solution which is a combination of all features which one needs for the project management, for software, projects, and tasks, contact management, team collaboration, billing, and reporting. Scoro also has a time management tool that includes team calendars, shared tasks, timesheets, automated time tracking and to plan and optimize the team's time usage for projects. Its other features include projects with sub-tasks and deadlines, detailed reports progress and finances, real-time KPI dashboard. Scoro has four monthly basis pricing plans, Essential from $26 per user, Work Hub from $37 per user, Sales Hub from $37 per user and Business Hub from $61 per user. All plans come with a free trial period.

| Plan | Best For | Price |
|--- |--- |--- |--- |---
| ESSENTIAL | Small Teams | $26/user/month |
| WORK HUB | Creative Professionals | $37/user/month |
| SALES HUB | Sales Focused Teams | $37/user/month |
| BUSINESS HUB | All | $61/user/month |


ProofHub Logo
ProofHub Logo

ProofHub is a versatile project management system used by leading organizations like NASA, Disney, Taco Bell, and many more popular firms. ProofHub has all the features your team can collaborate, plan and organize to deliver a project on time. The features include assigned user roles, online team discussions and chats, task delegating and assignments. ProofHub has all the right tools under one roof that your team need to work together easiest, fastest and smartest way to complete a project. ProofHub has two pricing plans, Essential at $45 per month and Ultimate Control at $89 per month. The Essential plan is limited up to 40 projects whereas Ultimate Control offers ultimate projects. ProofHub has made task-management less stressful for teams. It is also available for Android and iOS users.

| Plan | Projects | Users | Price |
|--- |--- |--- |--- |---
| Essential | 40 Projects | Unlimited | $45/month |
| Ultimate Control | Unlimited | Unlimited | $89/month |

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Basecamp Logo
Basecamp Logo

Basecamp is preferred by thousands of project management teams because of its modern social-media-like interface. Basecamp has all the tools that a team needs to get any work done. Its features includes automated check-ins by which you can create recurring question to get update, message board to post announcements, pitch ideas, progress updates etc., to-dos to make lists or tasks that need to be done, you can also set important dates on a shared schedule, share and organize docs, files, images, spreadsheets, group chats and more. The free plan, Basecamp Personal is built for personal projects especially for teachers, students and freelancers. Basecamp Personal is limited up to 3 projects. The paid plan, Basecamp Business at $99 per month with no per-user fees also offers a 30 days free trial.

Plan Projects Users Storage Price
Free 3 Projects 20 1 GB Free
Business Unlimited Unlimited 500 GB $99/month

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GanttPRO Logo
GanttPRO Logo

GanttPRO is one of the best project management software. It has been appreciated by 500K+ project managers all across the globe. GanttPRO is useful for saving time, to rise teamwork efficiency, less missed deadlines, and also saves expenses on project management. The best features of the GanttPRO include keeping all resources engaged and balanced, to keep all the comments, attachments and notifications and it also has project templates for an easy start. GnattPRO has two pricing plans Individual and Team. The Individual plan is for your personal needs which is available at $15 per month for one user. The Team plan starts from $5.90 for 15 users.

| Plan | Price |
|--- |--- |--- |--- |---
| Individual | $15/user/month |
| Team | Starts from $7.9/user/month |


Redbooth Logo
Redbooth Logo

Redbooth allows managing projects the way one wants including kanban boards or lists to organize tasks and time tracking to see how the time spends. Redbooth also has a library of project templates to start the projects out in a click. The features include project and tasks planning, share virtual team workplaces, HD video conferencing for collaboration. Redbooth is also available for iOS and Android users. In addition, it offers detailed productivity reports, direct messaging, visual project timelines and business chat to keep all the work on schedule. Redbooth has three pricing plans which are Pro at $9 per month and Business at $15 per month for per user. The Enterprise plan offers custom pricing.

Plan Workspace Users Storage Price
Free 2 2 2 GB Free
Pro Unlimited Unlimited 5 GB $9/month
Business Unlimited Unlimited 50 GB $15/month
Enterprise Unlimited Unlimited 500 GB NA


nTask Logo
nTask Logo

nTask is a popular project management software which is specially designed for smart teams. It is an online collaboration platform and has all the tools a team need to complete a specific project. nTask is one of the best project management tools as it has many features which include tasks and project management, time tracking and more. nTask can also be used as an online meeting software for productive team meetings. It has a free Basic plan which is limited up to 100MB storage for unlimited users. nTask also has three pricing plans, Premium at $3.99 and Business at $11.99 per month for one user. The third plan is Enterprise which offers custom pricing.

| Plan | Users | Storage | Price |
|--- |--- |--- |--- |---
| Basic | Unlimited | 100 MB | Free |
| Premium | Unlimited | 5 GB | $9/month |
| Business | Unlimited | 10 GB | $15/month |
| Enterprise | Unlimited | NA | NA |

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Celoxis Logo
Celoxis Logo

Celoxis is an award-winning all-in-one project management tool. Many organisations use Celoxis to plan and track their projects. It is also used for resource management, project accounting, portfolio management. The features of the tool include all-in-one management tools, easy collaborations, easy to customize and intuitive. Celoxis easily allocates resources to tasks based on availability, demand, and skills. The pricing is $25 per month per user and on-premise it is $450 per user. The best thing about this tool is that it has dashboard and reporting capabilities which are highly customizable.


cageapp Logo
cageapp Logo

Cage is a project management tool which is all about improving the way creative teams collaborate and work. It helps the team to manage the project and have active discussions. The top features include managing and create projects, to make notes and comments under tasks, to keep track of all revisions, get approval from clients, have video conversations and also have password protection for the projects. Cage has one free and two paid pricing plans which are Standard at $8 and Professional at $14 per user, per month. Cage combines project management and efficient collaboration. It also helps in saving time, facilitate design feedback, manage deliverables, organize projects and also track the progress of the work to check what's going on.

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Whether you are a new startup or a freelancer you must need a project management tool to accomplish your short-term goals. The tools which we've listed above are most recommended but the one that most users recommend is Zoho Projects. It is one of the best project management tools and has all the features you need for project management. But we suggest you do your research. You just have to visit the websites and see if the specific tool has all the features you need or not.

If you are already using any other project management tool or if you want to recommend any tool then let us know in the comment below.

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